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Bass-fucked in the bahamas/b

Ass-fucked in the Bahamas I think an orgasm is a little more intense in my anus, German busen wonder Annina told us when we first met her. Stronger, more powerful. I first started having anal sex when I was 18 years old. I like it all the time. Here, Annina takes JMac's huge cock up her tight anus in a scene that was shot in the Bahamas. Why the Bahamas Because Annina has a German panusport and U.S. restrictions wouldn't allow us to shoot her doing hardcore on American soil. So, because we're appealing boys and like to follow the rules--especially when doing the opposite could land us in the slammer--we took Annina and JMac to the Bahamas. Diesel joined us there, too. He also banged Annina. She's fun for all! In these photos and the video, you'll notice how much Annina enjoys getting anus-banged. Getting anus-fucked was a part of her personal life and her porno life. It still might be a part of her personal life; I don't know. Sadly, she's retired from porn. In my opinion, she should've been a lifer. For example, we once asked Annina, What's the best way to satisfy you sexually And she said, Sex with two males at the same time. One in my pussy and the other in my anus. A sandwich. I love this. Sometimes I want three guys, one for my mouth, one for my pussy, and one in my anus! Annina was a big deal in Germany for a long time. She was the real-estate agent who got fired because her tits were too big, at least in the opinion of her idiot boss. So, with selling houses no longer an option, Annina got into porn. She actually contacted BeASCOREModel.com at the same time we contacted her. The rest is jacking history. In addition to gifting us with some red-hot videos, Annina was also among the judging crew that gave us Sandra Star. I would've given appealing money to see these two curvy German sluts in a scene together. That'll never happen. But at least we have the Bahamas.See More of Annina at SCORELAND2.COM!


Lezzies in paradise Angela and Christy Marks, two of our most-popular naturals ever, enjoy some tit-sucking and kitty play on the beach in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. They're not just doing it for the boys at home. They love it, too.Although they are separated by half the world, Angela and Christy are BBFs (Busty Breast Friends). Meeting in The Bahamas was a highlight of heavy Boob Paradise week for them. Coupling on the beach was another highlight. You can see in the photos how fascinated they were by each other's bodies as they explored their nipples, pussies, asses...every body part. The taste, the feel, the scent...the licking, kissing and sucking...it was truly paradise for them. It's difficult to tell who is the more aggressive of the two, the more passionate. It seems as if they dared one another to escalate the heat, staring into each other's eyes intensely, under nature's blue canopy. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Cock-tails with angela Cock-tails with Angela Here's what SCORELAND members had to say about this photo shoot of Angela, which was shot in Eleuthera, the Bahamas.Tom: What a lovely, radiant smile. Love the red expand pants. It is fun to watch Angela and her mischievous nature. When you see how much fun she can have with a cocktail and an ice cube, it is only natural to begin thinking about how much fun you could have with Angela.Jim: Totally agree about Angela's mischievous quality. What a turn on! She is so stunningly lovely and enchanting. Can not get enough of her!This photo set starts with Angela enjoying a cocktail by the ocean but before long, her tits come out and she's tearing open her expand pants so we can see her charming fucked holes. And then she fuckeds her vagina with a giant dildo. So much for cock-tails! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Ass-piring model Nikki is yet another aspiring model, but she has no delusions or fantasies of catwalks and fashion shows. She wants to be a fuck-model. So she gets right down to it in her first audition. We love when the girls get off to a fucked start. She's a student from Kansas who's into fucked as much as she's into...well, just about anything. Posing by myself sounds boring, she said. I'll do it, but what I really want to do is fuck. Nikki likes being in school, but she's had porn on her mind lately, and that might be the direction her life takes for a while. I get fidgety in class because I'm always horny, she said. I need a job where I don't have to think about fucked. I can just do it. Nikki has come to the right place.See More of Nikki Vee at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Das busenwunder in the bahamas Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas When SCORE's President saw Annina for the first time, his mind traveled to the early 1990s, when the magazine was born. Back then, he had in mind his vision of the perfect SCORE Girl: She would be impossibly slim and impossibly ultra-stacked. The girl of every boob lover's dream. The girl he had in mind was a lot like Annina.Annina traveled to The Bahamas for a series of solo and hardcore shoots after she toured the SCORE offices and met the staff. It was the only time she filmed outside of her native Germany. Annina was born for porn. I like to watch myself having sex. And I have a waterbed. Having sex on a waterbed is a lot of fun. I have mirrors in my bedroom In Germany, they will say, 'Oooh, what is that Her tits are so large! Oh, silicone.' They don't like it, a lot of people, Annina said. But it is funny because I don't have a problem meeting guys, so there is also a different side. In Germany, it is a little different from here. In the U.S., men love large tits and women want to have them. In Germany, not so much as here. Maybe they are jealous. I do not know, but I can't worry about it. I love my large tits and my body, and many men love them, too.When I go out, I wear libidinous clothes. Tight tops. Little shorts. I like to wear jeans, tight tops and, an absolute must, high heels. You know, fuck-me pumps Most of the time, I wear very little clothing or bikinis and high heels. You know, I really do not wear a lot of clothes. No man wants to see me dress in evening gowns.See More of Annina at SCORELAND.COM!. Ayami sakuraiayami sakurai in a pretty titty fucked action also some fucked Ayami Sakurai in a inviting titty fucked action! Also some fucked!. Orgy god We asked Bonnie about her favorite sexual fantasy.I want to join the mile-high club with the Jonas Brothers--all of them, she said without a moment of hesitation.As if getting gangbanged by a family of musicians isn't kinky enough, she went on to list a couple of other depraved situations.I'm an amateur drum & bass DJ, but I'm working on going pro. I have this one fantasy that I'm playing at a club and everybody is dancing and grinding on each other. Then the girls all start groping the men. pleasant soon, the whole place is an orgy with naked people blowjob and have sex each other. The girls are getting ejaculatemed on by strangers while still have sex their boyfriends, the guys double-teaming waitresses, and everybody is just blindly groping each other. I'm up on stage and controlling the whole thing like some sort of orgy god. That fantasy is usually enough to push me over the edge and make me ejaculate when I'm masturbating.See More of Bonnie at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!.
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