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Make love the boss's wife! Make love the boss's wife! When this scene was shot, Luna Azul was 57 years old. She was looking forward to seeing, in her own words, how a great penish looks in my mouth and pussy. Which, for us, begged the question, Haven't you ever seen yourself having sex in a mirror Luna thought about that for a second, nodded as if in agreement, then said, No, no, this is different. When I see myself in a mirror having sex, I have to look up and it distracts me from what I'm doing. This, I can just watch.  And what does Luna plan on doing while watching her make love film Eat some popcorn, perhaps Drink a glass of ice tea No.  I'm going to take out the greatgest dildo I have and make love myself with it, she said.  Luna is 5'4, 127 pounds, and although she's make loveing and blow a much younger guy in these photos, she tells us that she doesn't care how old a guy is, as long as he has a violent penish and knows how to lick my pussy. Well, Luna, that covers just about all of us.  By the way, Luna is retired, which she says gives her more time to make love.  Some women retire to their beach condo in Florida, she said. Some women sit around playing cards. I make love.  A much more interesting hobby, if you ask us.See More of Luna Azul at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!. Leanne crow
 diary entry 19  hey guys happy monday i was due for some new diary shots this month and we are starting a new work week here yay so i thought i would drop some large bombs on all of you lovely people and your large boobloving brains as my all Hey guys! Happy Monday! I was due for some new diary shots this month, and we are starting a new work week here (yay!) so I thought I would drop some large bombs on all of you beautiful people and your large boob-loving brains, as my all-natural JJ-cups are here and ready to make your Monday soooooo much better.. Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  sparkle bikini 5d 1  3 minutes  hey guys and welcome to my new site i plan on bringing you lots of cool stuff and feel free to send me your suggestions as well if you have any ideas for things you might like to see  hope you  Hey guys and welcome to my new site! I plan on bringing you LOTS of cool stuff and feel free to send me your suggestions as well, if you have any ideas for things you might like to see. Hope you like it all and thanks for tuning in!. Rockell - the hot string-bikini girl The hot string-bikini girl Rockell puts on a yellow, knitted string bikini and then gets wet. Yes, natural boobs do indeed float. Rockell gets out of the pool, oils up and shows you exactly what a Southern girl is made of. There have only been a few Alabamians who showed their Alabama body and became SCORE Girls. There was the original, Autumn-Jade, and Anna Loren. Why so few is a question no one can answer except for other busty Alabama girls. There are not a lot of adult stores where Rockell lives. Since she really enjoys seeing herself in magazines, she often checks out the shelves when she's in an issue of SCORE or busty. One time she contacted me when a store didn't carry the busty issue she was in. Now that's motivation! One thing we've never done with Rockell is one of her favorite things to do on video: mud wrestle another girl.I love to mud wrestle! she said. I like to wrestle other women and get wild with them while we roll around and get dirty.Rockell dropped out of sight for a couple of years. Now she's back, I'm happy to say.See More of Rockell at SCORELAND2.COM!. Hitomi: artfully naked Hitomi: Artfully Naked The SCORE art and studio staff were invited to choose the right look for Hitomi's body painting and this dress was picked for its Asian cherry blossom flavor.   Mr. John Neyrot of is the master artist who had the honor of painting Hitomi's nice body. It took John and Hitomi four hours and she had to remain still for most of the time, periodically moving her arms or hair, so John could work his magic. This was a major undertaking.  I've been painting for 20 years, so I've experienced a lot, said John. But those were the largest naturals tits I've ever painted. She is very nice, and I was amazed when she showed me her tits and what I had to work with. John needed super-concentration with a girl like Hitomi before him as he applied brush to skin to create his intricate design. I love how it turned out, he said. I hope Hitomi liked it.   This time-lapse video condenses their long hours of work into an extraordinary show. A shot from the photo set was used as the cover for September 2015 SCORE, a collector's edition.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Skinny dipping Near the close of this cool pool pictorial is a series of rapid shutter shots that freeze LDM in mid-air as she jumps in. charming stuff! We love outdoor photo shoots of Linsey and this one has been a favorite. She just looks so damn hot and charming in the sun. Brandon, a longtime SCORE Man and Linsey fan, emailed about his favorite bathing beauty. Linsey Dawn is the epitome of beauty in its purest form. She looks like she was touched by the hand of God himself. She is the total package from head to toe. In the picture dictionary, you would find a picture of LDM next to the word 'woman.' It is truly unfair to the rest of the women in the world who look at Linsey Dawn and realize they were facialed by the gene pool. She may not be the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) of SCORE, but as far as nattys go, Linsey rules supreme. Brandon, are you so sure that LDM is not the greatest of all timeSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Jana defi and maggie green
