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Sarenna lee in pink SaRenna Lee In Pink This is an unbelievably hot set of SaRenna shot at SCORE's UK studios in 1995. Her look echoes Marilyn Monroe's classic movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes -- but Marilyn was never this staff-stiffening! She strips off her pink gown and totally exposes herself against the backdrop of a trash-strewn alley, which makes her glamorous sexuality all the more compelling. What would you give to have one night with the amazing Miss SaRenna Lee Think about that, as your prick vibrates looking at those tits. Those legs. That ass. That platinum pussy. And a face that launched thousands and thousands of gallons of man-glaze. SaRenna's all yours. Show her you mean jizz-ness.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Exotic 50something housewife gets a creampie Exotic 50something housewife gets a creampie Young girls sometimes don't want to admit that they enjoy sex. They think enjoying sex makes you a slut. 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One night in venice One night in Venice Whether she's talking, have intercourse or just modeling, Venice Knight is very comfortable in front of the camera. So, we had her introduce this scene. She's wearing a pink dress with a push-up bra that exposes oodles of cleavage. She gives us a sneak peek at her body then calls in her stud.Hey, Lucas, she says. Come on over.Lucas is all too eager to get his hands on this 5'9, E-cup former Sears catalog model, who in turn is all too eager to dick sucking his dick as deep as she can. Check out Venice's blow job style. She dick suckings lovingly but sluttily, knowing that her goal is to enjoyment Lucas and get his dick ready for her pussy. And when Lucas sticks his thick dick in her tight pussy, Venice takes it easily and moans with enjoyment.At this point, Venice seems to have forgotten that the camera is rolling. She rides Lucas with her shaved pussy then gets on all fours so he can jackhammer her pussy doggie-style. Cunt. 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