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Cuntess suckula

Cuntess Suckula Trick or treat! You were told by the fat bastard Burger-Master at the village hamburger pub to keep away from the decaying castle. He told you the legend of evil Cuntess Suckula. He told you about her big-jugged reign of Halloween horror that lingers to this day. Why didn't you have sex listen, mate Now you are trapped in a spider's web of terror, a boner-chilling terror you have never experienced before. Your garlic is useless, unless you brought a plate of spaghetti with you. At the stroke of midnight, and we do mean stroke, Cuntess Suckula rises from her coffin because you have disturbed her 100 year slumber-party. Now you will bear the fear as this stripnotizing succubus awakens to suc in those foolish travellers unwise enough to enter her catacombs of cleavage. If you loved LDM's video Boobahontas, you'll spook out over Cuntess Suckula! You were warned. Now you'll have to share a tomb built for two!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!


Bare in blue Bare In Blue Letters To LinseysWorldSurely the sexiest model in the world ever! Linsey, you are absolutely stunning. Your natural tits are amazing and I love the way you keep your cunt - carefully shorn of all but that libidinous black strip that entices us men so much. Beautiful!-T.D. How about a Dream SCORE type thing, with a painting of Linsey doing two guys at once Okay, she doesn't fit normal Dream SCORE rules, as she has done hardcore, but surely you could still get a painting done of her doing two guys at once, something she's never done.-M.D.Here are my favorite Linsey videos (not counting her DVDs): A pleasant Day To Park It, Cuntess Suckula, Secretary At Work, Working At The Car Wash, My Living Doll and Tiki Linsey. I hope you will transfer these to DVD because I want to see them on my big-screen plasma TV.-R.D.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!.