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Xl girls classics

XL Girls Classics We've met few ladies who took such an intense interest in--and derived so much pleasure from--modeling for XL Girls as Donna did. For some girls, it's a job, a livelihood, a career. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. But not for Donna. Proud to be included with busty girls that ranged from one-shot wonders to the superstars, when she first started modeling, Donna began to regularly email us dirty jokes and stories she had conjured out of her sexual imagination. She enjoyed writing titillating fiction. She wrote one story about a Super Bowl party at her place that was really dirty. I came out wearing a skimpy bikini that only covered my nipples. This got the guys so lascivious that they started stroking themselves. I wanted to really get them hot and ready to shoot all that hot cumshotshot out on me, so I sat down on the floor and started pulling and stroking my long vagina lips and getting myself really wet. My rock-hard nipples were throbbing from the thought of all these guys getting turned on by me. I did that for about ten minutes when the first few guys came up and shot several loads in my mouth and on my tits. It felt and tasted so pleasant that I begged them to give me more. It didn't take long after that and the rest of them lined up on either side of me and were giving me what I wanted. At times, I had two guys shooting loads of hot, gooey cumshotshot into my mouth. When that cumshotshot squirted out and splattered all over my face and tits, my vagina had its own eruptions without me even touching it. After it was all over, I was literally covered in cumshotshot, from my face to my knees and they wouldn't let me wipe it off. See More of Donna at XLGIRLS.COM!


Sophia capri - iscore/i classics SCORE Classics After blonde dancer and model Cat Tailer went brunette and changed her name to Sophia Capri, she sailed on Boob Cruise 2. The staff didn't recognize her at first when everyone got together before setting sail.That cruise was something else. I made some voluminous friends on the boat. I've even hung out with some of the guys after the cruise and they were just as much fun off the boat as they were on it. It was a voluminous time. Sophia didn't plan on becoming a dancer and a model. What happened was I walked into a club for a job as a bartender and the manager told me that the owner was going to want me to dance. I told him, 'Oh, I could never take my clothes off!' They hired me anyway and, unbeknownst to me, my first night there was Amateur Night. They dragged me into the office and asked me to dance. I told them to give me some time to think about it. One customer kept upping the ante to get me to dance and, after a while, he hit the right number. That was rent! I was a starving student. Then it was like, 'Okay, I'm not that shy!' I got up and just did what all of the other girls did.After two trips to the SCORE studio in England and the Boob Cruise, Sophia changed direction and left modeling and videos to return to college.See More of Sophia Capri at SCORELAND.COM!. Alice gets a lesson Alice Gets A Lesson Alice, no last name, looks at a copy of February 1996 SCORE with stripper Heather Hooters on the cover as her video opens. The girls often flipped through the magazines on breaks or when they were in the makeup chair but usually it wasn't part of the shoot. As in most of the videos at SCORE Classics, this is not the final, edited version that the viewers saw on VHS tape. This is raw and unedited, complete with bloopers, the directors' voices, angles never used, phones ringing, street sounds outside the SCORE building in London, wild camera movements when a photographer nearly trips over a cable or he (or she) excitedly moved too quickly to get close to the girl's cunt. Nothing is edited to fit the length of the original consumer tape sold in stores or by mail. A video like this would be part of a compilation tape.There's a really funny moment near the end as Alice pumps her cunt with a large toy. The director wants her to have an animated orgasm and makes Alice laugh when he loudly mimics the sound of someone cumming. This girl really knew how to work a toy, Her breasts bounce wildly and she fingers her clit as she fucks herself. While Alice still cums quietly anyway, her toy play could be a training film for other girls. See More of Alice at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Alice gets a lesson Alice Gets A Lesson Today, any guy with a digital camera can call himself a photographer, hire models and throw up a website. In the 1990s and earlier, the photographers were craftsmen, shooting on transparency film, a technically difficult media. They needed to know lighting, exposures and how to properly direct and pose a girl