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Big-titted brianna

Big-Titted Brianna Big-titted Brianna Bragg wasn't always a porno veteran. In fact, she started out as a nervous amateur. We've got a behind-the-scenes interview from back when she was just a promising starlet. She tells the photographer about her background, sex, sensual entertainment and what she likes to do. She talks about making out with girls and posing nude. It's all sweet to her. Upon request, Brianna takes off her horny clothes so we can admire her gorgeous, fit body.See More of Brianna Bragg at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


Brianna falcone - falcone town Falcone Town I like to have sex twice a day and I masturbate at least once a day, said Brianna Falcone, a strapping, big-breasted mature woman who had a lovely time with Largo at the XL Girls studio. I've always played with my cunt, not from lack of sex but from wanting more orgasms. I am very orgasmic. I love to cum.I've always been highly sexual. Older boys liked me. My first time was getting orally pleased. No one was home and he ate my cunt in my parent's bed! Brianna said she has two hobbies. Shopping and sex and not in that order. attracting hobbies in our book.I like to look at a guy's package. It's a fetish of mine. Brianna had no complaints about Largo's junk and drained him dry with pleasure.See More of Brianna Falcone at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hot pinup, no panties Hot Pinup, No Panties Are you watching me Did I say you could watch asks blonde bombshell Brianna Beach. Look at the way you are staring. You know what you are YOU are a FOOT FREAK! And there is nothing wrong with that. You see, although she does think that you're a footboy, Brianna wants you to earn the right to have sexual intercourse her peds. She pushes her thighs together so that her stockings rub and makes the noise that is like a symphony to your dick. And while your dick is twitching, Brianna is dangling her shoes and getting her feet ready to delight you by flexing them and making her foot cunt pleasant and tight. But she doesn't want sticky ejaculate on her stockings, she wants in on her pantyhose, so she gets dressed up to give you the foot job of your life. And Brianna isn't satisfied until her hose are shredded and her soles are covered in your sauce.See More of Brianna Beach at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!. Fresh hot boobs Fresh Hot tits In this reformatted scene, Brianna Falcone takes on a fuck-pro and gives him a heavy experience. This brickhouse said she buys 44DDD bras but doesn't always wear one. Sometimes I like to go out without a bra just to watch the men stare at my chest as they bounce, says Brianna. Not all the time, of course. I have to wear one for decency's sake or I'll attract too much attention and you know how catty and nasty other women can be in public. Tease! We love it.Brianna talked about her first time.My first sexual experience was receiving oral. No one was home and he ate my cunt on my parents' bed. I am very orgasmic. I love to cum. I've always played with my cunt, not from lack of large sex but from wanting one more orgasm. I've been with other girls. In my 20s I was so attracted to one of my closest friends that I'd tell my husband my fantasies about doing her together so one night I brought her home. A blonde and a brunette. Everyman's fantasy, right You got it, Brianna! See More of Brianna Falcone at XLGIRLS.COM!. Brianna jordan bikini float02 videos34f brianna jordan poses poolside 34F Brianna Jordan poses poolside. Brianna jordan vol01 set01the debut of 34f brianna jordan The debut of 34F Brianna Jordan. Brianna costello's special bra Brianna Costello's special bra What's so special about Brianna Costello's special bra Other than the happy fact that her beautiful, big tits fit snugly into the cups You'll need to watch the video and see the photos. There would be no anticipation if I wrote everything before you saw it.I discovered Brianna at the Adult Entertainment Expo in 2006. This is the annual bash for fans, business people, models, novelty producers, technical workers, photographers, geeks, shysters and anyone else who loves adult entertainment. When not guarding the SCORE booth girls (Crystal Gunns, Summer Sinn, Rebecca Love, Danielle Derek and Alexia Moore) from cads, rascals and bounders (just kidding; the fans are the reason we do what we do), I was walking around looking for new discoveries. This is not easy at AEE since the majority of the girls are established in some way.Then I spotted her.I will let her tell the rest of the story.I was browsing around and ran into Elliot James, Brianna said. He's such a pleasant man. And he had a camera around his neck, and he appeared again when he was at a friend of mine's booth, and he asked me if I'd done any modeling, and I told him, 'Not much,' but he said, 'I'd like you to talk to someone. Do you have time Would you mind' and I said, 'Oh, of course not,' because I love people, and he seemed like a pleasant man.So we talked for a while, and then he brought over this really sweet, hot chick named Tushna, and they took me to the back and took pictures of me in the bathroom. Well, Tushna took me to the bathroom. I was back there in the bathroom, showing my tits and my anus while she took pictures, and people even walked in a few times and saw us. But I really liked it, and after that, I said, 'I'm going to do my best to do all I can with The SCORE Group.' I definitely wanted to be in SCORE and busty after that.As Dave pointed out to Brianna, I wouldn't have been so pleasant if Brianna was flat-chested and not beautiful. He's more or less right about that. I'm shallow.So I'm happy to say that things worked out for the best. Four weeks after I met her, Brianna was getting cozy in the studio.Brianna is still modeling and dancing (she's feature-danced at T's Lounge in Palm Beach, Florida) and she's a Ranch Girl at Sheri's Ranch in Nevada. I'm still trying to get her back into the SCORE studio. I haven't given up.See More of Brianna Costello at SCORELAND2.COM!.
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