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Titty call

Gianna Rossi is one of the most-sexual porn stars I've ever met, but she has another side, a very quiet side that a lot of people never get to see, wrote SCORE editor Dave who spent a lot of time over the years interviewing her and being on-set during photo shoots. I'm a Gemini, so I have two sides, Gianna said. Sometimes I like to be dominant and I like to be on top of the situation and just get mine. Fulfilling his needs as well, of course, but I want it how I want it. But other times, just take me any way you want me. Whatever you want to do. In all of her fuck scenes, and there were many, Gianna never gave less than 200%. We're surprised that she never moved into directing. She has the knowledge, the experience and the take-charge personality to direct awesome porn.See More of Gianna Rossi at SCORELAND.COM!


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