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Hypnosis for sex

Hypnosis For Sex We see a man in an office reading a book called Hypnosis For Sex. Then we see who he wants to put under a hypnotic trance and bang. His stacked office bumistant looks a lot like Sheridan Love. No wonder he wants to pump her. His voluminous-titted secretary shows no signs of attraction to him so after exhausting all techniques, he spots an ad for this book. It promises a lot, namely a lot of hot chicks and the surefire way to have a lot of sex with them. So he orders it. It's only money. This is a snarky way to get a foxy piece of bum but he's desperate to lay the wood to this beauty. Calling her into his office, he tells her to take some dictation and repeats the words straight out of the book. As she listens and writes them down, it puts her in a relaxed and open state of mind. She enters a trance and becomes receptive to his direction and his dick for the first time. orgasm around her, he puts his hands on her voluminous hot tits. She responds the way the author claimed and she doesn't smack his hands away. The book works. He takes off her curve-hugging tank dress to reveal her incredibly shapely body in all its glory. She kneels and opens her mouth wide for his tool. Pumping her drooling mouth, he plans out the rest of the afternoon--turning his office into a private make love palace with a girl he's dreamed of for months. This is one book that backed up its wild claims. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!


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