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Rub a' dub digits

Rub a' Dub Digits When you crave feet, getting your hands on them is a must. That's why having a girlfriend like Sara, who likes to have her feet fondled and washed, is important. When she knows that her boyfriend is orgasm over, she starts her ritual of bathing and rubbing suds all over her feet. And when he comes over and catches her mid-footbath, she lets him wash her feet for her and scrub them with a soft-bristled brush until they are smooth and supple for him to slide his cock between. She puts her damp digits on his cock and fingers herself so he can see how much delight she gets when she gets to foot fondle his goods. She gets his cock beautiful and rough and then flips over to let him have a look at her bulbous, creamy, white butt and wet and thick pussy. She lets him fondle her slutty, puckered butthole and finger her cunt while she foot fucks him. Then she is on her back so she can grip his cock with her arches and finger fuck herself. And Sara pumps all the hot cumshot out of this cock with her peds until it is shooting sauce everywhere.See More of Sara Siren at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!


Swimmin' soles Swimmin' Soles Misty is lying out by the pool when she notices a man in the bushes watching her as she washes her bare feet. She recognizes him as her neighbor and then she realizes that this pervert is touching his cock to her. Instead of being mad at him, she is kind of turned on by his boldness. In fact, she plays coy about foot play, but she is secretly getting off on his ministrations to her toes...especially when he slides his wet fingers between her digits and stretches them wide. She imagines him fingering her cunt while he fingers her toes. When he asks if she will make his dirty fantasy come true by having some foot sex with him in broad daylight at the community pool, she agrees. These two go at it like rabbits out in the open until he busts his load on her outstretched feet right by the water.See More of Misty Dawn at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!. Foot fetish Foot Fetish Morning wood should never go to waste and no one knows that better than Sara, a libidinous brunette. Sara knows that the best part of waking up is being able to roll over and run her feet all over her boyfriend's stiff one in the morning. And he doesn't mind one bit. She unleashes his raging boner from his boxers and gets to work, sliding her smooth soles along the shaft and caressing his nuts with her toes. She gives him her foot-pussy and then he towers over her while she lays back and lets him hump her arches over and over. When he is ready to go, she offers up her soles to receive his seed and then puts her toes in her mouth to clean off every drop of his ejaculate from her digits. Some people need coffee to get going in the morning; Sara just needs rough cock in between her feet.See More of Sara Siren at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Sleeping and sliding Sleeping and Sliding Emy might be fast asleep, but her boyfriend has other ideas for her charming, tanned feet. He starts getting frisky with her digits while she is snoozing, but when she wakes up, she doesn't mind. In fact, she tells him to play with her peds some more. It seems our sleeping beauty likes the idea of him getting harder and harder while he fondles her feet. And when he gets really hard, she grips his meat and begins her long and slow strokes, even trampling on his balls until she just can't help but slide one, long finger into her snatch while she works his shaft. Faster and faster she works her foot cunt on him until she, too, is writhing with anticipation of the load to come. And boy he sure does coat her! So much cumshot erupts out of his cock that she continues playing with her cunt while she rubs all that tribute around in her peds. She sure does go from sleeping to sliding her arches over his erect shaft charming quick.See More of Emy Diaz at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!.
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