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Wunderbar! This scene was Sandra Star's return to SCORELAND four years after her debut. In the interim, Sandra had gone blonder and super-sized her already considerable boobs. We knew about her plans because she had emailed us and wanted to know if we were interested in shooting her again. We most definitely were interested. Sandra was a university student when she sent her pictures to the German edition of SCORE (Hot SCORE), for a contest the magazine held called Miss Hot SCORE 2010. Sandra won the contest easily. The prize was a series of photo shoots with SCORE. Sandra was interested in trying hardcore porn, too, and did two hot make love scenes. One of the judges was another German hottie, Annina, at the time her country's hottest porn star. (Annina retired from porn and got married before we could shoot her again. I was happy for her; sad for me.) I first noticed Sandra's good smile! Annina said. She has charisma and a great, busty body. She is the whole package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hot SCORE 2010! As for me, I first noticed Sandra's considerable boobs then the rest of her from head-to-toe. Sandra didn't act or memorize a script for her shoots. She simply did what came naturally to her, and what came naturally to her also included bottom sex. She was one lustful college student. It was nice to have Sandra back in action. See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND2.COM!


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Autumn-jade - rockin in red Rockin In Red Listen up, Autumn-Jade maniacs. The lady's a cockrocker in red. Our horndog photographer was slobbering all over himself as he shot A-J in this oriental-style boom-boom room. When we saw this set, our nutsacks lost control. What is it about Autumn Set after set, she never strays from the basics. That cum-all-over-my-sweet-face look. Those fleshy floppers she loves to fondle. Those million dollar legs we'd love to rub our hot pricks all over. That pert little analy that begs to be plugged. And a twat that's always fresh and hot.Don't you know Autumn asks us. It's called K-I-S-S. 'Keep it simple, stupid'. I keep it simple. 'Cause I know what you all want. And I'm just so thrilled to keep on giving it to you. So, gentlemen, give the lady in red some respect. And a healthy dose of your man-glaze. It's the right thing to do.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Milf mania MILF Mania Cami Cooper is a MILF who caused a lot of trouble the first time she visited XL Girls. Members complained about stiffness in their joints and localized swelling after seeing her scenes. So we had no choice but to invite Cami back. She likes to play charming with her boobs and nipples and gets lustful thinking that guys are jerking when they watch her pull on 'em.Wrote Kennygnaz: This is why I love XL. Cami is beautiful. Please do a POV with her on top, looking in the camera, cumming. She is the wife we all dream of having and loving.XLGirls: Cami, do you put out on the first date Just because a girl's done some porn scenes doesn't mean she does.Cami: I would say sure if it all clicks and you and I are into each other. Why notXLGirls: What's your best featureCami: My boobs!XLGirls: What was your top hook-up so farCami: Carlos in the scene Roughing It and then my BFF.XLGirls: What did you think when you saw your hardcore scenesCami: I was impressed by my BJ scenes. Everyone that I have watched them with or know has watched them has loved them.XLGirls: Have you had sex while watching themCami: No, I haven't. Maybe next time. See More of Cami Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!. Her name says it all Ms Yummy may be from Chicago but she dresses like a South Florida chica, overflowing her anus shorts and tank top. I dress to show off my curves, said Ms Yummy. She does a heavy job of it.Checking out the skyline from a terrace overlooking the bay, Ms Yummy twerk-dances, her butt-cheeks swiveling and bouncing. This is a girl who can bust the moves that make a guy bust a nut.Brick is a convert to the worship of Ms Yummy and feels the joy the sight of her busty anatomy gives to a man. Ms Yummy's loud butt-clapping has him hooked. It's ass-music to a man's ears. She tells Brick to get the baby oil and douse her badonkadonk and heavy, voluminous tits. Ms Yummy tells Brick that they should go inside just in case the neighbors are watching. He follows her to the bedroom where a giggling Ms Yummy resumes her private twerk show. Ms Yummy has very sensitive breasts and Brick's hoooter-handling gets her hot. He gets this little beauty on her hands and knees on the bed and gives her his tool to swallow. And just as he was about to sucks his load on Ms. Yummy's heavy jugs, the camera failed at the most-critical point! So what did we do Just throw out the entire scene after all that preparation, travel and work We decided to post it after all because twerking Ms. Yummy is so hot. See More of Ms Yummy at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Nicole peters - campus cleavage Campus Cleavage This is Nicole's nod to schoolgirlism. She would have no problems finding someone to carry her books. This is much too lascivious to wear going to University, Nicole says. I'm much too self-conscious! In the studio, well, yes!See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Monica mendez monica workoutbabewarmup01 videosmonica oils up in her tight sports bra before a workout Monica oils up in her tight sports bra before a workout. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerblack lace gopro 5d 1trailerhey gang and happy friday this is another big one featuring my big breasts popping out of my horny slingshotstyle onepiece bikini here and the warm afternoon sunshine we got for this certainly he Hey gang and happy Friday!! This is another big one featuring my big tits popping out of my libidinous slingshot-style one-piece bikini here, and the warm afternoon sunshine we got for this certainly helps take the whole thing up a notch or two as well..
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