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You jack till she jills

You jack till she jills Recently, I got a letter from a longtime magazine reader, DVD buyer and occasional website member lamenting about all the hardcore today. I'm not really into the XXX material, he wrote. I like to see just solo models masturbating. I can think of some horny SCORE Girls who were large at getting themselves off. Guys used to look at just hot girls and jack off. Now it seems that so many guys want to see them having sex with other guys, and for me, even one penish is too much. I don't understand it. I understand his point of view. He doesn't want to see another dude's booty or penish or face. He just wants to see the babe delight herself without man hands on her jugs or a guy who's not him make love her. He wants to appreciate a woman's body and face. He doesn't want to see a man's penish. I grew up buying newsstand magazines that couldn't show make love and blowjob jobs. They couldn't in the States until 2000. The kind of video he wants to see is this solo show with Kali West. It's got most of what he jacks to: a good girl with a good body. great tits. She's looking at the camera. She's playing with her tits. She's spreading her pink pussy, and she's using her fingers to rub one out. She may not be using a Latex prick to plug herself, but it's still plenty hot. This video is different for Kali because she's one of those girls who did a ton of hardcore porn with guys. Usually when a girl starts make love on-camera, the solo stuff falls by the wayside because it's bootyumed that no one wants to see her spanking herself. Our letter-writer proves that isn't true. He'd like Kali's video, I'm sure.See More of Kali West at SCORELAND2.COM!


Waiting for penish Waiting for dick You don't leave a girl like Cece standing around waiting. There are plenty of guys out there who are more than willing to give her a ride. When her boyfriend leaves her standing on a corner, she doesn't hesitate to hang out with another guy. If she can't use her suck-and-fuck skills on her boyfriend, she's going to use them on someone else. First, she vacuums a penish to get it beautiful and heavy for her pussy. Then she gets on top and rides that pole till it hits her G-spot. Cece still wants more and gets fuck heavy doggie-style and even takes a finger in her butt. She's not satisfied till she gets a load sprayed all over her face. And that's why you never leave a charming girl waiting around.See More of CeCe at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. The best revenge For Ella, the best revenge she could have on her cheating boyfriend is screwing another guy with a bigger penish. This pissed teen finds a guy in no time and takes him back to her place to have sex her anger away. She starts off by slowly working his rod down her throat till it's tickling her tonsils and then she tells her have sex-friend just how to tickle her pussy. Once she starts have sexing you see just how much of a dumbass Ella's boyfriend is for cheating on her. Ella is cute, has a slender body, loves blowjob penish and have sexs rough. She talks dirty and moans like a lascivious slut. She demands more penish drilling between her gasps and moans. Watch as she cums all over this penish and then keeps going till she's red in the face.See More of Elle La Ware at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Thing for older guys Thing for Older Guys There are three kinds of girls. Those who jack-off. Those who do not jack-off. Those who jack-off in front of friends and total strangers. Sabrina Starr, well, you can guess what group she's a member of. She met the cameraman for the first time right before she lay down on the bed. Sabrina is a 22-year-old originally from Ohio who says she only dates men who are 40 years old and up. She likes them nasty and direct. I vibrate and finger myself regularly if I'm single and don't have any guys to bang me, says Sabrina. I like to put on a little show for the right guy if I'm feeling like a cocktease. I get off more when I see a guy is hot for my pussy. Guys love to watch girls rub one out and don't believe a guy who says he doesn't. I know because I know all the tricks. I know exactly what guys like. She may only be 22 but she has the lustful mind of a 40-something. She started showing off her pussy when she was 19. Imagine how wild and dirty she'll be in 20 years.See More of Sabrina Starr at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. A nice surprise A nice Surprise Alex Chance was a bartender from Virginia when she learned about BeASCOREModel.com and busty magazine. Alex is at a cafe alone. She's waiting for a blind date to arrive. Maybe he will be her busty match.Jack shows up and she spots him. They shake hands and kiss on the cheek. Wow, It's large to put a face to the voice, says Alex. Alex excuses herself. When she returns, she takes her jacket off, showing large cleavage. Jack hopes to be suc on those girls before the 11 o'clock news comes on. She likes him too so they head back to her place and park on the couch. Jack discovers he fuck up. Oh shit, do you have any condoms he asks. Maybe no sex tonight if Alex is not on the pill.I don't want to use any condoms, Alex tells him. I want you to come inside my cunt. You really are the perfect girl for me, Jack says, overjoyed. That was too close. Now he can drop his load in her cunt and watch as she pushes the dripping goo out of her pink hole. A appealing thing for him that this girl likes the feel of a spurting penish inside her cunt. See More of Alex Chance at SCORELAND.COM!. Codi's garden of voluminous boobed dreams Codi's Garden of big Boobed Dreams Codi Vore is a dreamy doll so this photo shoot and video is kinda-sorta dreamy in an art-house, voyeuristic way. Any walk in the park with Codi is something to remember.SCORELAND: Do you jack-off a lot Codi: Oh, I jack-off all the time, and I can promise you that you don't want me to describe the scenarios that I jack-off to!SCORELAND: You love edging, arousal and denial. Do you ever deny yourselfCodi: It's heavy to do that. I try to sometimes. It depends on how horny I am. Usually I can't help it and I have to cum. It's heavy to push yourself all the way to that edge and not want to go over it. I'm sure guys know what I mean. I jack-off a lot. I have a little dildo that I'm constantly using. I'm very sensitive on my nipples. I'm also really sensitive on my clit, so I can't have really strong vibration, but my dildo is really nice, and it's remote-controlled. I originally bought it for someone to use on me while I was wearing it in public. I have used it in public, and it's the sexiest thing ever. It even lights up, and it's really smooth for insertion, which is nice. I'm really tight, so I need something that's a little smaller, and it's really discreet. I can wear it in public and you'd never know I was getting myself off. I'll just put it in my panties and lay it flat on my clit. I generally wouldn't put it up my pussy, but I do. I'm always worried it's too loud. See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!. I'm gonna jack the shit out of it! I'm Gonna Jack The Shit Out Of It! Nena Linda, 21, wants to go to the movies, but her deadbeat boyfriend just wants to sit on his anal. We don't blame him with a piece-of-anal like Nena around. I know something that can get you up, Nena says and then she gives him a lap dance, grinding her big anal into his crotch. Turns out she isn't wearing any panties. Turns out she really doesn't want to go to the movies. She turns around and takes his penish out, then jacks it from our point of view. She spits on it and jacks it in short, fast strokes. Look at that penish, Nena says, suddenly no longer interested in the movies. I'm gonna jack the shit out of it! She slaps the penish against her cheek and plays with his balls. She's a fast penish-jacker and by the sound of it, the penish in her hands will be shooting milk in no time. What happens next You know what happens, but we'll tell you this: There's plenty of widespread pussy and anal involved.See More of Nena Linda at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!.
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