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Trying cock on for size

Trying penish On For Size Joseline is trying on her mom's new dress to see how it looks on her. And while she's at it, she tries mom's boyfriend's dick on for size. It fits perfectly in her mouth. Once she has her lips wrapped around his shaft, Joseline shows us what a dick-hungry teen she really is. She gives him a slobbery sucks job with lots of spit, slurping and deep-throat. This dick is too attracting to not fuck, so Joseline sits on it, her perfect, round tits bouncing as she rides. She gets make love in a variety of positions, moaning and talking dirty the whole time. She cums and cums, her eyes rolling back and her mouth open. Then it's mom's boyfriend's turn to cum. He drizzles Joseline's face with cum. It's a attracting look for her.See More of Joseline Kelly at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!


Size matters Size Matters Daphne's breasts may be too large to be contained by most tops, but they're just the right size to squeeze a cock for ultimate tit-fuck pleasure. Some girls don't care for tit-fucking, but I love it. I like to put my boobs to nice use and if I can turn a guy on with them, then that turns me on. The best way to get a guy super rough before we fuck is to let him slide his dick in my cleavage while I suc the head. Daphne also puts her assed to nice use, too. It's little and tight but never turns away a cock! See More of Daphne Rosen at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Size matters Size Matters Lives: Omaha, Nebraska; Occupation: Medical office clerk; Age: 23; Born: February 25; Ht: 5'2; Wt: 113 lbs.; Bras: 32D; Panties: Only Victoria's Secret; Anal: One day, perhaps; BJs: Swallow some; Diddle: A lot.I've screwed a few guys, and I always thought that cock size didn't matter, said Vera. At the time, every guy's cock felt considerable in my pussy. But being totally stuffed with JMac's whopper was one helluva experience that I could easily get used to. We screwed in some positions that I'd only seen in porn flicks and never tried...and they all felt sooo good! I came twice which is a rarity for me. If my guy gets half as sexed up looking at the pics as I got while producing them, then our sex life will be awesome when we get the mag. See More of Vera Vaughn at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Monster cock Monster tool What exactly makes a cock a monster cock Well, the size, for one. But we also happen to think that it has something to do with the reaction a cock gets from even the most-cock savvy, cock-hungry babes around. For example, take our favorite busty princess, Christy Marks. Christy has seen a lot of cocks, man. In fact, she has rocked a lot of cocks, too. But when she catches wind that she will be orgasm face-to-face, or rather, face-to-cock with THE Monster tool, she actually gets nervous. We know, it seems almost violent to believe that Christy could get nervous about tackling a huge dong, but it's true. The anticipation almost kills her, but when the Monster tool shows up, all that nervous energy turns into lascivious chemistry. She watches in awe as this dude's huge kitty pole springs free of his shorts and bobs in her face. She looks at it and you can almost see her calculating the size vs. the width of her tight fuckhole. This feat might seem impossible for other chesty chicks, but as you all know, our Christy is a champ. She grabs on to that cock and she fucks it for all it's worth. In the years to come, the debate will rage on...did Christy Marks take on the Monster tool, or was it really, the Monster tool takin' on the horniest of all the hootered hoochies, Christy Marks. The world may never know. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Two fux for luxxx Two Fux For LuXXX Jordynn LuXXX is masturbating in the middle of the afternoon when Tony walks in and catches her petting the pussy. Before long, Jordynn is sucks his cock. Then Jimmy bursts in and he's not happy about this. Jordynn settles their differences by taking on both fuck-men.We talked to young Jordynn about this scene and more. XLGirls: This is your second time doing a BBG threesome. Do you have threesomes with two guys back homeJordynn: Typically, if my Daddy and I are playing with others, it's another woman and us, another couple and us or a large group! The more the merrier, I say!XLGirls: What did you like best about this sceneJordynn: I loved working with both Jimmy and Tony. I've shot with Tony before and he's always so fun and sexy! Jimmy was rather sexually aggressive and that got me all wet too! I'd love to work with them again!XLGirls: In this scene, you're masturbating on the couch when Tony walks into the house looking for Jimmy and surprises you. As we all know, everyone leaves their doors unlocked while they masturbate. Have you ever been caught masturbating Jordynn: I was caught masturbating as a teen by my father and mother...talk about awkward.XLGirls: How important is cock size to you What cock size do you likeJordynn: I am not a size queen. In fact, I prefer an average sized man. 6.5 to 8 max in real life. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. The size thing The Size Thing Lives: Goodyear, Arizona; Occupation: Pet store clerk; Born: March 27; Ht: 5'2; Wt: 135 lbs.; Bras: 36D; Panties: Thongs or none; Anal: Not yet but soon; BJs: Normally swallow; Diddle: RegularlyOne of my roommates is a naughtymag member, said Jada. He lets me log on sometimes when he's not around, and I got the idea of screwing a voluminous-cocked stud to find out how great sex can be and, also, if the size thing is a voluminous deal. Well, Charlie's cock totally stuffed my vagina and that felt awesome, but it's how he did me that blew my mind! I mean, he made sure that I was having a great time and he worked on getting me off. I had a couple of major league orgasms. If he was my boyfriend, we'd never get out of bed! I don't care if my roommate sees me on the site; I think he'll be way more embarrassed than I will be. You never know...he might even get lucky if he mentions it to me! Check out the video as well.See More of Jada Coxxx at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. One-hit wonders One-Hit Wonders A lot of well-endowed women like me need to buy custom-made bras since stores don't always stock bras for my kind of breasts, said Mandy. Unfortunately, Mandy only modeled once.If you have a plus-size girlfriend built like Mandy Mason, you know that shopping can be an adventure. Mandy advised caution when buying clothing by yourself for great girls. If you get a size off one of her garments, you may not make her too happy when you present her with a shirt in a size she considers too great! And don't think buying an item too small gets you off the hook. She'll just get insulted and think you wish she weighed less and we all know that's not true.So what does a guy do to not mess upBuy her a pair of shoes. Check on the inside of one of her favorite pairs for the size and width. Or take her shopping. If you can stand to spend time waiting for her outside of the fitting room. Very helpful advice! See More of Mandy Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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