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Wunderbar! This scene was Sandra Star's return to SCORELAND four years after her debut. In the interim, Sandra had gone blonder and super-sized her already considerable boobs. We knew about her plans because she had emailed us and wanted to know if we were interested in shooting her again. We most definitely were interested. Sandra was a university student when she sent her pictures to the German edition of SCORE (Hot SCORE), for a contest the magazine held called Miss Hot SCORE 2010. Sandra won the contest easily. The prize was a series of photo shoots with SCORE. Sandra was interested in trying hardcore porn, too, and did two hot make love scenes. One of the judges was another German hottie, Annina, at the time her country's hottest porn star. (Annina retired from porn and got married before we could shoot her again. I was happy for her; sad for me.) I first noticed Sandra's good smile! Annina said. She has charisma and a great, busty body. She is the whole package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hot SCORE 2010! As for me, I first noticed Sandra's considerable boobs then the rest of her from head-to-toe. Sandra didn't act or memorize a script for her shoots. She simply did what came naturally to her, and what came naturally to her also included bottom sex. She was one lustful college student. It was nice to have Sandra back in action. See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND2.COM!


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Lana kendrick
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 tessa fowler  black lace gopro 5d 1  1 minute  hey gang and happy friday this is another large one featuring my voluminous tits popping out of my sexy slingshotstyle onepiece bikini here and the warm afternoon sunshine we got for this certai Hey gang and happy Friday!! This is another large one featuring my large tits popping out of my libidinous slingshot-style one-piece bikini here, and the warm afternoon sunshine we got for this certainly helps take the whole thing up a notch or two as well.. Rachel aldana
 blue denim  hd video  part 1 5 minute  blue denim  hd video  part 1 5 minute Blue Denim - HD Video - Part 1 5 minute. Micky bells - oiled by natalie fiore & mickey bells Oiled By Natalie Fiore & Mickey Bells  If the United Nations, the United States and the European Union could get along like Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Hitomi do here, many problems would be on the way to a happy ending. Such fairy tale resolutions are unlikely but we still encourage the petty politicians of the world to study the actions of these wonder-women and learn from them. Natalie and Micky outweigh and out-breast the little but not-so-little girl from Japan and they are fascinated by the stunning Japanese known as the most naturally slim and stacked model in her country. Always submissive, never dismissive, Hitomi submits to their massaging, curious hands and massive, soft ta-tas. Never have Natalie and Micky experienced a play friend like Hitomi. Verbal communication was not simple but the anatomy language and telepathic powers of curvy girls transcends such superficialities. There is no shame in their game. If only the world could learn from Hitomi, Micky and Natalie, life would be a curvy paradise.  See More of Micky Bells at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Katie thornton
 katie thornton  holiday wishes 2  3 minutes  there is just something about a bouncy blonde babe with considerable boy and tits that makes us go absolutely bonkers and katie is the epitome of the kind of superstacked babe we absolutely ador There is just something about a bouncy blonde babe with great boy and tits that makes us go absolutely bonkers, and Katie is the epitome of the kind of super-stacked babe we absolutely adore so stay tuned for more incredible stuff from her comeing soon, including her first strip tease!. Lana kendrick - kitchen help 5d 2 - trailer. Lana Kendrick Hey, hey everyone...Are you ready for me to put some more considerable tits in your face on a Friday?Well, I'm back with mine out and getting them all soapy and wet, so ready or not, here they come!. Lana Kendrick.
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