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Titties vs t v time

Titties Vs. T.V. Time Do you have one of those better halves that says things like, All you do is watch sports! Stop watching T.V.! Go mow the lawn! Go fix something! You never spend time with me! Spend time with the kids! Get off your butthole and do something! Yeah, we know the type. Mrs. Nagging McNaggerson. Imagine if instead of busting your balls about spending a little time in Couch Potato Land, your better half helped you bust a nut all over said couch. Wouldn't that be nicer Wouldn't it be better if instead of demanding that you do something, she whipped her breasts out and told you that she was going to do you with them Check out Chavon as she does just that and maybe, just maybe, show this video to your better half. And when she says, What the make love is this Porn! and starts yelling at you, you just tell her it's an educational video intended to make your relationship about satisfying each other's emotional and physical needs. She should, in theory, get down on her knees and starting jerking your dick with her mammaries. However, in case that you fall into the 63% of guys' that this doesn't work for and she goes crazy, then we suggest you run out and start mowing that lawn ASAP, buddy, cause you're in deep shit. See More of Chavon Taylor at TITSANDTUGS.COM!


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