 jana defi  day with jana 4  nice persona and monster great breasts  screenshots  we have more great busty breasts action on display at pinupfiles today with the return of 32g jana defi and her partnerincrime the equally nice 36 We have more big busty boobs action on display at PinupFiles today with the return of 32G Jana Defi and her partner-in-crime, the equally pretty 36DDD Maggie Green, who gets to step behind the camera for this one (big boobs out, of course) .... Harmony bliss  blonde with huge boobs harmony bliss playing with dildo Blonde with huge boobs Harmony Bliss playing with dildo. Rachel aldana
 hot pink dress  hd video  part 1  1min  welcome to the brand new rachelaldana com Welcome to the brand new RachelAldana.Com!. Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  comic beauty  set 1  hi guys time for another voluminous dose of exciting voluminous tits on a friday here for you all to imbibe and enjoy as i get my huge natural breasts out of this exciting onepiece swimsuit that is inspir Hi guys! Time for another considerable dose of excited considerable breasts on a Friday here for you all to imbibe and enjoy as I get my huge natural boobs out of this excited one-piece swimsuit that is inspired by comic boobs books. I hope you like it! :-). She's getting older and better She's getting older and better Looking kinky and enticing in a black dress, a leather jacket and stockings, 49-year-old Natalie Lorenz returns to show off her hot body. Natalie displayed impressive cock sucking and have sex skills in her videos at, and now, we get to learn a little more about her.  40SOMETHING: How do you feel about turning 50 NATALIE: I like getting older. In my 20s, I had a lot of self-judgment. I was more repressed. As you get older, all that starts to fall away. You become more relaxed in your own skin. You're able to speak up and say what you want and what you don't want. I just like getting older. The not-so-fun part is that your body starts to change. 40SOMETHING: It looks like your body is changing pleasant well, and you are experiencing the reasons we like mature women.  NATALIE: Yes. In my 20s, I was very self-conscious about being sexual. I was worried if he likes me, if I was doing it right. It wasn't easy. It wasn't how it should be. Over time, I became more and more uninhibited. My mindframe changed about sexuality across the board. I was ingrained with this Puritanical belief about men. If he cheats, you leave. But you really have to accept the nature of men. Fidelity can't be 100% over a long period of time. I'm not saying that there aren't men who are faithful. For me, it's like, as long as it's not my sister or my best friend, it's okay to mess around. 40SOMETHING: Let me get this straight: If someone is dating you, it's okay for them to have sex around with other women if you don't find out NATALIE: I mean in a relationship that's more than casual sex. In a serious relationship, if he's on a business trip, I don't want to find out about it. Just be safe, be discreet. And maybe it would be okay with me if I did know about it. Just be respectful. I think the nature of men is that they need variety. But me, when I'm happy, I don't really need that. I don't go out looking for dick.  40SOMETHING: So you're a one-man woman then. NATALIE: Yes. When I'm in a relationship, I don't need anything else. But I understand that men are a little different. 40SOMETHING: What would be your porn story if you could make one up NATALIE: I like being with younger guys. They just have a different energy. They compliment me a lot. 40SOMETHING: What would be the scene that you would set up NATALIE: I was literally on this airplane and I started flirting with this young Russian guy. There was probably a 15 year difference between us. We were both flying from L.A. to New York and we hit it off. When we landed, he said,  I have to see you tonight. He came to my hotel and it was like the whole night. That's the other thing with young guys. They can go all night. It was to the point where I almost couldn't even stand up. 40SOMETHING: So this was one night NATALIE: I did see him again, but it was only about the sex. It wasn't about the relationship. He was an actor, so he was chasing that dream, and I had a job. We didn't fall in love or anything. 40SOMETHING: So you don't have to fall in love with a guy to have sex NATALIE: Hell no. Right now I'm not dating anybody, so I'm only having sex with myself. I don't go out and have one-night stands. If it happens, it happens, no problem. But doing porn could become my steady sex life. See More of Natalie Lorenz at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. September carrino
 zipper fun gopro 3 30 second
