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Have intercourse my anal! Boss's orders! We took some creative license for this video. Sunny Ray, 52, is divorced, not married, but here she plays the wife of a man who runs a warehouse. The husband makes a very big mistake. He tells one of his workers, John, to go to his house and install the new flat-screen TV he bought for his wife. Put it in however she wants and wherever she wants, he orders. However Sunny wants and wherever she wants turns out to be in her mouth, vagina and analhole. Sunny Ray dresses like a slut, blow like a slut and fucks like a slut, and she loves getting her anal slammed. By the way, there's a special treat at the end of this video. It involves the guy's ejaculateshot and Sunny's analhole. No, he doesn't ejaculateshot inside of it, but close enough. See More of Sunny Ray at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!


Hot tits, pussy and analy for the deadbeat Hot tits, cunt and bottom for the deadbeat Some guys have all the luck. Take this dickhead, for example. He's not the brightest. He shows up late for work every day, and what happens Does he lose his job, which is exactly what would happen to you and me Does he get docked pay No. He gets to have sexual intercourse the boss's hot wife: 48-year-old, big-titted Porsche Lane, who should know better than to walk around the warehouse in a short-short skirt, have sexual intercourse-me pumps and a low-cut top that allows her big tits to pop out.She calls the schmuck to her office, and he's stupid enough to say, I bet your husband can't have sexual intercourse you like I can. Now that's gotta get him fired, right Wrong! Porsche has him prove it. She even allows him access to her bottom.Like we said, some guys have all the luck. But at least we get to jack to it.See More of Porsche Lane at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!. Sasha orders food, gets cock Sasha orders food, gets penish Sasha Bell, a 42-year-old divorcee from Arizona, comes home and sees that there's nothing in the refrigerator to eat. So she orders some groceries online then calls to confirm her order.Can you send him over right away she says.HimYes, I just placed my order, she says.For a guy or for some foodBothWhen the delivery guy arrives, Sasha has him carry her order to the kitchen. But when she looks inside the box of groceries, she sees that some of the things she ordered are missing. The cucumbers. The bananas. The bratwurst, too. Basically, anything that looks like a penish is missing.Maybe there's something else you can give me, she says, rubbing up against the delivery guy.His penish. That would be a replacement for the penish-shaped food items, rightSo long-legged, blonde Sasha sucks his penish, then they have sexual intercourse every which way, including on the kitchen floor, before the delivery guy delivers his load onto Sasha's tits.Food Who needs foodSasha is 5'7. She's a mom. She grew up in New Jersey and traveled from Arizona to Los Angeles for her first porn shoots. She said, No one knows I'm doing this, so if they find out, it'll be a voluminous surprise.By the way, we have a question for all the delivery men/cable guys/electricians/plumbers out there: Do you really get so much pussySee More of Sasha Bell at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Ciara - ciara's fantasy cums true Ciara's fantasy ejaculates true As Ciara was shooting this scene, give suck and have sexual intercourse a total stranger's penish, her hubby was home in Atlanta, Georgia, wondering what his wife was doing, knowing she was doing something most wives don't do and that she was enjoying it. Because Ciara, 49, had wanted to do this for a long time, but her hubby He wasn't so sure he wanted to turn his wife loose. But you know what they say: You can't keep a libidinous woman down.I've never done a video before, Ciara tells us in the opener, but I've had a lot of sex before, and if you stick around, you'll get to see me have hard, passionate, raw, wonderful sex.Ciara suc penish while having her cunt fingered and barks out orders, something she says she always does at home.Stick that penish in my cunt, Ciara demands. That feels so have sexual intercourse good!She gets have sexual intercourse in a variety of positions then takes a load of ejaculate on her very pretty tits. She seems almost grateful! But can her marriage of 20 years survive this How will her hubby deal with his wife's sudden ascension to porn stardomHe'll be fine, Ciara said. After I make love him.These MILFs always get their way.See More of Ciara at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. He's late, but he's on-time for the boss's pussy He's late, but he's on-time for the boss's vagina When this video opens, you might say to yourself, What the have intercourse What are those two chicks, who obviously aren't 40-something, doing in my video But then 44-year-old Gina shows up, and everything starts to click. She's wearing a tight leopard-skin mini, a skin-hugging top and have intercourse-me pumps. Turns out she's the boss of this eating and drinking establishment, and she's pissed off. Levi, the hired help, is late for his shift again.You have to respect me and do whatever I tell you to do, Gina tells Levi.I think you look hot, he says. Is that respectfulMaybe, Gina says, and then she loosens up in a hurry. He fingers her haired vagina and feeds his penish into her mouth. At the end, he shoots his load into her wide-open mouth.Gina is not the typical mature woman who suddenly discovers sex when she turns 40. A star of well over 200 have intercourse films since she was in her 20s, Gina says, I'm easy. I just want hot, steamy sex.Gina isn't into any fetishes. She doesn't want you to tell her that she's a bad girl, and she has no desire to have intercourse you with a strap-on.I love to sucks penish and I love getting have intercourseed massive and long, she said. I've been lustful for as long as I can remember, and I don't think that will ever change. It's just me. See More of Gina Rome at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Qualified to make love Qualified to have sexual intercourse I know I have what it takes to be a porn star. I'm cute, young, very sexual and I love to have sexual intercourse! That's all you need, right Sometimes when I'm fooling around with a guy, I like to pretend like I'm doing it in front of a camera. I really put my all into it, and knowing that one day guys all over the world will see what it's like to have sexual intercourse me really turns me on. I'm an exhibitionist and I love to be watched. I know I'd be great as a porn star, just wait and see!See More of Ryan Heart at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - the boss The Boss What if they did a remake of the musical Chicago, but instead of just a musical...it was a Linsey movie What if Linsey Dawn was cast as the great, brassy attorney who had to defend those gals accused of murder Wouldn't that be something to see Linsey decked out in that '40s era gear, the men's boxer shorts, those sock suspenders, great stogie in her mouth barking orders to her complaisant legal assistants, paralegals and law clerks What if Linsey told you she needed some help in private with her briefs -- Like taking them down and stripping them off What cast member would cry out, Objection! to Linsey making a motion for recess in the judge's chambers We're not sure about Linsey singing a rousing rendition of Razzle Dazzle, but we definitely know that she's quite capable of playing the part of the defense attorney. Defense attorneys are supposed to get their clients off, right And that's what Linsey does every week.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!.