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Chinese import

Born in the People's Republic of China, Tiffany, 36, moved to the U.S. after high school. Here in the U.S., it's a fast paced environment...competetive and fun. I learned English after arriving, so now I'm trilingual. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Men love when I talk dirty to them in another language, and I get to say the nastiest things because they'll never understand what I said! I was in a threesome once, Tiffany told us after we asked her if she likes having casual sex. I do not have casual sex often, but when the mood is right and the men are caring and gentle, it can be fun. That was the case with my three-way. The two men are brothers, which made it more kinky for me. They have sexual intercourse almost the exact same, so everything went smoothly. I would not have a threesome with another woman, however. I am only interested in having sex with men. Sorry, ladies.See More of Tiffany at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


Rachel aldana sunshine windowset 2considerable breasted sunshinehiya everyone wearing bras like this and having tits as considerable as mine it can be a bit like one of those chinese finger traps if you know what i mean have a big week and i hope Hiya everyone! Wearing bras like this and having boobs as considerable as mine, It can be a bit like one of those Chinese finger traps, if you know what I mean. ;) Have a voluminous week and I hope to chat with you all tomorrow! xoxoxo -- Rachel. The candy bikini The Candy Bikini This was Hitomi's second trip to the west for SCORE, her first being On Location Puerto Vallarta with another all-star group of girls.Hitomi's candy bikini and her lollipop are pretty but not as pretty as this Japanese import. Modeling is not work for Hitomi, it's play. She enjoys knowing she will be seen and savored by countless boob-lovers in awe of her slim yet supernaturally-endowed natural tits and sophisticated face.Hitomi and Joana were roommates during their week in the Dominican Republic. They may come from different cultures and speak different languages, they communicated very well together. We believe there is an international busty sisterhood that transcends all differences and Hitomi, Sha, Valory and Joana helped to support this theory. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Canadian cans Canadian Cans Smiley Emma is our latest import from Canada after Roxee Robinson. Both were filmed in Prague, another considerable city for considerable tits, so they fit right in. Emma has a fiance who approves of her modeling and web-camming. Sometimes, when my fiance is working in our home office, I will crawl under the desk and give him a excited blow job, Emma said. For me, my fiance will randomly grab me, pull off my pants and panties and go down on me for multiple orgasms. We also tell each other how excited we are on a daily basis.What would Emma do if she won the lottery I would buy a house with a charming private backyard and pool for gardening and camming and invest in a business like a excited toy shop.Emma's brought along a considerable wand for this scene and gives herself elegant vibrations. She's a smiley kind of girl, especially when she cums. See More of Smiley Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Autumn in blue jeans Autumn In Blue Jeans The Secrets Of Autumn-JadeChinese people believe jade has supernatural power. We think our Jade does also. For thousands of years, jade was the symbol of love, morality and virtue in China. Confucius said that jade has 11 virtues, including benevolence, loyalty, manners, intelligence and sincerity. He forgot the 12th virtue...stuffing a pair of blue jeans like nobody's business.Chiu Jin was a female warrior and revolutionary who fought to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, founded by the Manchus from 1644-1911 A.D. Her name, Chiu Jin, translated into English is...Autumn Jade. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn red corset Autumn Red Corset Autumn welcomes us to an oriental sex temple in this man-goo-generating set. It's a little different setting for our down-home honey, but the combination of glam, clam and mam guarantees major man-goo for Autumn lovers. Your scrotal temperature'll soar past boiling point as you observe Miss A-J perform her highly erotic ritual. Enjoy her highly munchable and tender twat as she spreads the fishnet-covered legs we'd love to baste with our nut sauce. Note the careful insertion of the ancient Chinese golden dildo into her wet and willing orifice. And as always, Autumn mashes, kneads, tugs and tweaks the fleshpillows we adore. Hey, when Autumn starts her own sex cult, we're there. You can sign up too for a small contribution today. We're talkin' a load of jack, guys. Go for it.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Sex night Sex Night It's happened again. An XL Girl wants to go out for the night. The guy dresses before she's ready to leave and while she's pampering and primping and putting on some hot outfit for him, he falls asleep in his clothes. When she's ready and wakes him up to leave, the sight of her dolled up creates a giant boner and he puts the moves on her. They end the night in bed have sexual intercourse and the date goes up in smoke. This is why the girl should dress before the guy. The odds are lovely that he's going to get laid when they get home but at least she gets her dinner and dancing instead of a Chinese food delivery after the sexin'.This time, it's happened to Nila Mason, a recent arrival to XL Girls with a spectacular body and sophisticated face. When Tom sees her plump hotness, all thoughts turn to getting his cock buried inside her tight cunt and blowing his load all over her great boobs as she stares at him. We can't blame the guy. We'd all be the same way.My opinion has changed about sex, said Nila after doing her first scene. She was a stranded motorist who needed roadside assistance and she got it from Denis...in his apartment. I really enjoyed it. I want to watch my videos with someone and see the look on his face.Be sure to let us know, Nila! See More of Nila Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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