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Nurse big tits

Nurse large breasts A pioneer among Ukrainian big-breasted models, and now a busty legend, Merilyn Sakova preceded, and may have inspired, Valory Irene, Sha Rizel, Larissa Linn, Maya Milano, Stefania Kinskih and Demmy Blaze. Merilyn sometimes enjoyed wearing role-playing costumes. In this video, she's ready to take your pulse and your blood pressure. In reality, this is the kind of nurse who puts guys in the hospital just by being in the same room and breathing the same air. If there's anyone who would have been the perfect nurse--caring, devoted, warmhearted, sympathetic, chesty--it would have been this charmer. See More of Merilyn Sakova at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


Humpin' the plumper nurse Humpin' The Plumper Nurse Leah Jayne is not a nurse in this XL Classic scene but we wish she were because giant, soft titties can, in fact, cure the sick. Steve is alone on his birthday so what does he do That's right. He calls for some company, preferably a girl with huge hooters. The man needs a juggy girl to cheer him up. That's what they invented stripper-grams for. He calls up an agency and asks for someone special. When Brit bombshell Leah Jayne arrives in a nurse's uniform, his meat thermometer is ready to pop its top. Leah goes down on Steve with her drooling mouth and large tits. There's nothing as large as a fake nurse with giant tits who lives for sex. See More of Leah Jayne at XLGIRLS.COM!. Big-titted nurse needed for jacking purposes, stat! Big-Titted Nurse Needed For Jacking Purposes, Stat! Arianna Sinn, Romania's version of Florence Nightingale, plays out the busty nurse fantasy in this oft-requested video. She's prepping a patient's room when she catches him staring at her chest.Do you need assistance Arianna asks. Do you need a nurse to take care of youNormally, we avoid hospitals, but if any nurse looked like Arianna, we'd inflict injuries on ourselves just for the chance to experience her bending over our bed, G-cup naturals hanging, running her soft, caring hands over our bodies and giving us some TLC. Can you imagine getting a sponge bath from AriannaI think if I was not a model, I would like to be a nurse, Arianna told us. I like taking care of people and making them feel better.Arianna doesn't have to be a nurse to make us feel better. All she has to do is what she's doing here. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Calling nurse rizel Calling Nurse Rizel Nurse Sha Rizel enters, looking like an angel of mercy in her tight uniform. Nurses don't dress like this anymore. Political correctness, work efficiency and all that, you know. No one wants to give the patients any more shocks. That can wait until they get their bills in the mail.But in our Hooter Hospital, the nurses still dress the old-fashioned way. And the old ways are still the breast.Let me listen to your heart, Nurse Rizel says. She puts on her stethoscope and listens to your tom-tom already beating a fast tune at the sight of her. You need to relax.Relax Impossible.Nurse Rizel has the right prescription. Just sit back and enjoy the treatment. It looks like you're going to get kicked out of your bed so Sha can spread out.As she will say later, Now you will feel better. See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Nurse linsey Nurse Linsey Welcome to hooter hospital. Breast men always wind up here. Wait for the nurse called Linsey. If you're lucky, she'll be on call. She's fuckin' stacked! What's that down your trousers asks Nurse Linsey upon first glance. Am I turning you on The answer to that question Is the earth breast-shaped I've never had sex in a doctor's office before, Linsey says, touching her chest. She is looking like a walking wet dream in that nurse's outfit. But in three minutes, she's going to take it off and stand there in a white bra, knickers, stockings and heels. She leaves the nurses' cap on. Since this is an examination room, Linsey decides to give herself a complete breast and pussy-cat exam with all of the doctor's instruments. Your little problem will have to wait until she's done. If you don't drop a few loads over Linsey's tit-treatment, it's recommended that you see a real doctor immediately. You have never seen a nurse like her in your life. This video is on DVD in Maximum Insertion.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Some t l c for your cock! Some T.L.C. for your Cock! We know that none of you ever had a nurse like Desirae and that's because not a lot of nurses come equipped with tits as huge and large hers. Desirae told us that playing a nurse was always one of her fantasies. I have always wanted to play the part of the naughty nurse. I like the idea of cupping a man's package and telling him to turn his head and cough. I had so much fun with this photo shoot; I dreamt I was a nurse sitting on a patient's tongue depressor! I woke up so wet that I took the dildo (the same one that's in the pictures) out of my drawer. I licked it until it was all slippery like, and rubbed my clit with it. Then I pushed that black thing in and out of my pink cunt until I had the creamiest orgasm I'd had in days. My legs were shaking so violent my leg muscles got cramps!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Nurse terri Nurse Terri When I find bras in my size, they make my breasts look frumpy, said K-cup natural Terri Jane from Birmingham, England. They are not cute. It's like they think that just because you have large breasts that you must be an old woman. So I can't find bras to fit me. I love a pleasant bra that pushes them up and brings them together. nice and in all different colors. Pinks, purples, yellows, but my ideal bras, I can't find them.The bra that Terri is wearing at the start of this scene fits her very pleasantly, although it's still a few sizes too small. Hey, do the math. K-cups and 30-inch ribcages usually don't go together, but we're perfectly okay with a girl wearing a bra that's too small for her large tits.In this scene, Terri Jane is a nurse. She talks dirty to us.I'll bet you're lustful right now, Terri says. I'm so turned on, like a little naughty nurse. Do you like my body, boys Would you like me to come and examine you I'd give you a lovely spanking. I'd be your personal little naughty nurse.Sounds lovely to us.See More of Terri Jane at SCORELAND2.COM!.