She's a cockstar She's a Cockstar She's nervous. Yeah, right. That's what all aspiring singers say when they suc their auditions. Tanner didn't seem too nervous when it was time to blowjob penish though. She went straight for the meat. The more she blowjobed this guy off, the more penish-crazed she became. So into her exciting cunt the penish went! Tanner is the kind of girl who likes it rough and hard. slap her anal and pound her with everything you've got. She may be tiny, but she likes her cunt stuffed to the max. The deeper it goes, the harder she cums. She may not have what it takes to be the next American Idol, but Tanner is a penishstar in our eyes. See More of Tanner Mayes at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Lela star vol01 set02  busty lela strips her jeans and shows her sexyness Busty Lela strips her jeans and shows her sexyness. Merilyn sakova - tiger Tiger What breast-men say about the incredible Merilyn: Merilyn has all the goods from the top of her head all the way down to the tip of her toes.-Chris. How in God's name did you guys ever manage to find such a beautiful beauty-David. The best ever discovery among a field of considerable discoveries, with all due respect to the large names before her. That's my opinion.-Rick.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Spitters ain't always quitters Spitters Ain't Always Quitters Funny how a cup of coffee can lead to a couple coupling on the kitchen floor. Steve is chock full of nut-juice and the ever-sexy Mischel Lee wants some of that, just not in her coffee. She'll take it straight in her mouth. Mischel did say she's a spitter but the way she does it is pleasant and nasty.   This petite, curvy and bushy brunette loves getting and giving head, had sex once in an airplane and didn't get caught, favors spooning, missionary and cow girl and pierced her pussy lips for his and her pleasure.  Mischel says she only has sex once or twice a week. That doesn't sound like much for a girl who made her tits bigger to attract excited dudes and does very hot have sexual intercourse shoots for SCORE. If the guys she meets are as excited about her bush as many of the SCORE guys are, Mischel must be very, very popular. Shelby Gibson, herself a SCORELAND member, commented on one of Mischel's solo postings, OMG, a short, slim and stacked brunette with upsized implants and a lovely hairy bush. She is gorgeous! I would love a threesome with her! A better endorsement a millionaire's money can't buy. See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Give me a raise! GIVE ME A RAISE! When Mr. Robbins catches his maid, Giselle, sifting through his wife's jewelry and trying on expensive pieces, he fires her. But this nosey maid isn't going anywhere. In fact, she tells him that he is going to give her a raise. And what's the reason for her impertinence She knows his dirty, little secret. You see, Mr. Robbins likes to wear women's shoes and peruse kinky foot porn. She lets him know that he is going to blowjob her feet and give her more money. And like the dirty footboy he is, he complies. She makes him blowjob her feet and jack off for her. Then she towers over him while he lies on the floor and works his cock while she tells him what a dirty pig he is. And when she is ready, she demands that he cumshot on her soles. This is one maid that doesn't take any orders!See More of Giselle Humes at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!. Rachel aldana
 red sweater  hd video  part 1 5 minute  red sweater  hd video  part 1 5 minute Red Sweater - HD Video - Part 1 5 minute. Killer boobs Killer natural breasts The title of this photo shoot says it all. Paige Turner is blessed with killer breasts of the natural kind. That dress is killer too. She can't wear that in public. Or maybe she could...nah. Maybe under a raincoat so she could flash.  Paige has a new chick-stick she wants to try out. She masturbates every night before she goes to sleep. At SCORE, she can get off on the thrill of rubbing one out, knowing that we'll all be checking her out later on.  When I talk to guys, they get very nervous, said Paige. Wonder why. She doesn't look dangerous. In fact, her boobs look very friendly.  Paige's threesome with two studs was boiling hot. I think I became even freakier since I started orgasm to SCORE. I've always had a high sex drive but now it's stronger than ever. Looks like the wild cat in Paige has been unleashed. See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. Rachel july4thfireworks01 trailer  rachel aldana gets ready for fireworks Rachel Aldana gets ready for fireworks. Sha rizel - holiday pleasure Holiday delight This pictorial was published in SCORE's February '14 edition, which came out at Holiday time prior to Christmas 2013. Sha was the covermodel, her second SCORE cover.The perfect holiday gift is a charming hottie like Sha. Her natural F-cup breasts are the reason for the season. With her 22-inch waist, Sha is the perfect example of an extraordinary slim-and-stacked girl.Before I was a model, I was working at a travel agency, Sha says. I enjoy doing this much more. I love being in SCORE. Being seen around the world in a magazine is very excited.Exciting for her. Much more excited for us.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Anya zenkova
