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DD-cup tits and 13 cunt piercings In this scene, big-titted, pierced housewife Marina Rene works over her tits and cunt with her fingers and dildos. This woman really knows how to make love to the camera. Marina invites us into her have sex den, then we get the feeling we're watching one of her private jerk-off sessions. This is true gonzo stuff of a woman who was born for porn. By the way, there are 13 rings on Marina Rene's cunt, but that's not what attracted us to her. We first spotted her walking around topless at the Venus Show, the world's largest sensual expo, in Berlin, Germany, where she lives. She was trying to get attention. She got it. Every eye was on her big, floppy pierced tits. Marina said, One of my favorite things is to have my husband's dick in my cunt, a stranger's dick in my ass and another woman sucking on my boobs. Those boobs are natural DD-cups. Just thought you'd like to know.See More of Marina Rene at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!


Busty, multi-pierced wife gets wet and sudsy Busty, multi-pierced wife gets wet and sudsy My favorite thing is to have my husband's dick in my vagina, a stranger's dick in my anal and another man sucks on my breasts, said Marina Rene, a 49-year-old wife and mother from Germany who's all yours in this scene.Marina is quite a woman. She has big, natural tits. Her nipples are pierced. Her vagina is pierced, too, but these are no ordinary piercings. She's got lots of jewelry that hangs down from her vagina lips. It goes jingle-jangle when she walks, fucks or plays with her vagina.I enjoy double penetration, and with my piercings, the sensations send me over the edge, she said. It's amazing to have two dicks in you.Here, Marina takes a bath. She does a slow striptease, working her fingers over every inch of her body then soaps up and plays with her tits then gets to work on her vagina.Those who don't know me are surprised when I take off my underwear, said Marina, who also goes by the last name Montana. They're always intrigued. Some of them have said, 'How am I going to get my dick in there' I laugh and say, 'Do you really think I'd put something on my vagina that would keep dicks from getting in'No need to answer that question.See More of Marina Rene at HOMEALONEMILFS.COM!. Smiley's pliable tits & bushy pussy Smiley's Pliable natural tits & Bushy pussy What's a month without seeing Smiley Emma flash her pearly whites and her large exciting natural tits It's elegant to smile now without her. voluminous hands are needed to hold those natural marvels. The theory that staring at large natural tits makes a guy stupid might be true. After checking out an Emma video and photo set, seeing her play with her pliable natural tits and bushy pussy, it takes a while to reboot the brain.XLGirls: What makes Smiley Emma really laughEmma: There really isn't much that wouldn't make me laugh but I would say cheesy jokes make me laugh the elegantest.XLGirls: We would make you laugh so we can see your natural tits jiggle. What's the nicest thing anyone's said to youEmma: The best would be that my smile and personality has brightened someone's day when they were down. The worst is when someone uses the word bitch or whore while complimenting me.XLGirls: I guess you get all kinds of comments on web-cam. Emma: I'm genuinely nice, easy to talk to and I am very silly. I think my best physical qualities are my smile and my large natural tits.XLGirls: Two of our favorite qualities. See More of Smiley Emma at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Double bubble trouble Double Bubble Trouble In chapter four of the BootyLicious DVD Slam Jam, Raven Sky and inviting Sinsacion are spending quality chick time together alone with a large pussy toy that rotates, wobbles, vibrates and can be used to stir Martinis. Both girls are hardcore sex freaks with tats and piercings. They demand to be satisfied by anyone who wants to party with them. Sinsacion works the probe in deeply, at least seven inches deep, expertly gobbing her saliva into Raven's pussy and assed to lube it. Raven asks Sinsacion to slap her. She happily complies, slapping her large bum-cheeks. Sinsacion tongues the areas of Raven's snatch where the toy doesn't touch. The toy has a side-prong that's designed to excite the anus as the main shaft drills into the pussy-hole. Raven gets on her knees in doggie pose on the bed so Sinsacion can really machine-fuck her good. The girls switch places