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Wife of a iscoreland/i member

Wife of a SCORELAND member Elaina Gregory has natural 34N-cup breasts. That's no typo. 34-N and natural big boobs. Girls like Elaina are almost impossible to find because they're not looking for professional modeling careers. They're not public people. They're posing naked for a fling and for a life experience. They're fulfilling a fantasy. Elaina's not a dancer, a nudist, a swinger, or even a bathroom mirror model posting smartphone photos on a social network site for kicks. Elaina is an Army veteran and was brought up as a sweet Catholic girl by a strict family. Her husband, also an Army vet, is a SCORELAND subscriber. He inspired Elaina to pose. He began to realize that I enjoyed having my picture taken in the bedroom, so he told me that I could have fun and make nice money by orgasm to pose for you guys, Elaina told us. He told me that maybe I should check you guys out online, and I did. I liked what I saw and then I called you. I figured that it might be sweet to get away from being a housewife for a few days and come here to shoot. And I was right. It is a lot of fun! So much fun that she came back. Elaina even did a breasts & Tugs scene with a total stranger. Now that's a liberal husband, letting a stranger pop his nuts all over his wife's incredible breasts after she jerks him and tit-fucks him. That's generosity. I was sorry to learn that Elaina recently retired from modeling. I had my fun and it was great, she said. I loved seeing my sets in busty magazine and seeing the videos on DVDs. I was nice nice, wasn't I More than nice nice. She has a pair of the greatest breasts, and I will never forget them. They make me want to think deep thoughts every time I look at them. See More of Elaina Gregory at SCORELAND2.COM!


A member's wife puts on a tight tops show A member's wife puts on a tight tops show Shelby Gibson, one of our most-popular SCORE Girls over the past few years, makes her SCORELAND2 debut by showing off her HH-cup rockets, petite waist and hairy pussy. But those very appealing attributes aren't the only reasons Shelby is so popular. For one, she's very appealing. She has a voluminous personality. She loves large breasts and loves showing off her large breasts. For her, modeling for the world's leader in large breasts is a huge thrill. It's a large thrill for her husband, too. He's a SCORELAND member, and being a reader's wife is another thing that has made Shelby so popular.Shelby used to be a waitress at Hooters. Now she's a SCORE Girl who shows off every inch of her voluminous body in this tight tops show. She has a charming phone sex voice, too, and a voluminous connection with the camera.We talked to Shelby and her husband about large breasts, SCORE, modeling and more.SCORE: Did Shelby suggest the idea of her posing or was it your initial ideaMr. Gibson: Definitely my initial idea. She always wanted to pose for an adult site but didn't think she was hot enough. But I encouraged her and she finally agreed to let me send in some of her pics. She couldn't believe it when SCORE was enthusiastically interested in her.SCORE: Did you read about wives modeling for SCORE (Kelly Christiansen, Jayden Prescott) Was that influential at allMr. Gibson: Definitely yes, and it was very influential. When Shelby saw that other wives were doing it, she realized that it could really happen. Shelby becoming a SCORE WILF is a real fantasy come true for both of us.SCORE: You were a Hooters waitress. What was that like How long did you do thatShelby: It was a lot of fun. I loved all the attention from the men, especially the hot guys. The tight tops really accentuated my assets. I worked for them off and on for a few years when I was younger and single. I always seemed to get voluminous tips and never had a problem getting hired.SCORE: How do other women react to you when they see how stacked you are Are they appealing or are they rudeShelby: Usually a bit snarly and hissy. I've heard negative comments many times from women. I think it's all jealousy and their own insecurity. But I've also gotten some appealing words from women occasionally. Or questions like what it's like to have large breasts and is it worth it to get them.SCORE: Do you watch DVDs or videos at SCORELANDShelby: Yes, we watch SCORELAND videos together. Some of them really get us hot. We especially like the MILF and the wife pics and videos because we can easily imagine it being us.SCORE: What is your favorite top in this setShelby: The SCORE shirt because I earned it. Only SCORE Girls get to wear the SCORE shirt, so I'm really proud of it.SCORE: Do you wear these tops going out or on vacationShelby: Oh yeah, I love showing off. It's a lot more fun in warm weather where I can show off even more. It's a real turn-on seeing the reactions from the men. See More of Shelby Gibson at SCORELAND2.