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There is more than meets the eye as the eye enjoys the supernatural sight of Joana. Joana is a very spiritual girl in a new age way. She practices Hatha Yoga two hours every morning and meditates every day. Joana believes in sending out love waves and harmonic waves of pure bliss. Just looking at her here will make your life better and more balanced. Joana is up early, but the breakfast table waiting for her takes second place to what she really wants to do. Showing you her tiny body and big, natural boobs is more important. Can you feel the waves of energy as she peels off her top, bra, shorts and panties Is your breathing speeding up Has your heart rate increased Let Joana's energy waves head straight at you like a love train as you enjoy her magnificence. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!


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