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Lucky loser

Lucky Loser The Loser has struck gold again with Scotty Skies, a 21-year-old cutie from Arizona, who drove all the way to Los Angeles, California with�believe it or not�her boyfriend, to fuck on camera for the first time. Now, we think Scotty should've held out and insisted that she get to fuck her boyfriend in her first scene, but, no, the Loser gets lucky again. But not before he insults her porn name (really, Scotty Skies) and tries to make her as nervous as possible. Perhaps he succeeds, but you'd never know by the way she give suck a cock. Scotty has the kind of looks that don't say porn star but do say, If she wants to be a porn star, she could be a great star. Okay, once again, the Loser asks Scotty what she's going to do if her loved ones find out she make love the Loser in front of the camera, a topic she clearly doesn't want to discuss but he insists on discussing anyway. We are, once again, amazed that the girl doesn't walk out of the apartment, but she doesn't. Some chicks are just that desperate to be stars. Distinguishing characteristics about Scotty: 1.) She giggles a lot. 2.) She has tattoos on both arms. 3.) She has very long hair. 4.) She stops giggling when she's giving a give suck job, at which point we discover her fifth distinguishing characteristic, her pierced tongue. Ah, to be the Loser for just one day!See More of Scotty Skies at PORNLOSER.COM!


Tender tart Tender Tart You flattie lovers out there are gonna love this one. The girl's name is Kylie Richards, she's 20 years old and from Pasadena, California, and she has absolutely no natural tits at all. Yep, she's nothing but nipple, and she's beautiful as can be with a very good face and a perfect little ass. Where does the Loser find these girls One thing you gotta say about this guy: He might not know what to do with the girls once he finds them, but he definitely knows how to find them.Anyway, when this scene opens, Kylie seems very nervous. She's jittery, as all first-timers should be, and the Loser does absolutely nothing to put her at ease. The thing we love about Kylie is that she's so real. Her bra and panties are normal-girl bra and panties, not stripper/porn star bra and panties.But once she gets down to fucking--once the Loser's penish comes out--she proves that she's not a normal girl. She has the makings of a star. She give suck his penish deep and lustily, and when the Loser sticks his cock in her, she moans loudly because she's enjoying it. Before long, it seems as if Kylie has overcome her nerves, and she's done it by doing what comes naturally. Or cums naturally. Whatever.The Loser has found another winner. See More of Kylie Richards at PORNLOSER.COM!. Who's the first-timer here Who's the first-timer here The Porn Loser is proud to present a barely-legal, 18-year-old California girl with measurements of 34-24-34 and an eagerness to have sexual intercourse that's unmatched by most women twice her age. She's a brunette with a tight, appealing body, nice, firm tits and a shaved kitty. She's wearing black, sexy, lace tights and a pink lingerie top. This girl is a winner.The Loser He's just a loser. As usual, he has a rough time getting it up, and Kandi has to work real rough-rougher than any 18-year-old hottie should have to work-to get him rough. But she does because she wants his dick.In this scene, it's rough to tell who's the inexperienced 18-year-old. The lighting Garbage. The pre-have sexual intercourse interview Loser doesn't know what to ask her. The camerawork is shaky even by Porn Loser standards. Half the time, her head is cropped off when she's riding his cock. But don't worry, fellas: The Loser's legs and feet are fully in the frame.As usual, the girl saves the day with some ferocious have sexual intercourseing that makes you realize, This girl's got a future, as long as it involves sex. Kandi's kitty squishes oh-so-nicely when the Loser is have sexual intercourseing her, and fortunately, his on-camera mic picks it up. Of course, the camera picks up lots of other things, too, such as the other cameras in the room, but teenage Kandi seems to be able to put all of those things out of her mind.Oh, I'm gonna cum! she screams.Oh, have sexual intercourse me! she begs.There's no substitute for youth. See More of Kandi at PORNLOSER.COM!. Vegas honey Vegas Honey Ya gotta hand it to the Loser. He finds some cute ones.This time, we have Heather Anne, an 18-year-old brunette from Las Vegas who tells us, I used to work at a strip club. Say what Used to when She's only 18, for cuteness sakes!After the Loser smartly decides not to take that line of questioning any further, Heather reveals that she stopped stripping because she couldn't dance. But, as you're about to see, she can definitely fuck.Our favorite part of this video is when Heather is blowing the Loser's penish and her hair starts getting in the way. She kindly asks, Could you pull my hair back knowing that with her hair in the way, we can't see the penish going in and out of her mouth. Obviously, Heather knows what she's doing.As cute, little pieces of booty go, Heather's right at the top of our list. Five-foot-three but long legs, 105 pounds, 34-24-32, tight little body, B-cup tits. Hey, she's only 18. She's in mint condition!So, after the Loser reminds Heather that she should be nervous, and after Heather tells us that her father, of all people, knows what she's doing, the sucks and fuck starts, and it's definitely worth a jack.And by the way, Heather Anne, honey You don't have to know how to dance to be a stripper. See More of Heather Anne at PORNLOSER.COM!. Hitomi tanakaav idol hitomi tanaka for the first time giving a big sucks and titty make love to a lucky japanese guy Av Idol Hitomi Tanaka for the first time giving a heavy cock sucking and titty have intercourse to a lucky japanese guy.. Sarah genova sarah genovahot pink 2oiled up voluminous breasts 3 minuteokay so who is up for some incredible voluminous breasts with a lot of oil rubbed all over them anyoneanyonebuellerwell lucky for you we have just the thing to fill your v Okay, so who is up for some incredible great tits with a lot of oil rubbed all over them? 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