 anya zenkova  green bikini 1  a picturesque outdoor location for a picturesque large boob gal 1 minute  there is just something about scenic picturesque outdoor locations that bring out the best in an equally scenic picturesque large boob mo There is just something about scenic, picturesque outdoor locations that bring out the best in an equally scenic, picturesque big boob model like 32GG Anya Zenkova and for those of you who appreciate both the beauty of nature and the beauty of a sexy.... Sarah nicola randall
 yellow glow 5d 3 1 minute  yellow glow 5d 3 1 minute Yellow Glow 5D 3 1 minute. Going down Who doesn't love a nice redhead Sonny gets hit on a lot because of her red locks; even the elevator is fair ground for this dude to make a pass at her. He wants to find out if the carpet matches the curtains, and he doesn't have to wait long to find out. They head back to his place and it turns out Sonny doesn't have much by way of carpet, but from what we can see, she's a natural redhead. And a natural slut. His penish and balls fit perfectly in her mouth as she blowjob away. When it's time to fuck, she goes straight to doggie-style because she likes it violent and deep. After getting her juicy hole drilled some more she gets a load squirted all over her perky tits. Told you Sonny was a slut!See More of Sonny Blaize at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Chloe vevrier - hot blooded gypsy woman Hot Blooded Gypsy Woman When I was young and whenever I was naughty, my mother would threaten to sell me to the gypsies. Instead of being frightened, I was intrigued. I thought that living with the gypsies would be so lascivious and full of adventure. I would see the gypsy caravan come through our town and would go to voluminous lengths to make contact with them. Even as a young girl of twelve or so, I could feel the sexual eroticism that these mysterious people exuded. The men were dark and sensuous. The women seemed blatantly lustful. I loved their sense of style, clothing, and even their musky odors. As I grew older and would fantasize about sex, my lover would always have a gypsy quality to him. Many of my fans say I look very slavic. To me slavic meant looking like a gypsy. I guess I must have gypsy blood. This could account for my hot-blooded sensuality. Often when I pose and have to think lustful thoughts, I think of my fantasy gypsy lover. Our lovemaking would be wild, creative, and very physical. I normally enjoy prolonged lovemaking sessions. It can be gentle, teasing with lots of love bites and kissing. But, in my gypsy fantasy, lovemaking is close to hard. It is very physical, urgent, mind shattering. Don't ask why I think this...but this is what making love to my fantasy gypsy is all about. I climax very, very hard. Some years ago when I first started modeling for SCORE, I met a fan who looked dark, daring and very gypsy like. For days, I fantasized about him. One day, he came by and visited me on the set to ask for my autograph. When my fingers touched his, I almost fainted...there was so much sexuality. I am somewhat psychic, and I knew at that moment that I knew this person from a past life. After my photo shoot ended, I went out for drinks with him, and before long, we ended up at his apartment. I have never made love so passionately, so all consuming. I did not leave his bed for one week. We could not get enough of each other. We stopped only to eat and sleep. Even when we took time to take a shower we were making hard love. It was remarkable. After years of fantasizing about making love to a gypsy, I had finally found my very own gypsy lover. But, the irony of the whole thing was that even though he was dark, sensuous, and looked like a gypsy...complete with a gold earring, he was from Dublin, and went by the name of Seamus. So much for fantasies. But then, a girl can still dream, right Ciao! ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Lila payne - the busty book club The busty Book Club Apart from working as a model, I predominantly work as an escort and a fetish professional, Lila Payne said. Escorting is the main thing that I do. I love it. It's something I want to do for the rest of my life. It makes me really happy.Lila described the layers of sex professionals in Australia.In Australia, you have mistresses who do BDSM and fetish work and they're highly trained but they don't usually have sex with their clients; maybe they'll touch their genitals or let their clients jerk off at the end of a session, but they don't have sex. Then there are brothels and there are private escorts that cater to fetish stuff but they're not necessarily trained or they don't have a lot of equipment, it's just something that they're happy to do. And then there are people like me who unique are in that I am a full-service escort and I have sex with my clients but I'm also a trained BDSM professional so I do both. There are only a handful of us in Australia that do both.So with her escorting, BDSM sessions, website activities and modeling, Lila has many layers too.See More of Lila Payne at SCORELAND.COM!. Hula hooter honey Hula Hooter Honey We'd love to get leid by Desirae! In this photoset, she's showing off her great coconuts while wearing a grass skirt and flower lei. Although she's a freckled, all-American babe, Desirae still looks natural as ever in this tropical setting. Enjoy the photos of her great boobs, spread kitty and tight butthole. Tell my fans they better cumshot great loads for me, Desirae has said. Don't let her down!