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Miami nice

Miami pleasant Several of the pictures in this pictorial of Holly Wood on-location could be ads for a south Florida tourist board promoting a Come to Miami campaign. California girl Holly talked about her afternoon by the water. SCORELAND: Tell us your thoughts about this shoot. Was this what you envisioned in sunny Florida Holly: The champagne shoot had to be my favorite of all the scenes that I've done! It really was Me and so real! Pool, champagne, beautiful scenery, and having fun! Can it get any better SCORELAND: When you had some free time, what did you do in South Beach Holly: I went to Ocean Drive, of course! My hangout spot is The Palace. It was so much fun to watch the live show, say hi to friends I made on my first trip and then walk across the street at sunset to play in the ocean and take in the amazing views! SCORELAND: You went to the nude beach Haulover. You must have gotten really checked out. Holly: Jax Slayher took me to Haulover beach right before I had to head to Miami International Airport to go home. I actually had no idea a nude beach was so close! If I had known, I would have gone every night! I love being naked and I love the ocean. It was a perfect combo! People probably thought I was crazy because I basically stripped down as I ran and jumped into the water. Hilarious! See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!


Rachel aldana diary entry20090430ow the holiday oh my miami whoo lets party like a rock star ha i loved every minute of it and to top it off we was only a couple streets from miami ink but to my sadness the man of my dreams was not there none of th Ow the holiday! oh my, miami! whoo lets party like a rock star ha! i loved every minute of it! and to top it off we was only a couple streets from miami ink! but to my sadness, the man of my dreams was not there, none of them where! :( xoxo -- Rachel. London andrews - breasts over miami Breasts Over Miami Reformatted in HD and with extra content, this extremely rare London Andrews hardcore scene is only one of two full-sex videos she did at SCORE (plus one tits & Tugs video). That was for SCORE only. London never did another to this day although she would have been booked on the spot by a hundred studios if she had gone to Los Angeles, considering her looks and fantastic body. More of a glamour and fetish model, hardcore is not London's thing. On a typical day if you ever ran into me on the street, you'd never look twice, said London. My clothes are well broken in. The jeans are torn, my boots have seen four continents, my shirts go straight to my neck and I don't wear make-up. I do have nice things. I just wear them when I feel that I need to. I like pushy, violent sex, London said. That satisfies me just fine! I'm not a passive person in bed and I'm not a passive person in life. I have my close friends, my butt call friends, whom I can call whenever I need to get off.See More of London Andrews at SCORELAND.COM!. Tiggle bitties - totally miami Totally Miami Any bikini looks itty-bitty on Tiggle Bitties (covergirl May 2016 Voluptuous). She's got the power--the boobs-and-bod power. Spend some time with bikini girl Tiggle and watch her go Totally Miami. Being a model tops everything I've ever done, says Tig. Tig explains her bikini philosophy. More bounce to the ounce is right!If I go to a water park just for me, I'll wear a bikini that fits very well. I don't want to flash kids. If I'm going to have fun, they might come out. The couple of times I've tried jogging, they've come out. It did not work. I am not a jogger.And what hobbies does Tiggle haveI used to ride horses but I'm not really sportsy. I'd love to travel overseas, especially to Europe and Asia. I love to dance. I have started dancing as a workout. I also love going outside to hike and backpack.Tiggle is a well-rounded girl. And that's a mouthful.See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Katie thornton - sun goddess Sun Goddess We rarely spot a girl in Miami who comes close to Katie Thornton's brand of slim and super-stacked and we're always on the look-out. There are no Hollywood actresses who come close to her. She's the very definition of the spectacular, charming blonde bombshell. Wearing a little sundress and heels, Katie treats us to another show, this one at a swanky house by the water. Totally Miami. If I came into a lot of money, I would buy a home in Miami and a super-fast car and give the rest to my family, Katie said.Back in the UK, I get recognized a lot. We like to go out to clubs in the UK and the tab photographers are always outside taking pictures. I've started to get more recognized in Europe, like Spain. The paparazzi will follow me if I'm in the street. In the States, it's starting to happen a little bit too. I was in LA and a guy turned around and asked me if I'm Katie Thornton. It might be a cliche but photos do not do Katie justice. The best compliment I've ever heard was that I look like Drew Barrymore. The best way a guy can get my attention is to make me laugh. That's always a bonus. If you can do that, you're halfway there.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn-jade - miami pretty Miami charming Everything about this pictorial is beautiful. Our SCORE photo team and Autumn didn't have to hit a Boob Cruise or go to Key West. Paradise was only a few miles away from SCORE HQ.I love to shoot in the fresh air and sunshine of outdoors. I'm an outdoor girl back home. The SCORE studio is fun, don't get me wrong. Our location for this shoot was private and quiet so I felt very comfortable being lusty outside. I hope you all like it.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Desirae - stacked in the sunshine Stacked In The Sunshine We love a voluminous voluminous set of knockers in the voluminous outdoors. That is why we took Desirae on location to a mansion in Miami and let her roam around the grounds naked and horny. Being that it was the first shoot she did outside of the confines of our state of the art studio, you can imagine how horny she was! These pictures were taken my first day shooting away from the studio and with a new photographer. The weather was perfect for this shoot! It was nice and sunny, although by end of the day I needed to cool myself off by using the watering bucket. Feeling the cool water run down my anatomy was very refreshing and fun. They caught that on camera, so see for yourself. I hope you enjoy these shots of me in the garden!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!.
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