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Lisa kelly unwrapped

Lisa Kelly Unwrapped I am not a natural exhibitionist, said Lisa Kelly. I just learned quickly what the photographers want me to do. I think all women would like to model, even for a day. I just decided that this was what I wanted to do. Notes about Lisa were found in our editorial files. They included these transcribed comments: I love to have my tits touched. One of my favorite things is when a man cock sucking and licks my nipples. They're sensitive so I like them played with lightly, not roughly. I like to have them oiled or lotioned and massaged. Gently, not roughly. See More of Lisa Kelly at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


Lisa kelly unwrapped Lisa Kelly Unwrapped Lisa Kelly's video was on the lengthy side so we've split it into two parts. She strips and oils her slender anatomy which is capped by a voluminous top shelf that she loved to show off. For a girl who was relatively new to the modeling scene, Lisa had a lot of confidence and style. With a anatomy like hers, she had to have known that there was more to life than working in some hermetically sealed office and knew her looks would get her through the door of any photographer's studio.See More of Lisa Kelly at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Lisa & nada Lisa & Nada Nada was an Italian student living in London. When she was 19, she answered an ad for nude models and found herself in a bed in a London studio fingering the bushy pussy of slim and stacked Lisa Kelly, a girl from Portsmouth who was three years older and had experience in photo modeling. Lisa was happy to return the favor, suckling Nada's rubbery nipples and landing a face plant in Nada's Italian garden. Their director-cameraman guided them through their lezzie moves, particularly Nada. As far as we know, this was Nada's only photo shoot. See More of Lisa Kelly at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Kay, kelly kay Kay, Kelly Kay We think that the busty Kelly Kay could be a James Bond girl. Just look at the way she fills out this space-age, neoprene leotard. And we know where she could hide her twin laser guns! We're sure that 007 would not object to cock sucking on Kelly's big nips!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Kelly kay - what kelly bought What Kelly Bought Kelly had been shopping, and she couldn't wait to show you what she bought: a excited black bra and matching thong. Oh, her new lingerie is hot, all right. But we're much more interested in the purchase she made at her local sex shop. That new dildo might not match her black undies, but Kelly manages to put it to charming use anyway!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Lisa phillips - saints, and lisa phillips, be praised Saints, And Lisa Phillips, Be Praised Lisa Phillips was another Irish miracle who visited London from Belfast to pose at the SCORE studio. Lisa was one of the large curvy Brits of that generation that included Cathy Patrick and Tracy West. These girls had an earthy, naughty, bawdy natural vibe that hit the camera like a flying bra, whether they were playing solo or getting it on with guys or girls. While mega-boob fever was sweeping North America in the 1990s, the UK remained a land of natural-born bra-busters.At the time, SCORE publisher John Fox was at the helm of Gent magazine and he was there during many of Lisa's shoots. John recalled, Lisa was a 19-year-old, 5'11 university student and could only shoot with us during summer break or other school holidays. So, when she was available, we would try to shoot her as much as we could. Though Lisa's posing did span several years, because she was an exclusive to one photographer, she was not photographed as much as you might imagine. This made every photo opportunity precious.See More of Lisa Phillips at SCORELAND.COM!. Kelly and linsey Kelly And Linsey What happens when a big-bust legend meets a hot up-and-cummer If this was a major motion picture, this historic meeting between the luscious Linsey Dawn McKenzie and curvy Kelly Kay would have been called When tits Collide. Who wants to be the man meat in a Linsey/Kelly sandwich Line forms over there, guys!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!.
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