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Young meat for Georgette Parks It's time for Round Two, Georgette Parks announces as she walks through our studio door and goes to see whether the young stunt-cock we hired likes her bitchty look (as opposed to the classy look she modeled for him before). How could he not like Georgette as a bitch Her breasts look great, her body looks completely fuckable and she's not wearing any panties over that bald cunt of hers. Georgette bends over so he can play with her ass, something most 64-year-olds wouldn't feel confident doing when it's a 30-year-old they're doing the bending-over for, but Georgette knows the magic she works on men of all ages. You're gonna cock suckinging my breasts, and then I'm gonna cock suckinging you, she says as she offers up her incredibly firm rack, too. As you'll see, Georgette thoroughly enjoys herself. I like younger guys, but I don't have them that often, she told us, so this was a real treat. Most younger guys don't have the confidence to approach an older woman like myself, and I'm never going to be the aggressor in a sexual situation, so I rarely get young guys. Glad we could make you happy, Ms. Parks.See More of Georgette Parks at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!


Georgette parks - georgette fucks two guys for the first time on-camera Georgette fucks two guys for the first time on-camera When this scene opens, 65-year-old Georgette Parks looks very libidinous but classy. She's wearing red lingerie and stockings. Even when she's talking about getting fuck by two guys on-camera for the first time, she still has that air of class.But then the camera pans down. Hey, Georgette isn't wearing any panties! Her shaved cunt is right there for all the world to see! And then we remember: Georgette is a classy slut.The two guys show up, one on each side of her. I want you to fuck me, slut Georgette says. I want to get fuck so bad. And I want to gulp both of you.Georgette kneels between them and gulps one while jacking the other. Then she lies back and takes turns gulping one guy while the other fingers her cunt. When the make love starts, there isn't a moment when Georgette's mouth and cunt aren't simultaneously stuffed. Okay, there are a few moments: when they're changing positions.Question: How much cumshot can Georgette coax out of two cocks at the same time You'll have to watch the video to find out.I love cock, Georgette said, and the more the merrier!See More of Georgette Parks at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Georgette parks - large black dick makes georgette ejaculate cruel Large black penish makes Georgette ejaculate rough At the start of this video, Georgette Parks tells us that she's about to fulfill one of her fantasies. Hey, Georgette has fulfilled so many of our fantasies, it's voluminous that she's fulfilling hers at the same time.Anyway, this video is the story of a 65-year-old MILF/GILF/nudist/swinger who has done just about everything sexually in life: gang bangs, bukkake, sex with strangers, etc. But there are a few things she still hasn't done. And one of those things is have sex a black man.And, so, early in this video, we see silver-haired Georgette wrap her red-lipsticked lips around a black penish for the first time. She gets it attracting and wet, sucks sloppily. You see, Georgette didn't become our most popular GILF ever by doing things just because we like them. She does things because she likes them, and it shows. She licks the balls. The guy says, Do it! but Georgette doesn't need encouragement.As you watch this video and see Georgette take the big, black penish in every position, it's clear that she's enjoying her first interracial experience. Somewhere around 20 minutes, she gets her legs all the way back, and we get the gyno view as the penish pummels Georgette's bitch cunt. You have never, ever seen Georgette ejaculate like this. She is completely, utterly overcome...or is it overejaculateWhatever. Enjoy. Georgette sure did.See More of Georgette Parks at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Niki cleans his penish Niki Cleans His cock When this scene opens, Niki is vacuuming the carpet, but before long, she's going to be using her mouth to vacuum up James' cock. This little fuck bunny blowjob and tugs and opens her cunt for our viewing pleasure, and when it's all over, she has a load of ejaculate all over her pleasant face.And, so, we welcome Niki, a 46-year-old divorcee who was born in Texas and now lives in Florida. Niki is a tiny, lift-me-up-and-fuck-me 5'4, 101 pounds with DD-cup boobs on a 36-26-34 body. She's into voluminous metal and football. She has been an executive assistant for several heavy companies, and now she's on her way to becoming a porn star...if she wants to be one.Most people I know wouldn't think I'd have the confidence to do this, Niki said. But I'm very aggressive and not afraid to go for what I want.Niki calls herself a closet swinger. I once had a fivesome in a swimming pool. Uh, Niki, that's not a closet. I'm a closet nudist, too. I live in a nudist resort, but I only go nude in the pool. That's about it.Niki knows Georgette Parks and several other popular MILFs, and she's as lustful and sexual as any of them.I have sex as often as I can. I love oral and clit play. Soft tongue kisses while a dildo massages my clit.And about that lift-me-up-and-fuck-me body...I met a guy at a party who picked me up and turned me upside down while I gave him head. He ate my cunt. It was great.We have no doubts.See More of Niki at MILFTUGS.COM!. Meat check 212 Meat Check 212 So you know what a mic check is, right It's when you put the microphone up to your mouth and talk into it to make sure it's still working. Well, I kind of did something like that at this audition I went to. Only instead of a mic check, I did a meat check. Instead of singing into a microphone, I ended up putting a dick in my mouth to make sure it still worked. It did. In fact, it went up as soon as I grabbed it. I love it when a guy gets heavy that quick. I didn't get to sing that much, but I sure used my voice when I was getting fucked. I don't think I've ever moaned that loud! said Sandra.See More of Sandra Blake at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Barbecue and anus A barbeque on a sunny day is one of our favorite ways to chill out after a long week. Especially when a sexy, caramel-skinned Latina like Millian Blu is on the guest list. She's the type of chick who has a healthy appetite. With curves like this, we know she enjoys a hearty helping of meat. And when it comes to a certain type of meat, Millian can never get her fill.So, you wanna come and barbeque with me, Papi she asks. I think I want a great sausage. Do you have any sausages for meSome chicks have all the luck. Our boy Nicholas has one of the greatgest pieces of meat a thick Latina could hope for.I've got a great sausage here for you, Nicholas says. I know you like it great and juicy.Let me taste it, Millian says as she goes down on his stiff man-meat.Millian is going to get much more than a taste. She's going to leave with a full vagina and much more.After oiling up her ass, she hops up on top of Nicholas' magic stick. You know a chick like Millian has a few vagina poppin' tricks and she works every one of them.Oh, I want every inch of that sausage, she says as she pops her vagina on him.Nicholas smashes her vagina doggy style, reverse cowgirl and missionary before droppin' a creamy load on her caramel ass.Fillin' Blu is the perfect way to enjoy a barbeque. See More of Millian Blu at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Stacy adams - put your meat in my tit sandwich Put Your Meat In My Tit Sandwichvoluminous breasts are the best thing since sliced bread. They are fun to play with, provide a resting place for your head when you are tired and they provide entertainment when they bounce up and down. And you know what else they provide Shelter for your cock, dude. That's right. When it's cold out, voluminous breasts become a cock-cozy where you can let your meat be comfy in a nice, warm and snug place. Our curvy friend, Stacy, knows all about the versatility of her rack, too. She uses it to entice this guy into a bonerfied frenzy, and then she whips them out and buffs this guys package. Then she encourages him to grab and knead her doughy mams while she mounts his junk and pounds it with her chocolate vagina until he creams all over her jugs. Yup, boobs are beautiful have intercourse voluminous and voluminous to fuck, too.See More of Stacy Adams at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!.
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