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A dog bowl, duct tape and milk

A Dog Bowl, Duct Tape And Milk When this video opens, Arianna, completely submissive, is on her hands and knees crawling to a dog bowl. Her boobs, partially covered with black duct tape, hang enticingly, and Arianna drinks from a bottle of milk, letting it drip down her chin and over boobs before dunking her naturals in the bowl. And that's just the beginning as Arianna--dressed in hot-pink fishnets, fuck-me pumps, a waist cincher and a dog collar--plays out her kinkiest fantasy ever. Please, master, can I drink some milk she begs. Can I touch myself, master And Master, can I play with the dildo Can I enjoy gulp your cock, master This video might not be for everybody. But if you like to take an occasional walk on the dark side--and who better to take that walk with than Arianna--then this is definitely for you.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!


Arianna's dressed for sex, and you're in control Arianna's Dressed For Sex, And You're In Control Now that you've seen Arianna cock sucking and fucked a real cock, you're probably wondering, What will she do for an encore Well, we can tell you that there'll be more hardcore Arianna very soon on BustyArianna.com. But now, for something completely different, here's Arianna's most unusual, most shocking pictorial yet. She's wearing hot-pink fishnet pantyhose, a waist cincher and fuck-me pumps and has black duct tape criss-crossing her nipples. But that's only part of what makes these photos (and the matching video) special.She's wearing a dog collar.She's completely submissive.And she's doing some very edgy stuff, like drinking milk from a dog bowl.This is our secret, she says. Can I feel enjoyment Please, master! Will you allow me to feel enjoyment, master PleaseWe say let her. But it's your call.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Let's bowl with alexya Let's Bowl With Alexya We've gotten Alexya off the pool table and out of the pool for this trip to a bowling center we rented for the afternoon. (Hitomi did a shoot here also.) Alexya doesn't bowl (she likes to swim and dance) but she was game to show her modeling skills in this place, enjoyed the setting and played with the balls and pins as props. Maybe I will try to bowl when I have the time on a weekend, Alexya told the photo team after the shoot wrapped.I didn't have such big boobs when I was in school, Alexya said. I was about 18 or 19 years old when they started to grow. I was very surprised. She never thought it would happen. Even if she had never been boob-blessed, Alexya would have modeled anyway. She definitely has the lovely face and body for posing on-camera. Breast-man are just lucky that Alexya decided to go totally nude. The next Olympic sport: naked bowling See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Bound for jacking Bound For Jacking Valory goes fetish with a rare look at her trapped in kink-town, her mouth filled with a ball-gag. What strange mind has done this to her She is decked out in kinky boots and long, strange-looking gloves. Nipple clamps are attached to her good breasts. Is the pain enjoyment She is made to kneel on all fours before a bowl of milk like some human pet. She pours the milk all over her incredible body. It spills on the floor and makes a mess, like a group of perverts had shot their loads all over Valory leaving her to make herself ejaculate with a sex toy. Valory's weirdest layout to be sure, shot at the Eden Bay Resort Sex Club in the Dominican Republic.See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Bkitten in chains/b Kitten in chains I have this image of Michelle Bond as a big-boobed English girl-next-door with nothing but wholesome qualities. Michelle went against type in this scene, which was shot on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. I suppose there's a section of the population that likes to see girls-next-door in chains and lapping a bowl of milk on all fours like a cat. To be honest, I'm not part of that group, but if it floats someone's boat, that's cool. The bit where she's dipping her 32F-cup naturals in the milk bowl is nice. After the milk bath, Michelle fuck her pussy with a black Doc Johnson rubber penish. When this scene was first posted on SCORELAND, some of the members had a rare disagreement on the comment board.Chuck: voluminous vid but this girl needs a real black penish inside her.Nigella: No, she doesn't! She's large on her own. We do need more of Michelle-solo-she's the biz.Rob: Chuck, wanna see cocks subscribe to blak ghhhaay site.Michelle started modeling for SCORE in 2002 in England. Then there was a gap of a few years. SCORE wanted her to join the heavy Boob Paradise cast in 2007 in Eleuthera, The Bahamas but she couldn't make it. Later on, when the all-star movie heavy Boob Finishing School was being cast for production in Sintra, Portugal, Michelle was nice to go and played the headmistress of a school that taught girls how to land a guy. She also arrived with bigger tits. The airline didn't charge her extra for the additional breast weight.Michelle is now retired from modeling (she always worked at a regular job even when she modeled). When it came time to pick a girl for one of the Jackumentary videos at SCORELAND, I chose to do one about Michelle. She never got the acclaim she deserved, but she always rated high in my book.See More of Michelle Bond at SCORELAND2.COM!. Got milk for my cookie Got MILK for my Cookie Christy is not only hot, stacked, horny, wet, raunchy, D.T.F. (That's Down To Fuck, for those of you not in the know.) and an exhibitionist, but she is also a fan of baking. (Yeah, she likes to cook goodies for you to snack on.) So imagine if you will, that this stacked wonder was in your kitchen making your cookies. (Okay, imagine that you just have sexual intercourse her and she rolled over and said, How about I make you some cookies to say Thank You for giving me the tool down of my life) That cute much makes her the most-perfect woman in the world. But wait! It gets better. How Well, imagine that she is so thirsty from slaving over a hot oven and making you sweets that she gets herself a glass of milk and in the process of drinking that milk, she spills it all over her gazongas. Oh, no! What's a horny, curvy baker to do Get naked, of course. And jiggle her knockers and diddle her pussy, too. (We don't know what we would eat first, her cookies or her cookie!) Looking at this set of Chirsty makes us want to coat her in our man milk. It's almost as if we can smell the baked goods. With a set o' breasts like that, Sara Lee ain't got shit on our girl!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. 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