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First XXX It's the first XXX scene for Amiee Roberts! Amiee modeled for the first time at XL Girls last year. We kept in contact and invited her to try a boy-girl scene. It took some time and eventually, Amiee decided to go for it. XL Girls: So, Amiee, what did you like better, the video or the still photos Amiee: I liked both but if I had to choose I would say the still photos because they look amazing! XL Girls: Will you be watching this scene at home Will you watch it alone or with a boyfriend Amiee: Yes, I will be watching this scene at home and I will probably watch it alone. I like it better that way. XL Girls: Compared to regular guys you have dated, how did you find a professional stud as a sex partner Amiee: Much better, less drama attached. And I find it lascivious to have sex with a professional stud. I can just let everything go. XL Girls: Had you ever met a pro porn performer in person before this scene Amiee: Yes, I met one a couple years ago at the AVN Awards show. XL Girls: What kind of advice or tutoring did Tony give you before or during the shoot Amiee: He told me to look in the camera while I was having sex. Guys want to look directly into your eyes. XL Girls: Do you have any favorite porn performers, either female or male Amiee: Since I'm so new to the boy-girl scene, I don't have a favorite performer...yet! XL Girls: Do you watch adult videos at home Amiee: Yes, sometimes. See More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!


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