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Ice cream for natalie

Natalie Fiore has a craving for something sweet and refreshing. She needs something to lick...something to satisfy an oral craving most pregnant women get. Some ice cream would be nice. A cone is brought to her and she licks it eagerly. She can even leave the cone nestled hands-free between her now-massive mammaries and lick the ball of ice cream. Her cravings also extend to her horny lady box. She needs relief there too. Her belly bump is colossal now. A rub-out will satisfy her, at least for a little while until the urge returns. Pregnant women are always hungry, extra-sensitive and horny, their hormones making them ride a seesaw of cravings and yearnings. Natalie's fingers reach around her bump so she can play her clitoris like a guitar and cumshot with a moan and a sigh of satisfaction. She knows this scene will work up her fans. That satisfies Natalie too.See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!


The seventh month Now in her seventh month of pregnancy, Natalie Fiore says she doesn't have a bra that fits her any longer. I am a bra destroyer, says Natalie and that is the truth. Her belly bump is massive at this point with two more months to go.I love caressing my belly, says Natalie, stroking her bump with gentle circles. It's getting so huge. My god, what a feeling. Natalie is the very embodiment of a fertility goddess. She pulls her bra down under her tits so that they can splay to the sides. I think I should get rid of this bra, Natalie says. It's getting in my way.The areolae are now a deep brown. Natalie licks them and the nipples. Her tits are pliable but still packed and full. She can lift them to her lips. Her sucklers shine with her saliva. Look at Natalie's earliest nude shots from Nassau and these shots. The contrast is brain-freezing.Natalie can still reach around and daintily dip her fingers into her hot box. Rubbing her cunt walls and her clit give her the delight and the relief she craves. But her excited cravings will return swiftly.See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. No bra can hold those for long!! This claim is true. No Bra Can Hold Those For Long!! is the name of this Natalie Fiore scene. And it's 100% true. Natalie's belly bump and her now-massive tits which you saw Natalie tape-measure last time at 52-inches--an incredible number for natural tits--have generated big excitement. The reaction to Natalie's announcement of her pregnancy and her desire to continue modeling while pregnant has sent shock waves of delight to her fans. She says that getting pregnant is the biggest event of her life.Natalie continues to wear very tight tops and bras. Imagine the stir she causes wherever she goes. It was wild before. Now it's even wilder. Everywhere she goes, doors open wide. In this second installment of Natalie's preggo journey, our longtime model enters the kitchen wearing a delicate mini-skirt and a tight cardigan over a tight white bra. But not for long. Just enough time for you to soak up the sight of how she looks when she goes out. Natalie gets completely naked to play with her immense tits and rub her clitty. To cool off, she has the perfect body lotion. Milk! Natalie's tits will be full of it soon enough!See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. Boobs, bump & butt in a anatomy stocking Natalie Fiore tries on her new, sheer body stocking, bought for this occasion. She hopes you enjoy the sight of her spectacular body in it. It has an open crotch for easy access so Natalie can delight her vagina while she tweaks and fondles her nipples and rubs her large, large belly. Pregnancy has made Natalie ultra-horny. The slightest touch sends waves of delight tingling throughout her body.It's been a rare treat watching Natalie's large tits and belly grow and grow over the past months. She has been glowing every time. There will be one more photo shoot before the special delivery Natalie has patiently waited for. We know it will be an unforgettable experience.See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. Natalie's body lesson The student body is in total awe of Miss Natalie Fiore. She continues to teach in her classroom when she should be getting ready to make her imminent special delivery. That's dedication to all XL Men.The principal has given Natalie Fiore carte blanche to dress as she pleases. He's a tit-man too, and Natalie is not about to give up her very low-cut tops that show acres of warm, soft cleavage made to engulf a lucky man's face or cock.The lesson plan today is all about Natalie's body, her unfuckingbelievably huge knockers, her sweet pussy-hole and sex education in general. It's a practical lesson plan. Natalie will be demonstrating everything on her desk. She wants her students to know everything and what better way than to use her own awesome anatomy.It was no surprise that, when the class ended, half the students offered to carry her briefcase and the other half loitered in the room so they could sniff the desk after she left. Everyone went home to jack to thoughts of Miss Fiore.Class dismissed.See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. Naughty in nassau Naughty in Nassau This video and the photos were shot in 2006 in Nassau, The Bahamas, and marked Natalie Fiore's SCORELAND debut. We had no way of knowing back then that Natalie would become one of the greatest naturals ever, but we certainly had clues. Natalie was excited and enthusiastic and had big, natural breasts. Back in 2006, she was a slim 'n' stacked SCORE Girl. Since then, as her breasts have ballooned, she has become a busty Girl and, when she was pregnant, an XL Girl. It seems as if every time we see Natalie, her breasts are bigger.Natalie's week-long shoot in Nassau resulted in the DVD Naughty In Nassau, and you can count on one hand the number of big-boobed models who have had a DVD devoted to them after their first shoot. Natalie would go on to join us in Prague, Czech Republic; Grand Bahama Island; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her most-recent shoots were done when she was seven-months pregnant and during post-pregnancy. The size of her breasts has to be seen to be believed.While Natalie was in Nassau in 2006, she got on the phone with me for an interview. I don't think I've ever been more nervous about interviewing a model, and I've interviewed hundreds. Natalie didn't do anything to intimidate me. She just sounded so excited (even though she's never done hardcore, not even breasts 'n' tugs), and then she started asking me more questions than I was asking her. If Natalie is one thing, it's forward. She doesn't wait for things to happen. She makes things happen. Like that hard-on you're about to have.See More of Natalie Fiore at SCORELAND2.COM!. Oiled by natalie fiore & mickey bells Oiled By Natalie Fiore & Mickey BellsIf the United Nations, the United States and the European Union could get along like Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Hitomi do here, many problems would be on the way to a happy ending. Such fairy tale resolutions are unlikely but we still encourage the petty politicians of the world to study the actions of these wonder-women and learn from them. Natalie and Micky outweigh and out-breast the little but not-so-little girl from Japan and they are fascinated by the petite Japanese known as the most naturally slim and stacked model in her country. Always submissive, never dismissive, Hitomi submits to their massaging, curious hands and massive, soft ta-tas. Never have Natalie and Micky experienced a play friend like Hitomi. Verbal communication was not simple but the body language and telepathic powers of busty girls transcends such superficialities. There is no shame in their game. If only the world could learn from Hitomi, Micky and Natalie, life would be a busty paradise. See More of Natalie Fiore at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!.
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