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Beg for it slave boy!

Beg For It Slave Boy! Rich men hire me to trample them and teach them a lesson, and I am perfectly happy to do so because I like to make them grovel a bit, says Kiki Marie. I especially love to blindfold them and make them rely on their other senses to experience pleasure. They might not be able to see me, but they can smell my nylon-covered feet when I rub them all over their faces. They can taste my musky toes when I shove them in their mouths. And they can feel and hear the mesh stretch and give when they rake their nails on my legs. There is nothing like impaling myself on my lovers' turgid cocks and riding them when they can't see me. It's very empowering. Only a few men get the chance to look at me. I am a goddess and not just any oaf can view my beauty.See More of Kiki Marie at LEGSEX.COM!


Her berries, your cream Her Berries, Your Cream You just lay there, bitch boy, demands Candy. Be my footstool while I enjoy this strawberry. You see, Candy is in the mood for a snack while she shows her favorite footboy who the boss is. Clad in nude stockings, Candy mashes berries and lets the juices seep into the mesh over her tootsies while her juices seep out of her pussy. And all the while, her slave watches with his penish imprisoned in the pantyhose she is making him wear. Knowing that his throbbing penish needs some relief, she rubs her nylon-covered feet on his nylon-covered penish and the friction drives him wild. Then she mashes berries all over his penish for lube and gives him a slippery foot fucking. The penish slipping in and out of her arches turns her on so much that she starts blow her slave's feet, too! And when she is ready, she let's her slave know that it's time to make her, beautiful feet all dirty, with his cum. And he does. He creams all over her soles and she dips her strawberries in it and enjoys her dessert.See More of Candy Manson at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!. Shave slave Shave Slave Watching Christine lather up and shave her long, pale legs is enough to drive any man wild, but especially a man who likes soapy and sudsy foot jobs. All that creamy, white shaving cream would certainly feel elegant sliding up and down your cock, wouldn't it And because Christine is a foot and leg slut, and she likes feet boys just like you, she will let you shave her legs and rub her tootsies, too. It turns her on so much that she has to rub her greedy, little pussy and demand that you have sexual intercourse her horny, little feet so she can watch. Nothing like slick and wet peds on your package, sliding up and down and...See More of Christine Michaels at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!. Desirae - harem girl Harem GirlHi Everybody,When I was growing up, I liked to watch those muscle man movies on TV. I think they were made in Europe but with American men. Probably those actors are great-grandpas now! They were old movies when I first saw them but very excited and colorful. I used to get wet when I saw the slave girls dance. I would imagine I was one of them. There was one hero, I think his name was Goliath--who was a sweaty hunk and a half. I used to masturbate with a pillow between my legs thinking of him and have an orgasm as I imagined him opening me up! Now, this shoot was a fantasy I always wanted to dress up for: Being a belly dancing slave girl in a gladiator movie. I still have this fantasy--and here it is. Watch me dance, and I'm sure your penish will dance too! XOXO DesiraeSee More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Desirae in bondage Desirae in Bondage Desirae talks to SCORE Magazine Editor Dave Rosenbaum about being dominated in bed.SCORE: What drives you crazy sexually DESIRAE: I love to be fingered in the anus and the pussy at the same time. That gives me a attracting powerful orgasm. Also I like to be treated like a sex slave during sex sometimes. And the more I feel like the slave, the more aroused I get. I like to be treated like a slut, but the guy has to respect me. I'm a girl who will fuck you so pleasant if you treat me pleasant. I'll attracting much do whatever a guy wants me to in bed if he treats me right. SCORE: Anything one-on-one, you mean DESIRAE: I would bring another girl to bed with us. SCORE: You wouldn't be jealous seeing your boyfriend with another girl DESIRAE: He can't touch her. Only me.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Assault of the mamazons! Assault Of The Mamazons! In the style of the cliffhanging serials of the 1940s, with the addition of 6 pairs of very great breasts and lots of hardcore sex, Mamazon is the story of a lost tribe of women in a forgotten jungle. Four Indiana Jones wanna-bees trek through this mysterious country in search of a mythical stone that has the legendary power to cause phenomenal breast growth. They discover that the legend is all too true when they stumble across this tribe of young, sexy, very busty women who live without men. The Mamazons are led by their hard Queen (Alexis Silver), English by birth, who was abandoned in the jungle by her family. She now rules this small band of buxom beauties. Her slave girl is Shyla Shy. The witch doctor of the tribe is Daylene Rio. Alia Janine and Rachel Love are guards, and Kali West is the tribe's ingenue. The men want the stone idol for the wealth they think it can bring if its power can be commercialized. Their boss, Doctor Jacobs, claims to be a researcher but he may not be what he pretends to be. The men are quickly captured by the girls and imprisoned. But the women are curious about sex. Each of them, including the Queen and her slave, will learn the way of the cock in wild fuck encounters. Will the strangers survive sexing the Mamazons or will their fate at the hands of these savage bitches be a grim one In Chapter One, the idol seekers discover the Mamazons going wild in a lesbian orgy.See More of Alexis Silver at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Tawny peaks - i dream of tawny I Dream Of Tawny Your dreams will be haunted and wet by these visions of Tawny. And you don't even have to rub a bottle to make her appear. But once she does appear, you'll be rubbing something. Just command her and Tawny will do whatever you ask. You want to see mbootyive breasts -- no problem. A curvaceous booty -- fine. A wet pussy -- it's yours. Tawny is waiting for you to click, for you are the master and she's the slave to your pbootyions.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!.
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