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Mia Sweetheart and her 40H tits and thick, juicy anatomy have given many a man a tent-pole in his pants. She has a girl-next-door personality and a seductive gleam in her eyes. A popular webcam girl, Mia turns heads in the real world just as much as she does on-camera. XL Girls: When you are talking to a man, what are some qualities you find attractive Mia: I like a guy who can make me laugh and pay a lot of attention to me. XL Girls: What makes you laugh the hardest Mia: Very naughty jokes! XL Girls: What excites you, makes you lustful Mia: I like it when a guy slowly touches my wrists. Those are my weak points. Strange right XL Girls: Everyone has their sweet spots. Do you like to talk dirty in bed Mia: Yes, I love to dirty-talk in bed! XL Girls: What is something you have tried, but will never do again Mia: Be in a small boat. I am scared of drowning. XL Girls: What superpower would you like to have for one day Mia: Read people's minds! XL Girls: You'd be reading a lot of X-rated thoughts about you! See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!


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