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Titty tugger

Titty Tugger Kat Bailey was new to getting naked on-camera when this scene was shot. She has the kind of big tits and bottom that XL Girls is all about. In this video, Kat spends a lot of quality time on those huge jugs, from self-sucking to tugging and yanking. We don't often see a lot of extreme tugging being done so Kat's breast-stretching is impressive. Getting motorboated and tit-fuckeded by this chick has got to be intense. Kat wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a friend who suggested she try modeling for XL Girls. That guy was really proactive, and we are all fortunate she followed his suggestion. More guys who know girls built like Kat should follow his lead. Kat is one of the few girls who said she has no hobbies. She bakes, keeps house and likes to fucked a lot. have intercourse is a cute hobby in our playbook, and so is tit-tugging and self-sucking.See More of Kat Bailey at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


Titty tugger Titty Tugger Kat Bailey is one of the best titty tuggers ever seen at XL Girls and her make love scenes are raw and hot. This babe is as packed with sex skills as her bra is packed with breast-meat. Any guy who gets to plow her fertile fields is one lucky dude.Her workout and make love scene hit all the right buttons. Kat said she doesn't workout that much at home. Sex is my workout, said Kat, who has that wild-ass glint in her eyes at all times. Kat wanted to try porn and she did. She's not done just yet with her sexual experimenting. XL Girls has a XXX scene completed with stuntcock Tony that rocked Kat's world.Kat doesn't slap all that much. I get so much sex when I want it that I don't really need to jerk-off a lot. I do have a magic wand that I love. G-spot stimulation is the best! See More of Kat Bailey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Traci burr: titty tugger Traci Burr: Titty Tugger Traci Burr did a tit trick that many girls don't do anymore. She could tug and pull her nipples until her boobs were stretched to the maximum. Traci begins doing this from the start in this video shot in London. Her boobs were white, veiny and very pliable. Grabbing her nipples, she shakes them hard. There's pretty interaction with the photographer/director and 23-year-old Traci follows his instructions, words no one outside the studio had ever heard since 1995 because the audio was usually wiped clean and replaced by music in solo videos and some hardcore. It's a huge difference when you hear the instructions the girl gets from a breast-man and see how she responds. When Traci goes for her orgasm, her arm moves as fast as a dildo while the other hand pinches her nipple. See More of Traci Burr at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Traci burr: titty tugger Traci Burr: Titty Tugger Traci Burr was mainly photographed in London but she didn't start there. An American living in California, Traci explained how she wound up tugging her large, pliable boobs, masturbating her hair-lined vagina and more. How did I get into modeling I was at a lingerie party and the door prize was a photo shoot at Personal Pin-up In San Diego. From there, the photographer introduced me to SCORE's director of photography and I was flown to London.I love having large boobs and the idea that someone wanted to do all that, pick up my transportation and meals and pay me for playing with my boobs and vagina was very appealing. I think every woman with large boobs should try it but I know not everyone gets picked and most women don't have the nerve. I was in the right place at the right time. Having a succulent vagina and bum helps too. See More of Traci Burr at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The little tugger that could The Little Tugger That Could Once upon a time, our little Christy Marks had never beaten some rough meat on camera before. (Yes, there was a time that this curvy vixen was, dare we say it, not the cock-rocker she is today!) We all prayed for the day that she would tell us that she had a yearning to grease up some tube steak and make it squirt, and when that day came we were grateful to the boob gods above. This is Christy's first time with a cock and although she didn't go all the way, this little nymph proves that kitty is superfluous when you're stacked and horny. Watch her use her large tits, lips, ass cheeks and kitty lips to give this guy's Johnson the fuckin' friction it needs to unload all over her mounds. Christy was a sex-star even before she gave up her slippery slit!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Accountant by day, milf tugger by night Accountant By Day, Milf Tugger By Night How does a married, 54-year-old woman like Allura ended up jacking penish and blow off a complete stranger at MILFTugs.comMy husband and I sent in my pictures just to see what might happen, and then I got a call from your studio person, said Allura, who lives in California. To be honest, it's not something I ever expected. People at work would be shocked.Allura is an accountant, which is one of the most-conservative jobs we can think of, and at work, she plays the role of a proper, straight-laced woman. But in her personal lifeSexually, I'm beautiful out there, she said. I like to wank in front of a guy as he watches me and plays with himself, whether it's my husband or somebody else. It's a total tease. I'm using my fingers and dildos, and he's not even touching me. Of course, he can shoot his load on my face or chest when he's done.In this scene, the guy chooses Allura's face, although it's not exactly his choice since he's sitting on her chest and she's jacking his penish in the direction of her mouth.In addition to sex, Allura enjoys reading and gardening. Her favorite sports are tennis and bowling. When we asked Allura how often she has sex, she answered, Not often enough. I enjoy it, but life gets in the way too often. That's why it's so nice to be here, getting pampered and getting to have sex with all these new men.The delight is ours.And definitely mine, too!See More of Allura James at MILFTUGS.COM!. From fitness covergirl to milf tugger! From Fitness Covergirl To Milf Tugger! In this video, 50-year-old Cassidy proves once again why we love mature women. When the scene opens, Cassidy's DD-cup boobs are spilling out of her bikini top (Cassidy is 4'11, which means she's short and stacked). She tells her guy that she wants to take care of him. Note that she doesn't ask him to take care of her. Like most mature women, she's unselfish in that way.I'll do anything you want, baby, Cassidy says.Also note that she doesn't ask him if he wants her to lick his balls. She says, I want to lick your balls. That is a mature woman's desire, to lick a man's balls. Younger girls will do it for you if you beg or promise to buy them something. But a 50Plus like Cassidy She wants your balls in her mouth because that makes you happy, and it also makes her happy.What else do you want, baby Cassidy asks as she suc his cock while he fingers her shaved cunt.Cassidy says she has lived a very colorful life. She was an athlete in high school and she has been on the cover of fitness magazines and written a book about fitness. She has been married three times and has children. She was once married to a famous rock star. But it turns out that one man just can't do it for Cassidy.I love cock too much, she said.And ejaculate. All over her face. She loves that, too. She rubs the ejaculate into her skin and eats some, too.Oh, you taste so good, baby, she says. Betcha you never heard a 20-year-old say that!See More of Cassidy at MILFTUGS.COM!.
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