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She's out of bounds

Sara Siren is the type of chick we can get behind. Well, what we mean is we would love to get behind her. This whooty from beautiful South Florida is thin in the waist with a phat bottom we'd love to taste. Because she's so bad, we decided we should dress her up as a referee. She's got horny dick-sucking-lips made to gulp our whistles, and a curvy anatomy only girls who stay active boast. I actually love to work out and play sports, Sara said. Wait a second. Does fuck count as a sport If it does, that's the only sport I play. That's the only sport that matters here at BootyLicious. We reward foul play, and we'd love to touch down in that tight, pink vagina of hers. See More of Sara Siren at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


Kimberly kupps: big cups Kimberly Kupps: voluminous Cups Kimberly Kupps started as Carrie at the well-known Rick's, a strip club in Houston, Texas where many popular busty strippers of the 1990s used to dance. Kimberly was a medical secretary and studied nursing at a Catholic college. She saw a newspaper ad for models and that was the beginning. Very tall and built like a brick shithouse, she found her life's work and started doing porn in 1990.Kimberly enjoyed being nude and was very comfortable being naked in front of people. Basically a born exhibitionist with a very high sex drive, have intercourse on-camera was not out of bounds for her. Over the 1990s, Kimberly became a wild woman in some of the dirtiest videos that ever filled video store shelves. She sailed on Boob Cruise 1995 where she, and Jay Sweet, were the most overtly sexual of all of the girls on-board. Kimberly is still active but nowhere near the furious intensity of the 1990s when she was doing gang bangs and double penetration. See More of Kimberly Kupps at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Kimberly kupps: big cups Kimberly Kupps: voluminous Cups One of the dirtiest big-bust girls ever, Kimberly Kupps' level of filth was unassailable but by a very few. She began as one of many American adult entertainers that plugged into the tit craze of the late 1980s. While many of them spent a few years dancing and sometimes doing a few hardcore videos, and moved on, Kimberly is still active today although not at the same intensity of the 1990s.Blonde, huge boobs, bigger-than-life. Kimberly was and still is built like a brick shithouse--very tall, and taller in her stripper heels--truly Amazonian in dimension. She grew up in a Catholic family and at one time studied for a nursing degree in an all-girls Catholic college but did not graduate. A late bloomer in adult, Kimberly began shooting hardcore scenes in Los Angeles in 1990 and as time went, nothing was out of bounds in the over 100 take-no-prisoners videos she made. She did interracials and interracial threesomes, bottom, bottom double-penetrations and gang bangs and once fuck a midget. This video is pure Kimberly before porn stardom. See More of Kimberly Kupps at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Game, set, tits! Game, Set, Tits! Karina met Mandy Pearl, an F-cup newcomer from England, while on-location in Budapest, Hungary, to film the DVDs Hooter Hotel and busty Riding Academy. They immediately hit it off, and when we suggested that they head outside for a game of big-boob tennis, the girls giggled, grabbed their racquets, grabbed their racks and ran outside. Our reporter at the scene described it this way: Karina gives us a jiggle and a giggle and bounds back over to her side of the court to hit some balls for video. We get so caught up in the tit-tennis that we don't see Mandy come onto the court. How do I look' Mandy says with her crisp British accent. Does this make my natural natural tits look good We turn around, and Mandy is in a sheer, white t-shirt that is stretched so tight over her good titties that we can clearly make out the outline of her areolae. She asks us if she should shake her natural natural tits for us, too, and we almost clap in anticipation. All these natural natural tits are reducing us to mush. And then the girls are playing tennis, and although Mandy has some skills, we don't care if they hit the balls or not. We just want them to keep running and jumping around. But the muggy weather gets the best of them, and within minutes they are hot and sweaty. And then we hear the words we've been waiting for Bring out the water balloons, says Peter, our photographer, and the girls laugh and jog over. Gentlemen, we know that it might be very cold right now, depending on where you are. But if this video doesn't warm you up, nothing will. See More of Mandy Pearl at KARINAHART.COM!.
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