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A day on the water

The Miami day is charming and so is a special visitor to the Magic City. Hitomi is perfectly dressed for today's activity. She wears a bikini top that can't cover her great breasts and tiny denim shorts. It's sunny and clear, a perfect day to take to the water in a speed boat. Hitomi's destination is no ordinary tourist spot. It's a village of shacks and houses called Stiltsville near Key Biscayne. Constructed in the 1930s, this former renegade village was built on concrete pilings ten feet above the water line. For years, the place boomed with party goers from every social level. But no more. Time and hurricanes took their toll. Hitomi had never seen anything like it. She piloted the boat for a few knots, the captain at her side, and then turned the wheel over to him so she could pole dance as they sped towards Stiltsville. Hitomi had never pole danced before for us so it's a treat to see her moves. After disembarking, Hitomi explored this forlorn structure, a very unusual place for her to bare her magnificent body. She could almost feel the history swirl around her. How many people had walked and partied on these now-desolate decks over the many years One thing is certain. None of the girls who'd been here before could have matched Hitomi for breasts, body and beauty. And when her tour was complete...after she had graced Stiltsville with her presence, Hitomi and her friends sped back to the Magic City.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!


A day on the water with daylene A Day On The Water With Daylene Hitomi visited these odd structures on Biscayne Bay off Miami and did her thing for the SCORE camera. Now here's Daylene Rio showing her huge breasts and cunt at the same location. This is one of the most unusual places I've ever been to, said Daylene. I've been to SCORE many times and I've gone on-location a lot but I never knew this existed. It must be the strangest place I've ever modeled. The windiest, too! It was so fun to be on a fast boat on the water. I had a ball playing with the pole. I love Miami.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Beach balls Beach Balls This is one of our favorite sets of Christy because: 1) It was shot on-location in Eleuthera in the Bahamas and 2) Anytime you can get a glimpse of Christy wet and naked, it's a inviting thing. Her beach balls look all that much better with water cascading off of them. At this shoot, the sun was setting and the water was getting colder, but Christy didn't mind turning into an icicle for you. The water makes my nipples so hard! she screamed and then she rubbed them and giggled. With Christy, naked and wet, and this charming beach, we'd say that this is the perfect tropical getaway. Wouldn't youSee More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Kerry marie - wet and see Wet And See The miracle of water. Just add some girl and you've really got something. Water turns dainty feminine items into see-through fabric. There are some excellent, highly jackable, shots of Kerry's torso with the soaked slip stuck to her lovely, tawny skin. See how it clings to those succulent British breasts. Truly a miracle. Kerry's nipples look like little buttons or pencil erasers. The changes in air and water temperature have made them violent and pointy. The true purpose of this pictorial is to promote cleanliness, good health and wholesomeness. Hopefully, wonderful Kerry Marie has succeeded in this educational goal.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Nice talkin' woman One deep breath and Mia Sweetheart could pop every button of her cardigan. To prevent this, there's only one thing Mia can do. It's got to come off even though she looks spectacular wearing it, likewise everything else covering her pleasing plumpness. She knows we have to see those cruel mams, her thick anal and thighs that tantalize.XLGirls: Tell us what you want to do that you haven't done.Mia: I want to have sex in the water. Not cold water. Water that's warm and tropical. I have never had this before so I would like to try it. I've never had sex in public but I would like to have sex in a swimming pool. I had sex in a car. Does that count as public sex.XLGirls: Some might say yes, others no. Have you ever been in a threesomeMia: No, I was never in a threeway but if I would want another girl and a man.XLGirls: Tell us what you like to do in bed.Mia: I like to give a man head. Panalionate kissing excites me. My favorite positions are missionary and from behind. Some days I will take charge, other times I want the man to take control. It depends on my mood that day. I like to get to know someone before I have sex with him. XLGirls: Thank you, Mia! See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Boats and tits No one loves the water more than Christy. She loves to frolic in the sea, and while we were in Eleuthera in the Bahamas her love of the water drew her to this dock where she charmed her way onto a local's boat for this shoot. (Who could say no to these heaving boobs in a wet white T-shirt) One interesting tidbit about Christy is that as lustful as she is, she is kind of a klutz. On her way down the dock, she fell and scraped her knee and started bleeding. However, this busty babe has gumption and she threw herself into the ocean to clean her wound. (And let out quite a stream of cursing when the salt water stung her scrape.) But she didn't let that stop her from getting naked and letting the sea breeze tease her heavy nips.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Rachel aldana fragrance showercandids 1my large boobies and a very wet tshirt what else do you honestly needhiya guys you guys always like the showerwatermotion thing because the water makes large tits look that much better and charming and i am cr Hiya guys! You guys always like the shower/water/motion thing because the water makes considerable tits look that much better and beautiful (and I am heavy pressed to argue that) so these are the behind-the-scenes candids of that shoot. xoxoxo -- Rachel.
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