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Make love the president Yeah, we've heard people express that sentiment many times over the years. In this scene, Elektra Lamour is one president who we'd like to grab by the cunt. By the hairy cunt, that is. She wouldn't mind. She'd whip out her large tits, bend over to dick sucking your dick then let you have sexual intercourse her cunt every which way. That's because she wants it. And then she'd let you have sexual intercourse her bottom because, let's face it, most politicians are bottoms, and then she'd let you cumshot in her cunt. Elektra, who's 50 years old, is one politician who wants to serve her constituents, especially the male ones. She's turning the oval office into the oral office. And the bottom office. As if it wasn't that already. Elektra said, I haven't shaved my cunt in 17 years, and even when I did, I didn't shave it all the way. Guys say that a shaved cunt is just not natural and they feel like pedophiles. They just like a hairy cunt. My husband won't let me shave it. Not that I want to. He loves my hairy cunt and he loves my large tits. Most guys do. As for the scenario here, Elektra has no plans to run for office. I like my real job better than being a politician, said Elektra, who's a porn star and an escort. I get to feel good and make other people feel good. What politician can say that See More of Elektra at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!


Big texas bum They say the stars at night, they shine so bright...deep in the heart of Texas. And that holds true for curvaceous Texan, Blu Diamond, whose anus is the star of this cinematic fete that should go down in Ass-terpiece Theater history. Blu wastes no time in getting down to business. The minute this scene opens up, she is ready to straddle this stud's face and cock. In the blink of an eye, she is naked and getting her pussy eaten while she bounces her anus on his face. Then she is on all fours, blowjob on his knob, and that's when you get to see the fullness of her caboose. And she knows you want to ride that caboose, so after some cowgirl and doggie style she tells him to put his penish in her chocolate love tunnel. And that's just what he does. He fucks her anus and then fills it with his load. It is probably the best creampie we have seen in a long time. Those Texan girls sure can take a load! See More of Blu Diamond at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. A creampie for bea cummins A creampie for Bea Cummins There's nothing about sex that I don't enjoy, said Bea Cummmins, 68, a mother, grandmother and wife and one of our most-popular GILFs ever.After years of lousy sex in a tepid marriage (something almost epidemic among the ladies here, it seems sometimes), Bea is finding that life, especially her sex life, kicks in high gear after 65, when most women are settling down to a life of retirement communities and senior citizen discounted movie tickets.If you told me a few years ago that I would be making sex videos with young guys and being in magazines, I'd have laughed at the thought. People always ask my daughter if I'm her sister. It gets her mad, but I love it!The funniest pick-up line Bea has ever been handedIf I had legs like yours, I'd be home playing with myself.I like sex as often as I can get it, said Bea, whose husband always accompanies her to our studio. I can't even begin to tell you how being here satisfies my sexual fantasies.And today, she's getting a creampie.See More of Bea Cummins at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Booty amateur Even if a teen girl isn't a cherry, her anus usually is. But not Paola's. She takes it in the butt, but that's not the only reason she's special. She likes to have something plugging her anus and her cunt at the same time. Whenever I know I'm going to have sex, I bring a dildo with me so the guy can stick it in my anus while he fucks my cunt. It helps my little anushole get ready for his cock, too. I haven't had two guys inside me yet, though. But it's my ultimate fantasy.See More of Paola Vega at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Picture perfect creampie Picture Perfect Creampie Photography is one of my hobbies. I'm always taking pictures of stuff, including myself. In my phone I have a whole photo album of lustful pictures of me in underwear. There's even a few nudies, but I'll only send those to someone who's really special. I've always wanted to take pictures of me having sex. I'd love to be able to see a tool inside of me and have the picture around when I want to masturbate. I guess now's my chance! See More of Ivy Aura at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Happy birthday, deanna it's a creampie! Happy birthday, DeAnna. It's a creampie! We love celebrating birthdays. We love good some of our favorite MILFs back into the studio and giving them what they want. So, guys, it's time to wish a belated happy 60th birthday to DeAnna Bentley, a short 'n' horny divorcee from Ohio who just turned 60.Her birthday gift: a creampie.Mmmmm, she says, licking her lips. Just what I always wanted.DeAnna is unusual because she knows exactly how many men she's fuck in her life. When we first met her, the number was 46. And nowSeventy, she said. I know, I've been going beautiful wild, but every time I tell a man that I did a porn scene, they want to see it. And once I start showing it to them, my hand starts wandering to their cocks.This scene should get another rise out of the many men who seem to enter DeAnna's life. And her pussy. And everything else she has to offer.The next guy will be No. 72. See More of DeAnna Bentley at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Byoung tool and a creampie/b Young cock and a creampie Charlie Charm, who's 63 years old, is starting over. Her husband is gone, and she's having an estate sale. Well, Tarzan is one of her first customers, and he likes what he sees. He wants to sample the goods, especially after he opens an old book and Charlie's naughty pictures fall out.These are you, huh he asks. I can jerk off to these.But he doesn't have to jerk off because he's going to make love her. Of course, he can jerk off later while thinking about how he make loveed her, but for now, he gets the real thing.Yep, it's a brand-new start for Charlie, and this one has a happy ending...with ejaculate in her pussy. It's a creampie for Charlie in her hairy make love hole.By the way, Charlie is 30 years older than her guy in this scene. But that's nothing new for her. She's used to make loveing younger guys.They're eager but impatient and they have a lot of stamina, she said.Charlie is a mother and a grandmother. She says she's shy and proper at home. She's a registered nurse, but she also has her own naughty website. Shy Proper Hmmmm...I like to have sex and be sexual in public, she said.Okay, what's Charlie's idea of shy See More of Charlie at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!.
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