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Jenny's back!

Age: 22; Born: Apr. 12; Ht: 5'4; Wt: 105 lbs.; Bras: 32D; Panties: Lace; Anal: Not a fan; BJs: Swallow; Lives: York, England; Occupation: Fashion model. Jenny's back and this time she brought her razor with her! Watch as this naturally curvy and hairy knockout trims her pubes in a wash basin. Don't worry, she's leaving a little patch of curly hair for you to taste and sniff. We're fond of the final photos in this set. In our minds, Jenny's anatomy is perfect and seeing it soaking wet and shiny is something special. What do you thinkSee More of Jenny Smith at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


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She likes to dress sexily (or sluttily, depending upon your point of view), and as we've seen in her hardcore videos, she likes to get fuck in the ass, too.But today, we have Jenny all to ourselves. No man-ass gets in the way. Enjoy, guys. She's all yours!See More of Jenny Hamilton at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Jenny mcclain jenny mcclainvol2set 1ltbgt36f jenny mcclainltbgt is back with us once again and she is in fine form indeed as she brings us this libidinous as all getoutfootballthemed shoot replete with under eye reflector lots of body oil and h <b>36F Jenny McClain</b> is back with us once again and she is in fine form indeed as she brings us this lascivious as all get-outfootball-themed shoot replete with under eye reflector, lots of body oil and her unbeatable hotness.. Jenny's on-cue for tool Jenny's on-cue for tool nice fake tits with a tattoo. Meaty vagina. Pierced clit. Yes, the all-American girl is being redefined right here, and don't you love itI do, said Jenny Hamilton, a 42-year-old divorcee from Nevada. Men are always surprised when they see the jewelry on my vagina because even though I took them home and started suc their tools 10 minutes after I met them, they still have this old-fashioned idea about me.An idea that, in Jenny's mind, she reinforces.Old-fashioned women took care of their men, she said. I definitely do that, even if it's with a lot of different men!And here she is again, smashing, once and for all, the traditional vision of the all-American girl. Does the all-American girl cock sucking a total stranger's toolThis one does! Jenny says.Does the all-American girl fuck on cameraThis one does, Jenny said.Of course, all-American girls do walk into pool halls and make heads turn.It's what I do on the pool table that makes me special, she said.See More of Jenny Hamilton at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Bbc and a creampie for the lonely housewife BBC and a creampie for the lonely housewife The phone rings. It's Jenny's husband. He's sending over an employee to pick up some files.Love you, Jenny says. Maybe, but when the employee shows up, Jenny gives him a glass of wine, and she's sitting there in a short skirt with her legs slightly spread so he can look up her dress while they talk about her husband.I kinda get a little lustful when he's not here, Jenny tells Asante. He's taken aback.excited is good, he says.She starts rubbing his leg then invites him to sit next to her. Before we know it, he's eating her kitty then he's standing over Jenny and have sexual intercourse her face with his big, black cock, and she's making loud, cock sucking sounds. Then he fucks her kitty and leaves behind a creampie.Up until a few years ago, Jenny was as inexperienced as any 40something woman you'd ever meet. And then she discovered swinging. It was her husband's idea. 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