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The show me state girl

The Show Me State Girl Porsche Dali has been a frequent visitor to XL Girls since 2010. She exploded many heads when she debuted and she still continues to rock the house. Porsche added some tats since she first appeared and had a change of hair color as well. Other than that, she's still the same girl. Friendly, upbeat, horny.... XL Girls: What should a guy do to get your attention Porsche: Be friends with me first. It's pretty to be complimented, but I don't want someone to come to me and say, 'Hey babe, pretty boobs. Can I touch them' So just be friends with me, find out what I like, what I don't like and let it go from there. XL Girls: Are the guys you date typically boob fanatics Porsche: Yeah, or booty fanatics. I'm packing booty, too. But I normally get the boob guys. XL Girls: So do guys say things about your booty too Porsche: Yeah. The best thing was when I was a senior in high school. We were all getting ready to graduate. I graduated from a pretty large school and one of the guys I knew was like, I gotta do something. So he stood me up in front of everybody at the bootyembly and said, I just want to let everyone know this is the finest booty I've ever seen on a white woman. XL Girls: Have they ever popped out by accident Porsche: Swimsuits are absolutely awful for large boobs. I've been in family functions and been swimming and they popped out. See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!


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And really, it is for your enjoyment. Chicks don't enjoy taking on and off over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders as much as we enjoy watching them do it. But that's neither here nor there. What matters is that she knows that her little show is turning you on. So she says, Hey, come cop a feel of these guns, baby, and that is all it takes. A few seconds later, there is a hand on those mams. A few seconds after that, there is a penish in her mouth. And a couple of moments after that, she is riding that cock like it's public transit. And through the magic of your-boner-vision, AKA P.O.V. cinematography, you can almost envision that it's your penish. So what are you waiting for Drop a load on Summer's tits...we would.See More of Summer Sinn at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Gya - crazy-generous natural tits Crazy-Generous tits Slapping her bikini-wrapped 34J jugs together, Gya Roberts says, I'll put your penish right here. I'll tease your penish so badly. Her favorite outfits to wear A graceful bikini. excited heels. And I love to show off. Yeah baby. I'm such a slutty girl. Gya draws attention like crazy wherever she goes. It doesn't matter if it's an airport or just shopping at a supermarket. She's a magnetic girl. I like to be looked at. I like it when men stare at me, so I am always in small tops that are very low-cut in the front and show off my boobs. I like to wear mini-skirts and small dresses that show my waist and my tits. I am the one that starts teasing just by my appearance. I expect you to come around and take the next steps. So give me pretty oral, cock sucking on my boobies a lot, spank me and pull my hair. Tease my clit. Give it to me.See More of Gya at SCORELAND.COM!. Rockell - once a hooters girl Once A Hooters Girl... If we ever met a waitress with Rockell's rack and beauty, we'd whip out a studio business card for sure. But that rarely happens. (Mia Khalifa was a cashier at a local burger joint. Does that count) We chatted with Rockell, asking her the usual things we ask waitresses before the managers throw us out.SCORELAND: Rockell, what do you like to do most on a free nightRockell: What's a free night I honestly stay good busy these days. If I'm not working my regular job, I'm booking shoots in my state or planning for trips out of town. Did I mention I have a hairless cat His name is Jupiter and that's my little naked man I adore. He has his mama's heart. He takes a lot of attention.SCORELAND: So how did you get into nude modeling in the first place Rockell: I was actually approached by a local photographer several years back. He showed me the ropes, and I was definitely open minded to the idea of nudity. I started a modeling portfolio and that was all she wrote, so to speak!SCORELAND: Strange question. Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn't care about boobsRockell: I honestly have. I think he would have been with a woman that had smaller breasts. Now don't get me wrong. All women are appealing in their own way. I just personally prefer a man that is gonna worship my big, appealing breasts. Trust me, women know the difference!See More of Rockell at SCORELAND.COM!. Karina hart - penish time girl Penish Time Girl Here's Karina wearing the top she's wearing on the cover of the 2009 SCORE Calendar, themed breasts in tight tops from cover to cover (you can grab a copy of the February 2009 issue, which contains the 32-page calendar, online at eBoobStore.com or at your local newsstand/adult store, beginning December 2, 2008). Karina defines the phrase sweater stretcher, and this scenario makes her our favorite cock girl. Remember the cock time girl on the TV show Home Improvement, famously played by Pamela Anderson. Well, Pammy has nice breasts from the mainstream point of view, but she can't compare to Karina, who works our cocks like nobody ever has. Notice, though, that Karina's favorite cock seems to be that pink dildo, which she expertly uses to hammer her charming pussy. For many men, this is the dream: a charming girl with heavy breasts, a nicely equipped workshop, a quiet place to jack. Enjoy the show. And don't forget to get a copy of that calendar.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!.