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Daria has fun at the office

Daria Has Fun At The Office I think that dressing in office-style clothing is very sexy, said college grad Daria, so she liked the fantasy of playing a businesswoman dressed like an executive complete with eyeglasses. She looks very cute in glasses. Smart and witty, Daria will probably become a business executive one day, but when that day comes, she won't be able to jerk-off naked and rub her thick nipples at a desk so now's the time to do it. I like to have sex at least once a week, Daria said. She'll also jerk-off. I do it sometimes when my boyfriend is far from me. We'll be chatting online and I'll use my fingers to have an orgasm. Daria likes to go on unusual dates. No dinner and a movie for this busty brunette. I like to do things like go jumping on trampolines, but I have to prepare myself very well. Trampoline-jumping on a date Daria is too cute to be true but she is true and very, very cute. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!


Daria has fun at the office Daria Has Fun At The Office Is this any way for our friend Daria to run a business office You bet it is.Daria is flipping through a picture book of sex positions while she's on the phone flirting with someone. The busty brunette beauty gets too lusty to go back to work after she hangs up. She needs to find her happy spot right then and right there on her desk so she massages her big, natural boobs and rubs her wet pussy. Work can wait.Daria used to sell fruits when she was in school. We'll skip the cantaloupe jokes but she must have done beautiful business with melon lovers. In fact, she says she sometimes likes foreplay with fruit, chocolate and cream.When Daria goes to sleep, she usually sleeps on my belly, hugging the pillow. I don't wear a bra when I sleep. I like the freedom.See More of Daria at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Big, oiled boobs Big, Oiled tits Poor Daria. She opened a spa that offers massages but she has no customers. Since Daria has some time on her hands, she puts her big, sweet tits in her hands and gives herself a full-body oil massage on her rubdown table in a very uplifting pictorial. SCORELAND: What position do you sleep inDaria: I sleep on my belly, hugging the pillow.SCORELAND: What clothing do you feel you look sexiest inDaria: Jeans and high heels. Also I think that office-style clothing is very sexy.SCORELAND: Do you know how much your boobs weighDaria: I weighed them. They are about 2.9 kilos 6 pounds together. SCORELAND: What are some of the things that excite youDaria: Massage, teasing and saying things like I'm going to do...(fill in the blank) with you. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. All about daria All About Daria We sent our questions to the studio in Europe so fresh, young and busty Daria could chat with our photographer in her first full-length interview. Daria's command of English is nice and her voice is sweet. She's a lively girl, full of laughter and smiles.Our questions included how she got the idea to model, how she's able to find bras that fit her, what she studied at her university and what her plans are for the future. We said it before; we'll say it again. Daria is girlfriend material. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. Nice creamer Cute Creamer Daria's tried on bras in a previous Bonus video. SCORELAND's never-satisfied photographer now pushes for more...hanging out with Daria as she shaves her legs silky smooth. When she's done, she applies her special cream on her huge, natural boobs and rubs the stuff in. This is a daily thing with Daria, boob moisturizing. Her areolas are very voluminous and Daria says her nipples are very sensitive. I like to touch them, she says, smiling mischievously. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. The post-graduate study of daria The Post-graduate Study of Daria At SCORELAND for post-graduate studies of the female body, anatomy award winner Daria is the graduate and we're the students. We asked Daria a few probing questions because it's a tradition here to get to know a girl who's sharing her gifts.SCORELAND: Do people ask if you are a modelDaria: It's heavy to guess that I'm a model in regular life. People have an idea in their minds of a model that fits a certain way from TV and magazines. Very thin and tall with long legs. A look like that.SCORELAND: Do you sleep wearing a braDaria: Of course not! I like freedom.SCORELAND: Do you wear skimpy bikinis when you go on vacationDaria: I'm going to try this year on holidays. I just bought one.SCORELAND: Send us some selfies when you do.See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. Garden of daria Garden Of Daria This must be the Garden of Eden if Daria's there. She's a modern day Eve. An assortment of fruit is laid out on a table for her to check out. Daria squeezes them to juice her big natural tits but no fruit on earth can match her own juicy, squeezable melons.This appealing girl from Russia came to SCORELAND to spend some quality time getting undressed and revealing her naked busty bod. Her English is appealing good, all things considered. You can hear Daria speak in her bonus videos. Along with this scene is a bra try-out video and, boy, does she fill out her hooter hoists.If Daria could do anything she wanted, what would she do I'd fly to the moon and feel the weightlessness, jump from one crater to another. That sounds like a lot of fun! Russia's never landed one of their citizens on the lunar surface but if they have any plans to send Daria there we hope we can photograph her a few more times before they do.See More of Daria at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!.
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