according to her best assets. They had to wait a day to see their work before they sent it out to magazine publishers. There was no internet, no $7-a-minute web-cams, no social media sites, no selfies, no camera phones and girls had to actually leave their apartments for photo shoots. Guys bought magazines and video cassettes, went to adult shops or newsstands to buy them or bought by mail order through the phone or through ads in the magazines. Some of the videos at SCORE Classics have toy play while most of the photo sets do not. That's because in most countries, the magazines sold at newsstands didn't publish toying or hardcore photos. Even today in the UK, there are restrictions over what can be published in magazines.Models were found by word of mouth, agents, referrals from other photographers and by ads placed in newspapers. Sometimes a girl would cold-visit a studio in person and apply for an assignment but that was rare. Sometimes a photographer would spot a girl in public and make his move before she disappeared from sight.England, particularly London, was a huge center of professional photographers. The men's magazine industry was flourishing and the tabloid newspapers like The Sun always needed charming girls with big natural tits and a lascivious body willing to bare it on-camera.Many girls like Alice had no interest in a professional career. They posed for the experience and the opportunity to make some immediate cash. They were students, shop girls and office workers. A quiet, charming blonde, Alice only posed a few times and then disappeared, like so many before and after her. And that's the way it was.Like many girls with big natural tits in England, Alice was natural and curvy. Silicone had not yet invaded the UK. Today, the situation has oddly reversed. British girls are getting boob jobs like never before. See More of Alice at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Clash of the titans Clash of the Titans This SCORE Classics pairs Minka with Kayla Kleevage, two of the biggest names in the mega-boob world. It's one of the earliest lezzie scenes for these two sex stars, women who have sparked riots on the Las Vegas strip. Falling into bed in their evening gowns after a night out, they strip off their clothes and use lapping tongues, nipple-on-clit frigging and a toy chest's worth of buzzing Doc Johnson sex devices on and in their pussies to achieve orgasmic blast-off. A few years later in 2001, Minka and Kayla came again, accepting SCORE's invitation to be a part of the Mega-Boob Olympics, a DVD that continues to this day to be a best-seller.See More of Kayla Kleevage at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Legendary xl girls Legendary XL Girls Toni Kat Vixen was one of the early XL Girls. She and her husband were internet porn pioneers. They started doing porn in 1994, got married in 1997 and began a website in 2000. They're still active in the adult scene.XL Girls: Why do boob-men like to tit-fuck busty girlsKat Vixen: Because you can move the breasts and change the pressure on the dick. Plus there is the added bonus of being able to cumshot on her breasts or face after having the fuck feeling.XL Girls: What do you like about tit-fuckKat Vixen: I love to titty-fuck, but not many girls do. What I like is the rhythm of the dick movement, kind of like the fuck of the pussy. It is even better when I have a toy in, fuck me at the same time. Very intense.XL Girls: What dick size do you likeKat Vixen: I prefer at least six inches, but any bigger then 10 can hurt if they don't know how to use it. I have had 4-inchers who made me scream with pleasure and 10-inchers that hurt. See More of Kat Vixen at XLGIRLS.COM!. Pleasant 40h tits Mia Sweetheart and her 40H tits and thick, juicy anatomy have given many a man a tent-pole in his pants. She has a girl-next-door personality and a seductive gleam in her eyes. A popular webcam girl, Mia turns heads in the real world just as much as she does on-camera.XL Girls: When you are talking to a man, what are some qualities you find attractiveMia: I like a guy who can make me laugh and pay a lot of attention to me.XL Girls: What makes you laugh the hardestMia: Very naughty jokes!XL Girls: What excites you, makes you lustfulMia: I like it when a guy slowly touches my wrists. Those are my weak points. Strange rightXL Girls: Everyone has their sweet spots. Do you like to talk dirty in bedMia: Yes, I love to dirty-talk in bed!XL Girls: What is something you have tried, but will never do againMia: Be in a small boat. I am scared of drowning.XL Girls: What superpower would you like to have for one dayMia: Read people's minds!XL Girls: You'd be reading a lot of X-rated thoughts about you! See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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