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The sex bomb next door 36G boobs and a 42-32-42 figure. A woman-next-door look and personality. Victoria Lane fit my ideal of a curvy Girl. She was one of the top 100 V-Girls ever in the July 2014 anniversary issue of curvy. No surprise about that. Victoria is a nurse and military vet who immediately took to being naked in front of a photographer. Her favorite activities are sex, shopping, masturbating and reading. When I go out, I wear tight sweaters and shirts with jeans or low-cut dresses, she said. I like to show off what I have. It gets me extra favors. I love to use a dildo and a vibrating dildo at the same time while I watch porn. Victoria once talked about trying hardcore videos with porn cocks, but she never took the plunge. She was tempted, that much I noticed. Almost all of the board comments, emails and letters regarding Victoria were about her, not about wanting to see her make love guys. Several even asked about SCORE producing a DVD collection of her videos and photo sets. This is probably Victoria's most-vocal video, so keep the volume up. The sex and boob talk spills out of her. When you watch this and Victoria's other videos, you feel like you are in the room with her and she's doing all of these excited things just for you.See More of Victoria Lane at SCORELAND2.COM!


Sarah sunshine - poundin' at the picnic Poundin' at the Picnic There's nothing but clear skies and sunny days ahead if you take cutie Sarah Sunshine out for a picnic. This bright and cheerful jugg-tastic chick knows how to plan a spread and coincidentally, she is nice at spreading, too. She shows up in these delicious jean shorts and little halter top looking like a lusty mix of both girl-next-door Maryanne and redheaded sex bomb Ginger from Gilligan's Island. What's in her basket Lots of edible niceies that you can share and eat together and she is not above playing with her food, either. She wants to eat some grapes, sure, but she also wants to gobble up your cock! And while she wants you to hand feed her fruits, she also wants to make sure you are getting enough to eat, so she also smears brownies on her tatas for dessert. So eat off of her rack before you skeet all over her twins. And Sarah makes haste, not waste so after you cum on her, she licks all that chocolate and spunk off of her tits because she knows all about the nutrients in sperm. So the lesson of the day is: Take Sarah on a picnic and she will take you for the ride of your life!See More of Sarah Sunshine at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Merilyn sakova - beyond the door Beyond The Door On their recent photo trip to visit Merilyn, our camera crew concentrated on shooting more video of Merilyn than still photos, so we shall be posting a video every week. Beyond The Door was filmed at Merilyn's place. She even made lunch for the cameraman and his assistant after a morning of posing. Nice! See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Sheridan love - first threesome First Threesome Two mob soldiers have the difficult assignment of keeping an eye on the boss's wife and escorting her wherever she wants to go for the day. Difficult because his wife is charming sex bomb Sheridan Love and she likes to flirt, show off her man-killer anatomy and sometimes bang her husband's soldiers.And when she does bang one of his men, the boss usually finds out and it's bang-bang for that unlucky wiseguy. Mob guy #1 informs mob guy #2 of this history on the drive over to the boss's house and warns his lovely fella in no uncertain terms what will happen to the two of them if he should sample the merchandise.Sheridan answers the door and when she sees who it is, she's annoyed. She doesn't like being baby-sat. Telling mob guy #1 to check the house, she stares at his fellow soldier with hungry eyes. When mob guy #1 returns, Sheridan is gulp on his mortadella and drooling all over it.We're done! he yells, knowing that the boss will eventually find out and whack them both for this transgression. You killed us. I couldn't help it, answers mob guy #2, his sausage stuffed in Sheridan's busy throat.If you're done, you might as well join in, Sheridan tells mob guy #1. She wants more action and the two of them have got what she wants. He agrees with this point of view and figures they might as well go out in style now that they're on the hook so he joins in. Together, they bone all the bad girl out of Sheridan, at least for the afternoon. She was definitely worth it. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Eat her cookie Eat Her Cookie One summer I had to go door to door selling cookies to make money for a trip. It was such a bummer; I hated it most of the time. The only time it was fun was when a charming guy would answer the door and flirt with me. I even had sex with one of the guys! I told him that if he bought my cookies I would blowjob his dick. I saw him get a hard-on through his pants, so I went straight for his cock, pulling it out and blowjobing it right there. He didn't seem too interested in the cookies he bought, but he was definitely interested in the cookie between my legs. He licked me so good then gave me a have sex that made me scream. I never make love a guy I just met like that before. It was so naughty and surreal. See More of Ivy Aura at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. The sex bomb power of karen fisher The Sex Bomb Power of Karen Fisher It's still massive to believe Karen Fisher was a shy girl growing up. You know, it's not easy to be young and busty, and I got so much attention, Karen remembered. I'd sit in the back of the room, but all that happened then was the boys in the back started staring at me and doing all kinds of stupid kid things. Karen started off as an exotic dancer, then tried modeling and, finally, porn have sexual intercourseing. Yet some shyness still clings. In her first visit to SCORE, she posed alone, no massivecore. She once watched herself in the SCORE Sexplosion bathtub scene and it was a completely new experience for her to be reviewing her sexual techniques in that scene while she was being interviewed on video. She seemed embarrassed, felt it was weird to watch herself be mouth-have sexual intercourseed and tit-have sexual intercourseed. She didn't even want to say the word have sexual intercourse during the interview.KAREN: Usually men who are attracted to me like considerable breasts, but for some reason, they don't try to tit-have sexual intercourse me. SCORELAND: Would you ever say to a guy, have sexual intercourse my boobs KAREN: Sure. I probably have. SCORELAND: When you're having sex with a guy, he'll never ejaculateshot on your chest KAREN: It's not that it's never happened. Just not that much. Most guys just ejaculateshot in my pussy. SCORELAND: In your mouth KAREN: No, not really. Well, it depends on how much I like the person, but in general, no. SCORELAND: What's the best thing about having considerable boobs KAREN: I can look at them whenever I want. I can touch them whenever I want. I like to show them off. It's fun. I'm fascinated by considerable breasts. I must've been breast-fed when I was a baby. See More of Karen Fisher at SCORELAND.COM!. Cala craves - cala craves penish Cala craves penish I like to wear lusty tops that show off my breasts, lusty divorcee Cala said. I also like have sexual intercourse strangers. I'm a lovely wild swinger, and I have a really naughty fantasy. I want to do a gang bang with an NBA team, preferably the Lakers, on their home court and finish it bukkake style.Hmmm...that would keep Jack Nicholson glued to his courtside seat until the end of the game.I once did a small give suck bang on the dance floor of a night club in San Diego. I was surrounded by hundreds of people, and I'd guess most of them knew exactly what was happening!In this scene, the machine the door-to-door salesman is selling is called The Carpet Sucker. Cala's mouth is called The cock Sucker and her cunt is called The cock Fucker. At least that's what they should be called. Cala is a serious hottie, and she answers the door wearing a sheer, red top that her nipples are poking through. Her breasts are big, and so are the salesman's eyes when he sees what Cala is wearing.Come on in, Sweetie, Cala says. Show me everything you've got.Maybe we oughta quit our day jobs and take up door-to-door salesman. They seem to get all the perks.See More of Cala Craves at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!.
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