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The girl don quixote dreamt about The Girl Don Quixote Dreamt About When Dulcinea first knocked everyone out at XL Girls, she was a newcomer to modeling. I've never done any homemade videos or anything, Dulcinea told us. However, she'd had sex in front of other people. I've had threesomes and foursomes, so those times there have been a lot of people in the same room. But I've also been to a sex club where they have play rooms.Now Dulcinea is back and this time she's at SCORELAND. We talked about this changeover.SCORELAND: Dulcinea, you started out as an XL Girl. We didn't see you again for over a year until you contacted the studio. Now you've transitioned to SCORELAND. That's unusual. Tells us about that.Dulcinea: Honestly, I'm totally freaking out! Being on SCORELAND has been a huge goal of mine since I was first in the studio. In fact, when I was there before, I met Mia Khalifa and I was obsessed with her. How could you not be, right She even let me touch her tits! I kept checking the website for her scenes and saw more and more delicate women. Once I found Micky Bells and saw that she had crossed over, I was completely committed. Don't get me wrong. I loved being in XL Girls and I think I was just as horny as a plumper, but there was something about being a SCORE Girl that I just couldn't shake. Then, late last year, I got super-motivated. I promised myself I'd get healthier and, as a result, I lost over 50 pounds! I'm buying clothes in sizes I didn't even know existed and I feel so much sexier. Men...and women...notice me everywhere I go, which is new for me. With my newfound confidence, I tease and flirt, which just drives people crazy. I love all of the attention! To be on SCORELAND is literally a dream come true! Also, it's going to make for an excellent pickup line.SCORELAND: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beDulcinea: I Look Better NakedSCORELAND: Well, you look appealing great dressed too.See More of Dulcinea at SCORELAND.COM!. Yoga poser Occupation: Waitress; Age: 20; Born: November 18; Ht: 5'3; Wt: 106 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: I don't like them; Anal: I love my plug; BJs: Swallow all the way; Masturbate: Yes; Lives: Tulsa, Oklahoma.We asked Athena if she had any special skills. I make funny videos online, and I like to dance. I can also make myself into a human pretzel! We obviously asked her to show off her pretzel skills for the camera, which she agreed to do. Meanwhile, we asked her what she likes to do for fun. I volunteer at the animal shelter and the hospital. I would like to go to medical school eventually, but I need to save up a bunch of money for that. The check you guys are giving me for posing for these pictures is going to help a lot!I had sex in my grandmother's garage during Thanksgiving. It was my boyfriend's first time meeting my family and he was nervous, so I helped him relieve some pressure!See More of Athena Rayne at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Monica mendez webcam28screenshotshey there i hope your ready for another lustful personal private webcam Hey There, I hope your ready for another lustful personal PRIVATE webcam?!?. Rachel aldana webcam 4 1 minutewebcam 4 1 minute WebCam #4 1 minute. Karina at her horniest! KARINA AT HER HORNIEST! I'm so excited today, Karina says at the start of this video. I wanna play. Karina is so excited that just putting on makeup is turning her on. She brushes her tits with the makeup brush, and she sounds like she's gonna cum right then and there. That's excited! Then her dress comes off slowly, and we're treated to a special sight: Karina's large melons encased in a pink, lace bra, a real beauty, one that really makes her cleavage pop. She bounces her tits in the bra, her breathing becomes louder, her tits come out, she uses the brush on her pussy. I want your fingers inside, she says as she tucks her own fingers inside her pussy. Yeah, baby! She shoves the end of the makeup brush inside her pussy, because at this point, she needs whatever she can get her hands on, as long as it fits inside her cunt. We've never seen her hornier!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Extreme bikini Extreme Bikini Your MILF model Sally D'Angelo found me on Twitter and told me I would be a great fit for XL Girls. It turns out she was right! Susie Masterson said. Sally usually finds women around her age so her referring Susie was interesting. Here, Susie starts off in an eye-poppin' bikini and oils down outdoors.XLGirls: What kind of things do your webcam fans ask you to doSusie: Most of my fans are voluminous boob lovers! So I get a lot of titty-fucking requests during webcam shows, but aside from that there is a variety of things such as role-play and fetish-related scenarios.XLGirls: What did you do before deciding to modelSusie: I worked at a day school as an assistant teacher, started nursing school, and then ended up working as a webcam model.XLGirls: How did you get into camming in the first place Susie: I have always had a sexual appetite, loved showing off in front of the camera, and so once I found out about online camming, I inviting much tried it out and loved every minute of it from there!XLGirls: What are some of the more far-out things you've been asked to doSusie: I would definitely say taboo things.XLGirls: Do you wear T-shirts with slogans What would you print on a T-shirtSusie: I do own some T-shirts with slogans on them but if I had to choose what was printed on it, I would go for something fun and flirty that draws attention, like a pair of voluminous eyes.XLGirls: What kind of porn do you like to watchSusie: I do not actually watch any porn, I just enjoy making it!XLGirls: Are there any models that you would like to meet one daySusie: Oh, there are so many models in the industry that would be inviting to meet! I will say just from The SCORE Group itself, Dolly Fox. See More of Susie Masterson at XLGIRLS.COM!.