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Carrie lynn the natural

If anyone was the prototype in face and body for the all-American girl, that girl was Carrie Lynn. An all-American girl with 44-inch tan-lined, natural tits. Carrie only posed one time. Except for one video, which was surprisingly much more explicit than her magazine shoots, Carrie preferred still photographs. So only one video exists. Carrie always said that when she graduated, she would stop modeling, said the only man who photographed her. Like a lot of large-boobed, regular girls who do not plan on getting involved in any kind of adult entertainment career, she never thought her chest was a large deal. Sometimes, she'd get a little cranky like any girl, but overall, she was large to shoot. This was true. Carrie was a one-time model. She never approached other photographers and had no interest in becoming a full-time model. Her interest was in the business world which she entered after she graduated. See More of Carrie Lynn at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


Carrie's birthday present: big, black cock Carrie's birthday present: big, black penish When this video opens, Carrie Romano, 56, is rubbing her body. She's obviously lusty and a little oblivious to the camera.I can't wait to have a black penish, Carrie moans. Hard, black penish. It's been so long. I love interracial. I'm going to get that black penish between my boobies. I want that black penish in my vagina.But Carrie obviously doesn't know what she's in for. She obviously doesn't realize how considerable is big. Castro shows up, and without saying a word, he starts licking Carrie's big, fake tits. Then he eats her pierced vagina. She's totally naked, and he hasn't taken off a stitch of clothing, which seems right to us. And now that she's had her vagina properly eaten, Carrie's ready for Castro's rod.Let me blowjob your big, black penish,she says. She tries to get as much of his penish as possible into her little mouth, and what she can't blowjob, she strokes. And then...Okay, put that big, black penish in my vagina. She keeps saying big, black penish like just the thought of it can make her cum, and then Castro hammers her vagina in a variety of positions, hammers it hard, then from behind before shooting his load all over her butthole cheeks.I've never felt so filled up in my life, Carrie said. But I loved it. Like I told you, I love having two penishs in my vagina at once, and with Castro, his one penish felt like two.See More of Carrie Romano at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Mum's the word Mum's The Word Carrie began modeling in 1995. She might be best-remembered for her three-girl pictorial with Chloe Vevrier and Danni Ashe in February '96 Voluptuous. She did a second threesome with Monique and Katie for the March 1997 issue.Carrie was a favorite of many magazine readers in the 1990s, more in the UK than in America. She was busty enough to appeal to tit-men and had the kind of slim figure that appeal to guys who didn't go for huge boobs.A slim, very beautiful English girl, Carrie got pregnant and when this scene was shot, she was at seven-months with a huge baby bump. The bush she usually always had, which more girls sported back then to some degree since the baldie had not caught on with most. She was asked to model pregnant and she accepted. See More of Carrie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The girl next door works in a store The Girl Next Door Works In A Store Carrie Ashton was working in retail when an ex-boyfriend and SCORE fan suggested she model. Now most girlfriends would either laugh and dismiss the idea or punch their boyfriends in the arm or someplace else. Carrie, however, liked the idea and took some at-home nude photos and sent them in. Looks can be deceiving. Although busty and voluptuous, Carrie wrestled in school.I went to State Championships and everything, Carrie said. I wrestled a lot of guys, not girls. It's not typical, but I did it. They told me that I couldn't do it. And when you tell me that, I just become determined to do it. So, I beat out a guy in my weight class in varsity and they let me on the team. I pinned him and made the team. There was one other girl on the team, too. we didn't wrestle each other. She was all skin and bones, so we were in different weight classes.Most of the time they wouldn't want to wrestle me because I was so good. They were afraid of me. I wore the Spandex onesie that all wrestlers wear. I would wear a really tight sports bra and then my coach would wrap an Ace bandage around me and then duct tape around that, so I was nice stuffed in there. My tits weren't going anywhere with all that on there. See More of Carrie Ashton at SCORELAND.COM!. Cream me, says amber lynn bach Cream Me, says Amber Lynn Bach Amber Lynn Bach was a sexy, busty MILF before MILFs were in. I know it's massive to imagine that there was such a time, but it used to be that if a young guy liked mature women, he kind of had to keep it to himself. Which is odd because even before American Pie, there were several movies, including The Graduate and Summer of '42, in which young guys had the hots for much older women. So the trend really isn't new if you think about it.The thing about Amber Lynn is that she doesn't look her age, so she doesn't exactly fit into the mature category. Our members of 40SomethingMag.com and 50PlusMILFs.com have a thing for wrinkled hands and faces, and Amber Lynn doesn't have either of those. What she does have, of course, are big, firm tits.Amber Lynn lives in Central Florida. She was a stripper before she got into porn. She's also a nudist. She told us she likes attention. She likes when guys check out her body. She works out a lot, and the results are obvious.How come I never lived next door to a busty MILF like Amber LynnAnswer: Because there aren't many busty MILFs like Amber Lynn.In this scene, Amber is dressed in tight jeans and a tight tank top. First she teases her stud's cock, then she pulls down her top so he can cock sucking her nipples. She cock suckings his cock. He eats her pussy. I don't blame him. Amber Lynn has a elegant pussy. Then the make love happens, and the stud cums in Amber Lynn's pussy. See More of Amber Lynn Bach at SCORELAND2.COM!. Lynn belmont - revenge make love for all the world to see Revenge have intercourse for all the world to see Now this is what we love: a video with a story that has bite. Lynn Belmont is a 41-year-old divorcee from St. Petersburg, Florida, and she tells us, I'm here to get back at my ex-husband.You see, the bastard moved out on her 41st birthday and went to live with his girlfriend. Younger girlfriend, we're guessing. So she's getting revenge by having, in her words, nasty, dirty sex on film for the first time.We think that's the best revenge. All you divorced 40something women out there Wanna get back at your ex have sexual intercourse for 40SomethingMag.com. It worked for Lynn. It'll work for you. And even if it doesn't, you get to be have intercourseed by a professional porn stud. And we get to watch.See More of Lynn Belmont at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!. Receptionist today, porn star tomorrow Receptionist Today, Porn Star Tomorrow By day, she's a receptionist. Twenty-one years old. Lives in Miami. Nice, firm A-cup tits. But the history of the world is replete with lovely young girls who were receptionists, secretaries or waitresses, caught the eye of a talent scout and went on to fame and fortune. Lynn Love just might be one of those girls. She's got the looks. And she talks a damn nice game. Let me show you my tits, she says, then follows through on her promise. If you like my tits, I bet you love my ass. Let me show you. That's a bet we're not making because we know we're going to be losers. But we're all winners when a chick like Lynn is taking off her clothes and stroking a massive tool for our jacking pleasure. Lynn, you're going to be a star. And if you're not, you can come by and jack us anytime!See More of Lynn Love at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!.