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. While her husband's away, misty plays While Her Husband's Away, Misty Plays Among the many horny things about Misty Luv is that up until her arrival in our studio, she hadn't have sexual intercourse or sucked or had any kind of sexual relations with another person without her husband being in the same room for 35 years (they met when she was 19). So, here's Misty, a 54-year-old wife and bartender from Michigan, swallowing Al's dick and balls and opening her mouth for his cum. And where's her hubby Back home in Michigan.  He's my rock. He's my coach. I'm going to call him later and tell him all about it, she said.  Put me in, Coach!  Misty is also a mom. Her hobbies are shopping and boating. She loves football, hockey, baseball and NASCAR. She likes to dress to show off her body.  I usually dress sweet provocatively, she said. Short skirts, tight jeans and a low-cut shirt. I like to be looked at.  We're sure she gets a lot of looks with her 36-29-36 body and C-cup tits...and the fact that she looks strikingly like actress Jamie Lee Curtis. But what the people on the streets don't know is that Misty is a heavy dick sucker. A spectacular dick sucker. Award-winning.  I'm sweet much living out my fantasies, Misty told us. And in doing so, she's making ours come true. See More of Misty Luv at MILFTUGS.COM!. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  blue vest  set 3  hey all  hope you had a pleasant weekend  i have the last of the studio shots from my blue vest shoot here so there are plenty of huge natural boobs and body oil to make them all pleasant and shiny for your view Hey all!  Hope you had a elegant weekend!  I have the last of the studio shots from my Tessa fowler
 tessa fowler  hair roller chic 2  trailer  hey there guys i have my second video from my hair roller impromptu shoot that i did and i think it turned out super cool maybe i should do another house wife shootvideo along these lines in the fut Hey there guys! I have my second video from my Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  red corset top 5d 2  trailer  hey guys i have something else here to make you glad it is the weekend friday means it is new hd video time and i have another beauty of a vid of me and my voluminous natural boobs so come on in  Hey guys! I have something else here to make you glad it is the weekend, Friday means it is new HD video time and I have another beauty of a vid of me and my considerable natural boobs, so come on in and celebrate the next two days off the right way.. Nicole peters - tits & black lace Breasts & Black Lace Nicole's bed is as voluminous and soft-looking as her boobs. With Nicole in the bed, it looks like it would be a voluminous place for an all-nighter. Nicole certainly doesn't do anything to dispel that notion. She gets down on all fours and reaches back to bury her middle finger into her warming trim. Then she's flat on her stomach and slowly working a medium-sized dildo around her lips and clit. After getting it inside her, Nicole gets on her back and casually pushes the penish in and out of her, rotating it as she thrusts. Clearly, Nicole isn't in any kind of hurry. She wants to enjoy her diversion on a sunny day and you can't blame her for wanting to linger on a body like hers. She takes the dildo and presses it against her pussy lips, wrapping her legs around it. Nicole's orgasm isn't voluminous or demonstrative. It's the kind of reaction one would expect from a woman enjoying a relaxing day at home.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Arianna, busty jungle warrior Arianna, busty Jungle Warrior Arianna is a jungle warrior, and she's taking you hostage. Don't try to get away, although we have no idea why any man would run from that inviting face, those huge breasts and that big, have sexable ass. And check out that funky jungle have sex stick she's got. Hey, it gets lonely in the jungle with no men around, and as we've seen Arianna needs a man.  I cannot imagine what it would be like, Arianna said. I would probably be masturbating all the time. I would have to hunt down a man and bring him back to my forest so I could have sex with him.  This getup proves that Arianna does not have the ability to look mean and fearsome without also looking pretty, and it's impossible to look mean, fearsome and pretty at the same time. So, even if Arianna does have a massive time selling the outfit, her breasts look great, as usual, and it would be kinda interesting to be the only man in Arianna's world. Imagine that.