and as Sinsacion is getting toyed, Dutch comes over and inserts his shaft into her mouth to suc on. Raven sits on the Dutchman's cock as he lies on the bed while Sinsacion toys herself and talks sex. They switch again. Now Dutch is make love Sinsacion from behind while she fingers and licks Raven, then Raven gets back on Dutch in a reverse-cowgirl. Sinsacion climbs on Dutch for a ride while Raven globs on her pussy to help Dutch fit in better. Finally the girls get into doggie and pose for Dutch while he jerks off his seed on their ass-cheeks to their satisfaction.See More of Raven Sky at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Double-plugged Double-plugged You'd think having a pair of G-cup natural tits would be enough for any girl. And Angela's naturals look amazing in this red, tight, low-cut top. Her bum looks damn appealing in those cutoffs, too. And you're gonna love how she's plugging her pussy and bumhole with toys.But back to those natural tits...can't she just be satisfied with what she hasI've been mbumaging my natural tits constantly to make them grow considerableger but that does nothing, it seems. Does anyone have any suggestions for me Angela said.Angela's interest in considerable natural tits goes beyond the enjoyment they provide others. When she learned that the University of Wollongong was working on a Smart Bra, she applied for work as an experimental subject. Unfortunately, the Smart Bra prototype is smaller than a G-cup, so they can't use me, she said. But I was given the contact information of another scientist who is doing experiments on the movement of natural tits, so maybe something will come from that.Yeah, probably. He'll get a hard-on and want to cum on her natural tits. Just like the rest of us. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Holly claus is cummin' Holly Claus Is Cummin' As Woody Allen once said, Sex is only dirty if you're doing it right. He doesn't know Holly Claus but his comment was about her. Here's a slim girl with great natural tits who's into down and dirty raunchy sex. She is the kind of babe who does no-holes-barred filthy fuckin' porn, the kind men love to watch. Holly is from Key West and she appeared out of nowhere. M.P., a local photographer who shoots pictures in south Florida strip clubs told us about her and then Holly made her way here after reading SCOREModelsWanted.com. Holly is a stripper (Most fun job I've ever had, says Holly.) and masturbates on webcam. She loves to spit and drool over a man's junk and take it in both holes in every fucked position in the playbook. What is sexy to Holly A heavy cock, is her short reply. I like to fuck whenever the opportunity presents itself.Holly likes guys who are younger than she is. Young guys are very well boned-up on Internet porn. They know exactly what they are doing. Boned-up is right.Holly has four rings by her pussy, two on either side of her labia, and she has a barbell through her clit hood. You know what that means. Yet she has no tats anywhere, not even the usual tribal band on the ankle or upper arm. No nipple or tongue piercings either.She really enjoys what she's doing. The only change for her is being recorded doing all this dirty stuff. Anyone who gets into her panties should keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case his pants catch on fire. See More of Holly Claus at SCORELAND.COM!. Valerie, 69, gets a creampie from a 29-year-old Valerie, 69, gets a creampie from a 29-year-old Valerie, a 69-year-old retired school teacher from Georgia, loves when guys ejaculate in her pussy. And why shouldn't she Isn't that where most guys ejaculate when they fuck a chick, especially a MILF Hey, let's face it: In your history of have sex, how many times have you ejaculate on a chick's face, natural tits or butt Not many, right You ejaculate in her pussy. It's just natural, rightOf course, in real life when you ejaculate in a woman's pussy, it stays there (or in your condom). In porn (and this is the beauty part of it), the woman squeezes the ejaculate out of her pussy, making a hot scene even nastier and hotter.Valerie has a very open-minded husband. He doesn't mind that she has gang bangs with hung black guys and was fine with her orgasm to our studio for the purpose of have sex a stranger or two. Even the guy in this scene, who's 40 years younger than her. That's right, 40 years. See More of Valerie at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!.
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