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Just imagine

Just Imagine Imagine a bikini-clad girl like Jessi asking you to oil up her body in a cabana by the pool. You don't know what her intentions are--maybe she's trying to make a move, or maybe she really does need your help--but you accept. While rubbing your hands along her smooth, supple skin your dick heavyens and you struggle to hide your boner. But if this girl is anything like Jessi, you don't need to. 'Cause girls like Jessi like it when guys get heavy for them. And Jessi likes knowing they're turned on by her voluminous bottom and little, perky tits. This blonde bombshell has no reservations about pulling off this stranger's pants and riding his dick. She pulls her hood back, exposing her swollen clit. She spreads her bottomcheeks apart so you can see this guy penetrating her cunt from behind. And she lets him cumshot on her face because that's what she likes. Just imagine meeting a girl like Jessi.See More of Jessi Rogers at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


You rack 'em You Rack 'Em Watching a girl with big natural tits play pool is as entertaining as it gets. Imagine going to your local pool hall and spotting Christy racking up some balls and sinking them into different pockets. The vision of her bending over to line up a shot, leaning over her cue stick and pumping it back and forth in between her fingers...it's elegant fuck hot, right Imagine watching her bend over and getting a clear shot of her cleavage. If you are the creative type, you can almost imagine your cock in that good valley of flesh. We think that pool is a elegant excited sport and Christy is as hot as they come, so having her pose for these photos was enjoyable for both us and her. Rack 'em up Christy!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Got milk for my cookie Got MILK for my Cookie Christy is not only hot, stacked, horny, wet, raunchy, D.T.F. (That's Down To Fuck, for those of you not in the know.) and an exhibitionist, but she is also a fan of baking. (Yeah, she likes to cook goodies for you to snack on.) So imagine if you will, that this stacked wonder was in your kitchen making your cookies. (Okay, imagine that you just have sexual intercourse her and she rolled over and said, How about I make you some cookies to say Thank You for giving me the tool down of my life) That cute much makes her the most-perfect woman in the world. But wait! It gets better. How Well, imagine that she is so thirsty from slaving over a hot oven and making you sweets that she gets herself a glass of milk and in the process of drinking that milk, she spills it all over her gazongas. Oh, no! What's a horny, curvy baker to do Get naked, of course. And jiggle her knockers and diddle her pussy, too. (We don't know what we would eat first, her cookies or her cookie!) Looking at this set of Chirsty makes us want to coat her in our man milk. It's almost as if we can smell the baked goods. With a set o' breasts like that, Sara Lee ain't got shit on our girl!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Arianna sinn: busty hooker Arianna Sinn: busty hustler Maybe you have the same kind of cheap, depraved fantasies as the bustyArianna.com editors. Or maybe you envision Arianna as a classy, nice girl-next-door who just happens to have huge tits and the body of your dreams. These photos are for those of you with the cheap, depraved fantasies. Can you imagine Arianna as a hustler We can, and we did more than imagine it. We dressed her up like one!I think it is libidinous to think about, even though I would not ever do it, Arianna said. It is very libidinous to think about dressing up in horny clothes and getting picked up by strange men and giving them delight for money. I have fantasized about this many times.Most hustlers have to give up their pussies (or at least a blowjob job and tit-fuck). With Arianna, a back-seat jack-off session is more than enough. Want a dateSee More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Karina hart - dressed for succ-sex! Dressed for succ-sex! Karina is a college student. She's far too young to start venturing out into the cold, violent world. But if she were going on her first post-university job interview, this is what she might be wearing. And imagine if you were her potential employer. Imagine Karina walking into your office wearing this outfit. Right away, you can tell she's beautiful, but is she busty You think she is, but her jacket is concealing the goodies. She seems nervous, so you say, Relax. Sit down. Take off your jacket if you'd like. And when she does, jutting out her chest as she removes her arms from the garment's sleeves, you know she's not just busty. She's super-stacked! You're hired! you have the urge to say, but you have to at least make this seem like a respectable interview. You have to make believe you're hiring her for something other than her tits. Now, Ms. Hart, you begin. Would you be interested in the position of private secretarySee More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Hooters in a hammock Hooters in a Hammock Hooters, big hooters, lounging on a hammock in paradise. Doesn't that sound charming Imagine being on vacation in the tropics with our favorite busty slut, Christy. You know that she would be topless in a heartbeat and enjoying the rays of the sun on her breasts. She would probably require some sunblock lotion on those mams of hers. That's where you come in, champ, with your able hands and horny, er, helpful disposition. Imagine creaming up those cannons and pinching those nipples right out in the open. Sounds good, right Her supple, lubed up breasts in your hands, and you know that it would only be a matter of time before she was moaning and raising her hips, beautiful you to stuff her vagina full of your dick. She'd probably take you into the water and fuck you in the surf. Ah, Christy...your breasts in our tropical fantasy are oh, so good! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Private belly dancer Private Belly Dancer Imagine Karina Hart as a belly dancer! You don't have to imagine because here she is, done up like an exotic, gypsy belly dancer. Just one thing, though: You're going to have a cruel time keeping your eyes on her belly, with those large naturals of hers bouncing all over the place. I do not think I would make a very good belly dancer, Karina said. My boobs keep falling out. And that's a bad thing It could be, she said. Don't men bring their wives to watch belly dancers Not if the belly dancer was Karina. That would be a large mistake. But here's the deal, guys: You don't have to bring you wife or significant other to see Karina's dance. She's doing it just for you, right here. A private belly dance. What a country!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!.
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