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Former teacher, now the greatest self-sucker ever

Former teacher, now the greatest self-sucker ever You know what gets me lascivious Knowing that Gya Roberts used to be a school teacher. It boggles the mind. How does a girl go from teaching kids in some public school to self-sucking her considerable naturals in a way that no girl in the history of considerable boobs has ever self-sucked her breasts How does that transition happen I once wrote, With Gya, self-sucking her nipples seems to be an obsession, not a part of the sex act but the act itself. It's something she relishes, something she can't stop doing. I've never seen a girl self-suck her nipples so lustily and so often. This girl cannot keep her nipples out of her mouth. And Gya said, I like it when men stare at me, so I am always in small tops that are very low-cut in the front and show off my boobs. I like to wear mini-skirts and small dresses that show my waist and my breasts. I like to be looked at. When I shop, I like to go into stores that do not carry my size and then try on smaller sizes. I love when the women at the store tell me that something is too small for me and that I am showing off too much of my body. That just makes me determined to wear it even more. I am not ashamed of my body, so if something is small and hugs my curves, I like it. I like things to fit tight. I think that clothes should be like my second skin. She also said, When I meet a man who interests me, I like to look at his hands first and see how considerable they are. I have a hand test. If he passes, we go forward. Let me explain. The hand test is made for his cock. With my hand on his cock over his pants, I see how fast I can get him heavy by kissing or teasing him. I put my hand on his cock and we see what happens. We know what happens. I'm glad Gya stopped teaching. That was a horrible waste of talent.See More of Gya at SCORELAND2.COM!


The libidinous art teacher The lascivious art teacher I really mean it when I say that sex is my hobby. I want it all the time, said Kali Karinena, a 44-year-old wife and mom from Los Angeles, California.Here, Kali is an art teacher. Imagine if your art teacher had looked like Kali. You probably would have still failed because you'd have been staring at her legs and anal in that little skirt. In reality, Kali probably wouldn't be able to get away with dressing like this as a teacher, but here, she can be the hot, slutty teacher you never had.What really gets me off is having sex with strangers, she said. I know it's weird, but I confess it. I define stranger as somebody new to me. Somebody I just met.It's not weird at all. It's actually very convenient since that's what she did in our studio.Kali looks large and is often mistaken for being younger than she is.What I normally hear is that I'm well-preserved. I've always had this body. It's just gotten better over the years. I'm living a fuller life now, and my body reflects this.When she says a fuller life, she means one filled with lots of new cock and pussy.My husband and I are swingers, and I have sex as often as the moon rises each day. Sometimes more! I like to teach younger men to be better lovers.There's that teacher thing again.See More of Kali Karinena at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Teacher's pet Teacher's Pet They say that heartbreak can be the biggest inspiration. In this case, a breakup letter from her boyfriend inspired Ally to suc her teacher. Her now ex-boyfriend said she couldn't blowjob cock, and Ally set out to prove him wrong. And who better to do it with than her teacher Looks like her ex didn't know what he was talking about, because Ally is all about crawling on top of teach's desk and blowjobing him off. And for being such a sweet pupil, he gives her a lickin' and stickin' that Ally's little ex could never compete with. She goes from a break up to make up sex...with another guy!See More of Ally Ann at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. The greatest cock-sucker ever! The Greatest Cock-Sucker Ever! If they gave out Academy Awards for penish suc penish, I would win an Oscar, said Kay Kummingz, a 48-year-old housewife from Connecticut who claims (and proves in this video) that Linda Lovelace of deep Throat fame had nothing on her.I love all the different sexual acts, but I absolutely adore giving head. I deep-throat, and when I'm turned on and I deep-throat, I squirt. My hands aren't even on my pussy. It just happens. And when I'm really turned on, my throat opens up like a woman's pussy opens up, and I use my mouth to have sex a man's penish the way a man uses his penish to have sex a woman's pussy. Once a guy gets a penish suc job from me, I'll have ruined him for anyone else.Kay isn't bragging. We asked her to back up her words, and she did in this scene, penish suc the guy's penish down to the root and feasting on his balls. She has large hand skills, too, offering rapid-fire hand action while her mouth works its magic on the penish-head. She slurps. She makes her cheeks pucker with penish. She talks like a filthy slut. Oh, and by the way This horny blonde has DD-cup tits, too.Now, as you watch this scene, keep this in mind: I used to be very, very shy, Kay said. I was the fat kid, and I was shy and bashful, then I met my husband in college, and he was a very patient man. The first five years we were married, it was only lights-out when we had sex, but over time, I got more comfortable with my sexuality, and it was just an evolution. I didn't start squirting until I was in my 40s. I'm multi-orgasmic now. I love to have sex as much as I can, and I love to perform. I love having sex in front of an audience. I think that's really hot. I like to penish suc men's minds.Kay's husband was sitting just a few feet away while Kay was working her magic on the stud's penish. Just one question: How did her hubby and the guy she's penish suc not shoot his load in 10 secondsSee More of Kay Kummingz at MILFTUGS.COM!. Skipping sucker Nikki is a sucker for a man in uniform. And by sucker, we mean she quite literally sucking his penish as soon as she can. Forget bashful eye-batting and hair twirling, Nikki doesn't have time for that shy flirty shit. This guy is a truancy officer who's trying to take her into custody for skipping. She has to act fast before he takes her back home, or even worse, back to school. A hand on the crotch sidetracks him from his mission and brings Nikki closer to hers. She wants to get have sexual intercourse, and get have sexual intercourse she does. We're loving how wide she can spread her legs to take that penish in her pussy. And her variation of the pile driver is a memorable one. Yet another score for team skipping sluts!See More of Nikki Rayne at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Teacher gets a creampie Teacher gets a creampie It's not easy paying attention in class when the teacher is a horny MILF like Shannon West and the subject she's teaching is sex education. Oh, sure, your eyes are always on the teacher (how could they not be), but you're not listening to what she's saying. You're thinking about how nice it would be to get some private sex-ed tutoring from her.So, one day after class, she calls you to the front of the room and asks you what's on your mind. You stammer, turn red, then you say, You're so attractive and you're teaching sex-ed. I can't really focus very well. I'm embarrassed to say that.She sees no reason for you to be embarrassed and offers a cure for your problem. Maybe you need a hands-on approach, she says.And then, all of those things you've been fantasizing about They happen! Every single one of them. You even get to ejaculateshot deep inside her kitty and watch your ejaculateshot drip out of her just-fucked 51-year-old kitty. This is one class you just might get an A in. See More of Shannon West at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. School teacher School Teacher The real SaRenna aficionados will instantly remember this teacher pictorial from October 1998 SCORE Magazine. SaRenna was the covergirl and the theme was SaRenna's superhot sex fantasies. Mike, SCORE's editor at the time, phoned up Sarenna for a chat but she was more comfortable writing down the fun stuff at her desk than speaking about butthole sex and her secret fantasies. So that's what she did! And big stuff it was because that issue was a sell-out!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!.
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