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They come in pairs. The Star sisters, that is. And no sister act has the natural considerable tits that Erin Star and her sister Helen have and dare to bare. If there are other siblings that suc up their bras like these two lovely, young girls, we want to know. When I go out, I like to put on horny clothes and show everyone how busty I am, said Erin. Since Erin and Helen only speak Romanian, XL Girl Mia Sweetheart translated to English. Erin is a traditionalist by nature. I like romantic dates, a beautiful dinner, and maybe dancing. A guy should be a gentleman with me and be a charming kisser. I don't care for the playboys. I'm not into girls either. Romania really is becoming the place for considerable-boobed hotties.See More of Erin Star at SCORELAND.COM!


Jordan starr great boob chick jordan star gets covered in cumshotshotjordan star gets a elegant cock in her pussy and cumshotshot on her tits Jordan Star gets a cruel penish in her pussy and cumshot on her tits. Star natural tits Star tits Helen Star (November 2017 Voluptuous) looks like a large-boobed rock star in her fishnets, cut-off denim shorts and red jacket. Well, Helen is one of the latest rock stars at SCORELAND along with her bodacious little sister Erin. While both sisters are brand-new at modeling, they're both divine at it, very confident and super-sexy. We can imagine the ruckus they raise when they walk together.Fellow Romanian Mia Sweetheart of XL Girls was the interpreter during these shoots and she was a voluminous help so large props to Mia.What kind of dates does Helen like to go onI like funny dates. Dates that show me a pretty time. I like a very romantic man who is very attentive to me at all times. I like lots of kissing and touching. I am very receptive to affection.How would Helen describe her personalityI would say I am assertive and dominant but fun-loving and happy. I am the kind of girl who knows what she likes. See More of Helen Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Demi the porn star Demi the porn star Demi Delia was once interviewed by The Village Voice newspaper, and when asked how she balances being a mom and a porn star, she said, It's difficult sometimes because you sort of live two lives. When I'm at home in the morning before a shoot, I'm running around like a mad woman making sure I have everything I need, the dogs have food and water, the kids have things to eat for the day and the house is straightened up.Then I get to the set, get into makeup, wardrobe and I become Demi Delia the porn star. I have to change my frame of mind immediately, and when I walk in my home after shooting, I leave it all behind and become Mom again.In this scene, Demi is Demi the Porn Star. Her husband hired her a new physical trainer, and this dude doesn't seem to know much about training. He just keeps watching her, doing nothing, and then Demi bends over and pushes her anal into his crotch. Finally, he helps her stretch...by pushing her legs all the way back. Then she does pushups. He tells her she has pretty tits. What the hell is going on here She has him sit on the couch and tells him her husband is always gone, then rubs his cock through his shorts.Can I take it out she asks.What about your husband he says.He's not orgasm home, she promises.Of course not. Because this is Demi the Porn Star, not Demi the Mommy. And fantasy is always better than reality.See More of Demi Delia at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Alison star curvy slut alison star deepthroats a considerable dickcurvy alison star takes a considerable dick down her throat Curvy Alison Star takes a great cock down her throat. Sandra star - rock star of voluminous breasts Rock Star of great breasts Reader J.L. wrote about Sandra Star, covergirl of the April 2016 edition of SCORE. Sandra is gorgeous. She might be the most-beautiful girl to ever appear in SCORE. If you saw her on the street, you might even think she is unapproachable, but then you see her and she has such a beautiful, charming smile while she's blow cock, make love and taking it up the ass. She even smiles while blow cock. I didn't think that was possible! I was actually jealous of the guys who got to fuck her. She is one of the greatest models to pose for SCORE. We call Sandra a Rock Star of great breasts. She's only gotten better and hotter since her original shoots when she was Germany's Miss Hot SCORE. At that time, Sandra said, I was very nervous but very excited. At first I thought, 'I think it will be very interesting for me,' but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I have a lot of sex in my private life, but I didn't know what it would be like to have sex on-camera. I love it! And cumshot and getting loads of cum makes Sandra smile. Sandra takes excellent care of her body, eats right and keeps herself fit and trim. She has a boobs-to waist-ratio that's seen more in big-tit fantasy art than in real life. That makes her breasts look even bigger.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. The next jack network star The Next Jack Network Star Recently, cable TV channel The Food Network had a show called The Next Food Network Star. The idea was that a bunch of amateur chefs competed to prove that they had the kitchen and on-camera skills to deserve their own TV show. Now, most of the chefs could cook, and some of the chefs actually had some personality in front of the camera, but there's one thing none of them had.Big tits. Or, more specifically, Karina Hart-sized tits. Now, maybe we're a little biased, and in all honesty, we have no idea whether Karina can cook. But when she's chopping up those melons...five stars! And when she's rubbing the melons all over her tits...delicisimo! And when she's drilling her cunt with a plastic make love toy (a utensil that isn't found in most kitchens)...our compliments to the chef!If it were all about large tits--and it should be--Karina would be The Next Food Network Star. But it's not, so she's the latest and greatest large-tit star. Now whip up a batch of man-cream, fellas! See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!.
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