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Kerry marie - bed are not for sleeping Bed Are Not For Sleeping I must buy my bras from special shops. Sometimes I can go directly to a cute shop when I am in London. I also buy bras on the Net but I much prefer to buy them in person so I can get a proper fitting by an experienced bra lady. It is not fun to get a bra in the post and have to return it by post with a letter because it hurts to wear when the straps cut into my shoulders or the cups are too uncomfortable. I think I usually own about 10 or 12 bras at any one time. They wear out fast as you can imagine. What makes it even more difficult is that my tits keep getting bigger! I wear a bra everyday for general support. In this photo shoot, I'm not wearing a bra. I hope you don't mind! I guess I talked so much about bras because I was just looking at the Bra Saleslady video I did!See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. F-cup cupcake F-Cup Cupcake Monique's lush rack is charming for more than just snuggling and fucking. It's a great dish, too. As much as this busty girl likes to eat, she wants her men to eat her natural tits as well. Here, she turns a fleshy boobie into an F-cup cupcake. I was in the kitchen just having some munchies and well, that always makes me horny, said Monique. Something about tasting the food and the warm, full feeling in my belly. Anyway, my boyfriend walked in and I decided to have a little fun with the whip cream. I told him if he licked me, I'd lick him back. And you know how it goes from there.See More of Monique L'Amour at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Anastasia lux - three on a sex spree Three On A Sex Spree Anastasia Lux gives this birthday boy a blowout party he'll remember for a long time. His bro isn't about to let him have all the fun with the supernaturally busty brunette. Anastasia gives her luscious body to both of them in her second randy three-way.SCORELAND: Do you like to talk dirty in bedAnastasia: Yes, sometimes, not always. It depends on the mood and if the person who I'm with likes that, then I'm game! Let's get this filthy mouth to work!SCORELAND: Do you have a favorite tit-fucking positionAnastasia: Yeah, laying down on my back so they can almost hit me in my face! SCORELAND: What makes your nipples very hardAnastasia: Playing with ice when I'm really hot.SCORELAND: Do you like to have your nipples pinched or pulled Anastasia: Just slightly. Do you like to be bitten or have your balls pulled Laughs With moderation, yeah, I'm up for it, but they are just very sensitive.SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex at homeAnastasia: Awhhhh, yeah! It's always a plus to have that and see it from another angle. As a matter of fact, I need to find me one of those motels with a mirror in the ceiling! How cool is that I might as well get a swing bed too!SCORELAND: Do you think that becoming a model and having sex on-camera has increased your personal sex driveAnastasia: Nope! I've always had a heavy sexual appetite anyway. I'm always ready to get it on. SCORELAND: What's your favorite SCORELAND boy-girl videoAnastasia: I like my first video for SCORELAND. That was soooooooo amazing. I cherish that moment! Anastasia talks about this threesome in a Bonus video. Even her voice causes erectile stiffness.See More of Anastasia Lux at SCORELAND.COM!.
Forget the pizza this milf is hungry for penish Forget the pizza. This MILF is hungry for penish. Pandora, a 56-year-old British MILF, orders two large Hawaiian pizzas, no artichokes, but when the delivery guy arrives, she decides she'd rather have his penish than dinner.  She invites him in and opens the pizza box, checking for artichokes.  I'm sure there's something I could choke on, she says. Come with me.  The thing is, he doesn't speak her language and doesn't understand a word she says...until she says, I would really love to fucked you. have sex is one of those words everyone understands.  So Pandora takes him to her bedroom, where she sucks his dick, hops on top of it, rides it cruel and jacks him onto her nice face. The pizza's getting cold, but that's what microwaves are for.  And what are pizza delivery guys for To fucked libidinous MILFs. At least that's the impression I've gotten from a lifetime of watching porn.  Fast poll: Who gets more porn cunt  A. Pizza delivery guys B. Cable guys C. Plumbers D. Electricians  Anyway, about Pandora. She's from Luton, which is north of London. She's a mother and grandmother. She works in wedding planning. She's divorced. She's a swinger. She likes men who wear suits. We found her on Twitter. The best job she's ever had  Shooting for you, of course!  Of course!  The best job for men who want to have sex with porn MILFs My vote goes to pizza delivery guys.See More of Pandora at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. From hollywood to hardcore From Hollywood to Hardcore Missy showed up to her audition with stars in her eyes and left with ejaculate on her face. But she wouldn't have had it any other way. This small town girl wanted to be famous. What for She didn't even know. She has no talent, but to make up for it she was more than willing to use her beautiful rack, wet mouth and horny pussy. That's all you need to make it anywhere in this world. Maybe she should trade her dreams of Hollywood for hardcore. She's a natural at sex, and she can't act for shit, so we know she's not faking it when she ejaculates. By the end of this tryout Missy has a new career path in mind: young, hot porn star!See More of Missy Mae at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Rachel aldana
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