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Sweater shredder Melissa Manning was more shocked than anyone to learn that her natural boobs had gone up a cup size to 36H from their previous 34G. I wasn't surprised because I could tell just by looking at her that she'd gotten bustier. Melissa had gone from stacked to super-stacked--this was back in 2012--and her old bras just weren't working. No way! Melissa said when we told her the nice news. Former V-mag editor Maria, who had the honor of doing the measuring, explained, Most of the time when I speak to models about their bras, they tell me that they don't even know what size they are anymore. The task of buying bras that fit is so arduous that they just find whatever fits and that's that. Melissa is one of those gals. She has to eyeball bras and sort of figure out if they are going to fit because she hasn't had a proper bra measuring since she was 15. She thought she was a 34G, but her boobs definitely grew since she was here last, so I decided to tackle the problem with science. Meaning a measuring tape. The funny thing was, Melissa couldn't believe her boobs were so large. That's funny because they were large already, and although it's a large deal when a girl goes from a G-cup to an H-cup, it's not exactly shocking. It's not like she went from flat-chested to H-cup. These photos and the video were taken during that time in Fall 2012. Naturally, we asked her to model some sweaters. These were sweaters that wouldn't be tight on your average C-cupper, but Melissa stretched them to the limit. Not only was Melissa bustier but her hair color had changed from red to blonde (which is her natural color). In all honesty, I didn't notice at first. What color are her eyes I have no idea. But I can tell you that her boobs are huge.See More of Melissa Manning at SCORELAND2.COM!


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Brandy talore - the breast of voluminous breasts pov 3 The Breast of great tits POV 3 Two exciting and precocious girls with traffic-stopping racks, dirty minds and dirty mouths want to get taken for a ride in this volume of The Breast of great tits POV 3. The double-feature babes in search of cruel wood to polish are Whitney Stevens and Brandy Talore. Our naturally chesty super-hotties are experts at tit-jiggling sex both on-camera and off. They will get you off. That's what they excel at. P.O.V. action puts you in the driver's seat and that's the best place to be. There's no dude blocking your line-of-sight. Your dick is their play toy and they worship it. suc cum out of your balls gives them a thrill. What's better than a shapely pretty thing tit-smothering, suc and eye-banging you at the same timeSee More of Brandy Talore at SCORELAND.COM!. Chloe vevrier - peeping at chloe Peeping At Chloe The thematic purpose of this pictorial was to spy on Chloe in a lush, hidden area of the property at Key Largo, during the making of On Location Key Largo. The cameraman, an amateur given a chance at a real job, was instructed to creep up upon Chloe-- a simple task since it was all in pretense--and take her photos while she pretended to luxuriate in the grotto of paradise. In this set, bikini girl Chloe's primeval earthiness came to the forefront, a demonstration of her raw sexuality, still unpolluted by the evil lurking in the bushes.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Hitomi - the miracle of hitomi The Miracle of Hitomi B.W.B. of Ft. Dodge, Iowa is a Hitomi fan. I'd like to commend you and your big staff on producing the bigest DVD ever, Bad Girl Hitomi. This is the hottest cock-hardening video I own. Don't thank us, B.W.B. Thank Hitomi. It's all her. We just turn on the camera and Hitomi gets down with it. If anyone was meant to shed her undies for the big-boob lovers of the world, Hitomi's the one. She's a sweetheart too with a fun-loving personality.The show starts with Hitomi in red lingerie and ends with her cock sucking her nipples (she's skilled at self-cock sucking) and rubbing away until she cums. With all of the well-deserved praise that Hitomi rightfully gets, no one ever mentions her tuft of black vagina hair that she's sported since she first came to SCORELAND. So we'd like to praise her for that in this age of totally shaved girls. Hitomi would probably giggle if someone ever tells her that. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!. Rachel aldana webcam 91sunshine and considerable tits and more tan linesscreenshotshiya there everyonei hope you all had a voluminous easter weekend and holiday Hiya there everyone!I hope you all had a large Easter weekend and holiday.. Angela white - angela's bedtime toys Angela's bedtime toys SCORELAND: Do you watch any sportsAngela: I love watching soccer and boxing.SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven't done yetAngela: I really want to go skydiving. The thrill would excite me.SCORELAND: What would be your dream carAngela: A baby pink 1959 Cadillac Convertible or a black Ford Crown Victoria LX.SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a man can say to a womanAngela: I have sex your best friend.V-Mag: What sexually satisfies you the bestSCORELAND: The more you turn me on before the sex, the better the sex is. I like to be teased till the point of explosion and then have it rammed into me. In these photos, Angela uses a dildo to show how she likes it rammed into her. Has any teen girl ever been handier with a have sex toySee More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Erica campbell jelena jensen and maggie green maggieericajelenalotioning 1great boobed babes lending a helping hand 5 minuteokay so we have a very special treat for all of you todaysomething we never have really done before but we always had  Okay, so we have a very special treat for all of you today:something we never have really done before but we always had some many requests for it that we figured if we could do it in a fun way, we would do our best to try to pull it off and so....
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