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Double-chocolate stuffed milf Double-chocolate stuffed MILF Swinging divorcee Luna Azul is celebrating her 60th birthday, and Lucas Stone got her a cake and is singing her the birthday song. A woman has never looked so happy about turning 60. She's beaming!I knew you like chocolate,Lucas says.Oh, my favorite, Luna says.And I've got a pretty gift for you, too, Lucas says.Jewelry Perfume A new car Nope. A new outfit for fucking.We're just gonna have to break it in, Luna says. Lucas helps Luna put it on, but then her real birthday present shows up: Lucas's friend Piper!Oh, my god! Luna says, barely able to keep her mouth off their cocks. But she doesn't resist for long, and before long, she's a double-stuffed chocolate MILF.Every woman should have a 60th birthday like this, Luna says. I loved having their big, thick cocks in my mouth and pussy. Thank you for my birthday present!You're very welcome, Luna.See More of Luna Azul at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. 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She likes outdoorsy guys, and if you ever get her into bed (or want to get her into bed), massage her feet.I'll melt for you, Montana said.She had her wildest sexual encounter in a broom closet at her sister's wedding.Me and this guy I'd just met on the dance floor did it in the janitor's cart, Montana said, proving when you're built like her, you can do it anywhere. See More of Montana at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Holly the body cock sucking and strokes Holly The body sucks And Strokes So what do we have here Well, it's a hot, lascivious MILF in tight jeans and a tight, low-cut cleavage top. You might see a MILF like 41-year-old Holly shopping while wearing an outfit like this, and if you did, you'd stop in your tracks and say, Whoa!' Holly is a classic MILF in the American Pie tradition. She's blonde, blue-eyed, curvy and always horny. We asked her what she finds lascivious and she said, massive cock.Well, there's a massive cock waiting for Holly in this video and the accompanying photos. The cock is massive because when the scene opens, Holly is talking dirty and playing with her DD-cup tits. Then the guy sticks out his hand and plays with one of her tits, which is exactly what you would do if a MILF like this was standing right in front of you. Holly plays with her cunt and sucks the massive cock P.O.V. style. In the end, she opens her mouth for cum, but wouldn't you know it, some of it squirts onto her left eye. Hey, the guy got excited. Can you blame him.Holly was born in Pennsylvania and lives in Florida. She measures 34DD-26-36, which is about as perfect as a woman can get. She enjoys running and bicycling and is neither a swinger nor a nudist, just a woman who likes playing with massive cocks on-camera. She likes being watched while she's having sex. She's into women. Women are into her. Can you blame them See More of Holly Claus at MILFTUGS.COM!. Curvy bosses with pierced pussies love violent cocks Curvy bosses with pierced pussies love heavy dicks Thanks for picking me up and bringing me home, 54-year-old Deb says to Tony at the start of this scene. Would you like to come in for a whileShe pushes him down onto the bed. You see, he's already in.Is this your bedroom he asks stupidly.How do you like it she asks.I love it, he says.You're gonna love what we're gonna do with it. Or in it, she says. I've had my eye on you for a long time, she says.He can't believe it, although what did he expect when this curvy MILF accepted his offer of a ride Did he think she thought he was being a lovely SamaritanAh, we get it! She's his boss! And he's been flirting with the young girls in the office, perhaps not even thinking about make love the boss, not knowing about her big, fake, DDD-cup boobs and all those piercings on her pussy, not knowing she's horny for dick all the time.Miss Deb is a wife from Spokane, Washington. She's a MILF. A super-MILF, we say.I wear low-cut, tight tops to show off my boobs and short skirts to show off my legs, Miss Deb said. When you have great legs, they should be shown off. I've noticed that men don't get that far, nor do they make eye contact.Nope. They just make love her.See More of Miss Deb at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Two big, black cocks for mirabella Two voluminous, black cocks for Mirabella When a sexy, voluminous-titted blonde gets have sex by two voluminous, black cocks, that's Amore.Mirabella Amore.Mirabella, a 44-year-old have sex toy from Georgia (she now lives in South Florida), busted her porn cherry with us last April. She's had sex on-camera only for us, and now, in her fourth scene, she's going further than she's ever gone before by letting two guys take turns on her MILF mouth and pussy. When they can't hold back any longer, they glaze her lovely face.That's Amore, too!When she visited us for the first time, Mirabella told us (in her horny-sounding voice), I always dress like a lady and classy in public because it's best to leave something to the imagination.In this scene, Mirabella leaves very little to the imagination from the get-go. She's wearing a short, sexy, Latex dress and elegant panties. Her voluminous boobs are overflowing her bra. She wastes no time letting Jax and Rome know what she wants.Mirabella is 5'5, 117 pounds with D-cup boobs. We asked her what she wants to try that she hasn't done, and she said, Two guys and anus sex. Jax and Rome would've been happy to have sex her tight ass, but Mirabella decided to take it one fantasy at a time. So two guys it was!Mirabella works in the medical field. She's not a swinger (although she tried it once) or a nudist. She's into women.Okay, let's keep this in mind: anus sex and women. There's still a lot Mirabella can do at 40SomethingMag.com. See More of Mirabella Amore at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Sara jay great tit milf sara jay gets have intercoursebusty milf sara jay gets have intercourse by great penish Curvy Milf Sara Jay gets fuck by voluminous cock.
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