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Work rough play rough

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Sweatin' socks Sweatin' Socks Samantha hates toiling in the hot sun. She doesn't want to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. She would much rather explore her own secret garden. But only if you watch, of course. She'll offer you a whiff of her stinky shoes and sweat-drenched socks before she rubs them all over her wet pussy. She doesn't mind if the pungent, musky odor of her footwear gets all over her slit. She knows you won't mind either. Let this frisky brunette turn this boring yard work into sexy, rough work...and by rough, we mean she will make sure you sprout some serious wood.See More of Samantha Starr at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Big-boobed boss Big-Boobed Boss In this fantasy set, Tiffany is your big-boobed boss, a woman who wants you to work very rough to keep her satisfied. How rough cruel as a cock, of course. She calls you into her office so that you can read some meeting notes to her and all of a sudden she is stripping off her clothes and showing you her lacy underthings. 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