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Rose valentina - how to bang a baby doll

How To Bang A Baby Doll Everything I wear is little on me, says bra-packin' babe Rose Valentina who gets a lovely, elegant dicking from superstud Carlos Rios. Even if I get a great it's still little. But I'm lovely as long as it's covering what it needs to cover, depending on what beach I'm at. I go to some topless beaches here. They usually just stare or they'll whisper and point. But I don't mind it. I'm confident and I like my body so when people look it doesn't bother me.I wear a 42HHH bra. So I'll wear between a G and an H, depending on how much support I want. When I go to the gym I have to wear two sports bras or else my tits are jiggling all over the place. I don't want people taking pictures on their camera phones there, too! So how did Rose hook up with the breast-maniacs at The SCORE Group, anyway Through one of my friends, Rose explained. I was friends with his ex-wife and she had large tits, maybe like a DD or a DDD. She always told me I should come here but I had never done nude modeling before. But I decided to try it and I sent my pictures in and the next week I was in here shooting! Now I love it. You guys are the best I've ever shot for by far! I didn't do it for the longest because of my ex-boyfriend.See More of Rose Valentina at XLGIRLS.COM!


Rachel aldana
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 rachel redfeatherbabydoll02 trailer  rachel poses in feathered baby doll attire Rachel poses in feathered baby doll attire. Rachel aldana - red feather babydoll - bts - set 2. Rachel Aldana Hey everyone, welcome back to Monday and the new week. I have a new "Red Feather Baby Doll" set for you although it doesn't stay on for very long and it's mostly just my great natural tits on display. ;-). Rachel Aldana.
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