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - leggy linsey Leggy Linsey A veteran LinseysWorld member logs in: Dear Linsey: Many congratulations for winning the SCORE Model of the Year 2004 contest! I knew this was going to be your year, sooner or later justice finally arrives. I think that if there is someone who deserves being the model of the millennium it is Linsey Dawn McKenzie, the most cute woman in the planet earth, the real queen of queens. GOD SAVE QUEEN LINSEY! Sincerely, Roberto from Puebla City, Mexico. (LinseysWorld member since February 2003).See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Bush garden Bush Garden Mischel Lee is not only a member of the voluminous Bush Club. She's a member of the Mile High Club. I had sex in an airplane, Mischel wrote. It was so sexy, I came very hard. I only did it one time. I would like to try it again.Mischel checks herself out in a full-length mirror in this layout so in some photos, we get two Mischels. When she's done ogling herself while we ogle her, Mischel goes over to a sofa and shows off the bush garden she's cultivated. She tends to her garden with her fingers, spreading her ringed cunt lips and showing off the pink.Getting on the floor in front of the mirror, Mischel spreads her legs open and masturbates, looking at herself, getting hot. I think about guys or girls giving me oral sex when I masturbate, Mischel adds. I think about what guys want to do when they see me. Then I get more excited. See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. How to deal with complaining neighbors How to deal with complaining neighbors What does it take to make a man forget that he's married What does it take to make him forget that he has a loving wife and kids at home, right next door Well, in this case, it takes a piece-of-ass like Christina Cross, a 42-year-old mom from Texas, living next door.In this episode of, Honey, I Couldn't Help It, She Took My dick Out And Sucked It! Christina is dancing sexily in front of her window when she hears a knock on the door. It's her neighbor. His wife sent him over to tell Christina that they can see her dancing through her window. Bad move by the wife. Because how does Christina deal with this henpecked hubby By blowjob his penish and letting him have sexual intercourse her bald pussy.We wonder how Christina would've handled it if the wife had come over instead.See More of Christina Cross at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. A new iscoreland/i discovery A New SCORELAND Discovery Daria is an libidinous new discovery who's freshly graduated from university and wants to model. She's picked the right place. So many girls have started at SCORE that we've lost count.An active, energetic, healthy 22-year-old Russian girl, Daria likes sports, swimming and biking in rural areas and parks. Sporting 34H natural boobs that hang and dangle beautifully, Daria puts on quite a breast show in her video. She can self-suck her own nipples too.Now that Daria has a lot of free time after graduating, she wants to spend more time on her personal interests and more time with her friends. My friends make me laugh the hardest, said Daria. We do some crazy things together. It sounds strange but the arts and music drive me crazy. Being naked for pictures and videos...that got me very excited. As excited as she gets us looking at her See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. Wife, hubby and the guy he brought home from work Wife, hubby and the guy he brought home from work It's Bring Your Employee Home For Dinner Night at the West household, but Jodi West hasn't prepared anything for dinner. What she has done, however, is dress up her tight, horny 46-year-old anatomy in a short, revealing red dress (paired with matching fuck-me pumps)Hi, honey, we're home, Mr. West, Jodi's real-life husband, says. I brought our newest sales associate, Juanm with me. Juan has been tearing everything up at work.Juan is about to tear everything up at the West household, too, because when Mr. West decides they oughta eat in tonight, Juan knows exactly what he wants to eat. He can't believe his lovely fortune. He can't believe he has such a voluminous boss who offers his wife's mouth and cunt as part of the bonus plan.Of course, like most bosses, Mr. West doesn't give without making sure he's getting something in return, so before long, Mr. West is eating his wife's cunt while she suc Juan's cock. And then they're taking turns filling Jodi's MILF mouth and hot cunt.In the end, Juan cums on her face, Mr. West cums in his wife's cunt and we get to see her play with the spunk that's dripping out of her cunt. That's our bonus. See More of Jodi West at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!.
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