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Newcomer velvet gets fresh, young meat

Newcomer Velvet gets fresh, young meat. Velvet Skye, a 55-year-old divorcee and mom from Canada, is wearing a tight, sexy, cleavage-revealing dress, and she's on the phone with her date for the evening. She thinks he sounds young. I'm really looking for someone around my age, she says. I'm actually 46, he insists. He's lying, and when he gets to Velvet's place, she can tell he's not 46. Heck, his father might be 46, but not him. How old are you really she asks. I'm actually 29, he says, but I love older women. He tells her he couldn't resist her when he saw her pictures on the dating site. Well, every woman loves to be flattered, and, besides, they're not going out, anyway. They're staying in and fucking. Yeah, fucking. Right there on the couch. And the lucky young guy is going to cumshot in Velvet's mouth and all over her appealing tits. Looks like Velvet might have changed her mind about young guys. Velvet lives in Toronto. She's 5'9 and weighs 134 pounds. She has a nice sense of humor. We asked her what would be her dream car, and she said, A limousine with a chauffeur. She enjoys skiing and loves ice hockey. Her favorite teams are the hometown Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks. She likes reading, cooking and hanging out with her friends. She's a nudist. She's a swinger. She's into glory holes, so you might get lucky if you're in Toronto and you take your chances with one. After all, Bambino took a chance and look how nice it turned out. For him and for us. See More of Velvet Skye at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


Wet velvet Wet Velvet Velvet was born in Mexico in 1970. Now she lives in sunny SoCal where this 5'8, 135-pound babe likes to make love strangers in public.I consider myself to be an exhibitionist, Velevet told us. The first time I had sex was in the back seat of a car in the parking lot of a store. People would walk near the car and I'd make sure to moan extra loud so that they could hear me getting make loveed.I'm dating a guy who doesn't mind sharing me with other men. That works out well because the hottest thing in the world is watching another girl blow his penish and drain his balls. It's considerable that we can go out with another couple and swap partners without even an ounce of jealousy.See More of Velvet at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Young meat for georgette parks Young meat for Georgette Parks It's time for Round Two, Georgette Parks announces as she walks through our studio door and goes to see whether the young stunt-cock we hired likes her bitchty look (as opposed to the classy look she modeled for him before). How could he not like Georgette as a bitch Her breasts look great, her body looks completely fuckable and she's not wearing any panties over that bald cunt of hers. Georgette bends over so he can play with her ass, something most 64-year-olds wouldn't feel confident doing when it's a 30-year-old they're doing the bending-over for, but Georgette knows the magic she works on men of all ages.You're gonna cock suckinging my breasts, and then I'm gonna cock suckinging you, she says as she offers up her incredibly firm rack, too. As you'll see, Georgette thoroughly enjoys herself.I like younger guys, but I don't have them that often, she told us, so this was a real treat. Most younger guys don't have the confidence to approach an older woman like myself, and I'm never going to be the aggressor in a sexual situation, so I rarely get young guys.Glad we could make you happy, Ms. Parks.See More of Georgette Parks at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. The sex manual The Sex Manual Uh-oh, little Desirae, our tender, fresh princess, has found an old sexual-intercourse manual under the bed she bought at the second-hand furniture store. Who knows how long this filthy book's been hidden there Looks like it's from the late '70s-before Desirae was even a dirty thought. Who knows how many make love positions illustrated here the previous owners of this squeaky old bed Miss D. bought, practiced How much jism and cunt juice was spilled onto this mattress over the years Just thinking about it gets Desirae's cunt nerve endings firing on all cylinders. So, time to get to work putting the sex manual's instructions into practice! Too bad for Desirae she hasn't got a hard-dicked companion to practice all these steamy make love poses with. Sometimes, it's tough to be a horny, large-breasted girl all alone, waiting for your velvet snatch to be filled with major meat!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. An unforgettable rack An Unforgettable Rack Sha Rizel started young. She was always interested in entertainment, modeling and fashion.I went to modeling school as a teenager. Here in the Ukraine, they have modeling schools where you can learn to be a model, so I went from when I was young until I was 16.Sha is also a dancer and has appeared on many television variety and game shows. She is a model in commercials and ads for various products.I have been on TV making presentations on shows and in music videos on Ukrainian and Russian TV. I enjoy this and I enjoy modeling, she said.Sha is a finalist for 2013 Newcomer of the Year, and she will be a contender for 2014 Model of the Year.I am happy that everyone likes me, Sha says. I have read the charming comments and it makes me feel good.If history repeats, and it usually does, Sha will follow in the footsteps of fellow Ukrainian 2011 Newcomer of the Year, Valory Irene, who followed up by winning 2012 Model of the Year.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. A fresh face A Fresh Face A friend of fellow Romanian angel Crisa and one of the truly bountiful discoveries of 2004, Joana came appealing damned close to taking busty magazine's Newcomer of the Year contest that year. Years later, Joana would win the busty Model of the Year title twice. This very nice, well-mannered girl with a flawless body and sparkling eyes has it all going on in every way so her vote-harvesting was no large surprise. Nor was she shy in front of the camera. She was more than happy to spread her sweet pussy and play with her buzz-buddy. Very hot!See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Justine: busty newcomer Justine: busty Newcomer Justine was a young student from the north of England. She only posed a few times and that was it. Her boobs were big and ripe with great areolas. She still had some baby fat at 23 years old but her body was busty and curvy. Justine talked about her first time she lost her virginity. There was a boy I liked at a distance for a long, long time. He was very popular. We met at a friend's party. She told me he'd be there and she arranged it so that he would talk to me. He turned out to be very sweet. He was interesting and friendly and he wanted to see me after the party. We arranged to meet together for a drink. We went out, had a sweet evening. He was staying with friends so we went there. There was no one in when we got there so we thought we were quite lucky. We sat on the couch and he kissed me. We kissed some more and one thing led to another. We moved to the bedroom and, obviously, he was more experienced than I was. He made it easy for me, and where boyfriends are concerned, he's always been very special to me. I'll always remember him. We continued to see each other for a very long time until he had to go back home. I couldn't go with him because I was too young to follow him anywhere. See More of Justine at SCORECLASSICS.COM!.
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