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Wide eyed wide open

Serenity has those great doe eyes that make you want to fall in love. Or, at least, bust a nut on her face. Either one would be cool with her, by the way. I'm a sexual person by nature. Sex is important to me. If I don't feel an attraction to a guy right away, I can't start a relationship. One of the things I look for in a partner is a willingness to try new things. I'm always pushing boundaries and exploring. I have a bucket list that I'm trying to check things off of, Serenity told us. I want to go skydiving. I would love to go to Africa someday. And there are a few sexual things that I haven't tried yet. I really want to go to an orgy. My fantasies always revolve around me being worshiped. Like, I would love to get an oily massage from 15 or 20 excited guys and girls. To have all of that attention placed on my body, everybody wanting me, that would be perfect. That's what I think about when I masturbate. One time I was walking my dogs around downtown LA, and this guy approached me. He told me that he was jealous of my dogs because he wished I would walk him around town on a leash. It was so out of the blue! I gave him my number and a few days later I found myself at his house. We drank a couple of beers and ended up have sex for the entire afternoon. I didn't put him on a leash, but he had me ride him and pin his arms down. It was hot being in that much control. I even tried to ride his face a little bit, but I kept feeling like I was suffocating him! He seemed into it.See More of Serenity Jones at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


Tiffany towers - letting it all hang out by the pool Letting It All Hang Out By The Pool This is the best way to see Tiffany; out in the sunshine wearing next to nothing. One of the greatest thing about Tiffany is her amazing physique and nothing shows off how tight and toned her stomach and legs are like this particular series of photos. Here we see Tiffany demonstrate her dexterity and just how flexible her dancer's body is. Some of the best shots are toward the end where she hangs off of the roof and you see all the lines of her physique. But her flexibility is not limited to just her body. Tiffany admitted to us that she could also stretch her mouth open lovely wide, too. I just open my mouth as wide as I can and take it all in. I have a really great mouth...I can put my whole fist in! I'm known for that...I can put my fist all the way in my mouth, right down to my wrist!See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Don't sing, just gulp Don't Sing, Just cock sucking Her singing will make you want to cry, but her body will make you want to cum. The guys holding this audition quickly realize that Sara can't carry a tune for the life of her, but her big mouth has plenty of other uses. Instead of opening wide to sing, she opens wide for cock. And it's not just her lips that she spreads, either. After giving head, Sara opens her legs to get her twat split by a big sausage. I didn't realize this tryout was going to turn into a fuckfest, she said. But I'm glad to show off what I can do, whether I'm singing or having sex.See More of Sara Siren at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Seeing is believing! Seeing Is Believing! We are not keen on the use of web expressions such as OMG but after seeing the new look of Micky Bells, Holy Boob Spurt! would not be an inappropriate expression of wide-eyed excitement.Micky, who's been a familiar face at SCORELAND and XL Girls since 2011, is six months pregnant in this photo set and her breasts are bigger than ever. Micky wore 36K bras the last time we saw her. Now she looks like an L or even an M-cup in US sizes. Strap yourself in and behold the photos and the video.IN 2014, she slimmed down yet retained most of her boob size, so much so that she became a SCORE magazine covergirl. This new transformation in the reverse direction is a huge deal for the pure breast-man and Micky fan. See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Flattie tinkler Flattie Tinkler During her shoot, Ivy asked us to relay this very important message to you: I want you to watch me pee. I drank lots of water and I've really got to go! I'll make sure to open my legs extra wide so you can see it drip out of me. And since my vagina is already out, you can also watch me finger myself until I cum. Masturbating is always more fun when there's an audience. I don't want to do it alone though, so make sure you stroke your dick and blowjob a great load for me. You heard the girl. Get to it!See More of Ivy Aura at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Heavenly hooters Heavenly Hooters Angel Gee, a green-eyed and wide-eyed blonde who hits the 36F-cup mark, loves big tits. She worships hers. In a world that often belittles large chests and the girls who have them, her devoted attitude is a enjoyment. You can safely say that a large part of Angel's world revolves around tits, the bigger, the better. She loves dressing in the hottest outfits and the highest heels, not just for mankind but for her own enjoyment. A stripper, Angel knew about SCORE for years and had seen the print magazine several times, then saw one of our model search ads and applied. I loved my experience, Angel said about her first time. The people in the studio are fabulous. They make you feel right at home. They make you feel like a princess. At first, I was really nervous. And then I didn't want to leave.Angel got her nipples and her clit hood pierced and loves the enjoyment she gets from them, especially during masturbate or when getting fucked. and also from the feeling of her nipples rubbing against her tops. How much do Angel's boobs weigh I honestly have never weighed them, Angel told us. Everybody asks me that. They say to me, 'They must weigh ten pounds apiece,' but I've never weighed them myself. She gets plenty of volunteers asking if she ever needs a hand or two doing that. See More of Angel Gee at SCORELAND.COM!. Pink holes wide smile Pink Holes. Wide Smile. Occupation: Lifeguard; Age: 24; Born: August 29; Ht: 5'7; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: I love lace; Anal: Not my style, but I'll try; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Absolutely!I consider myself an exhibitionist, Kelly told us via email. I get off knowing that I'm being watched. I'd say that it all stems from hanging out and making out with friends in the park after school. We would pair off and have epic makeout sessions. It didn't matter if it was guy-girl or girl-girl kissing, either. We would swap and have an excellent time perfecting our skills and cheering each other on.My kinkiest sexual encounter was when my girlfriends and I took a couple of guys home after hitting the club. We switched off and ended up having a three-girl, two-guy orgy! See More of Kelly at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!.
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