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Damn, daylene!

You could call Daylene Rio a true SCORE for BootyLicious. Daylene, a girl blessed with voluminous bumets from every angle, has been a fan favorite in our sister magazine, SCORE, for many years now. And we couldn't be happier that the tit-loving dudes over there finally stopped hogging her. While we definitely do appreciate Daylene's big, perky 36HH hooters, it's about time her phat bum got some love, too. I think a lot of guys don't know what to do with me, Daylene told us. If they meet me face-to-face (it's more like tit-to-face), they're like, 'Whoa.' And then if I walk away and they get a pleasant look at my bum, I usually get something like, 'Damn!' It's beautiful funny. We knew we had to pair Daylene with our boy Tony Rubino after hearing this story. He knows exactly what to do to a girl like her. He bangs her out doggy style then she hops on top to twerk on his cock. And when they're all done, her bum is covered in cum. All we can say to this hot make love is, 'Damn!' too. See More of Daylene Rio at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


Daylene rio: the wet bra test Daylene Rio: The Wet Bra Test It helps to have great hands when Daylene Rio is in the house. Not just for her great, pleasant tits but for that great Latina bubble backside also. Junk in the trunk and more in the top shelf! Daylene's a model and a stripper in the Los Angeles area. I like to be in control most of the time, Daylene says. I guess that's why I need a man to tell me what to do and take away that control. Be beautiful but don't be too beautiful to me. Be a gentleman but point me in the direction you want to go. I may be resistant at first but I'll stop fighting after a while and bend to your will. See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Holiday in rio Holiday In Rio SCORE has a special treat for you. This is your chance to Holiday In Rio. Daylene Rio. Daylene goes for a spin, just the way she likes it. Because anytime there's a man-pole involved, it's the most wonderful time of the year for Daylene, one of the stars of Mamazon and many other SCORE DVDs. Daylene said in one of her first videos Dangerous Curves, that she probably orgasms more when she's getting fuck on-camera than when she's having sex off-camera! A total exhibitionist and proud of it. And we're glad she is! Daylene Rio is one hell of a hot-blooded woman. She starts off playing with her libidinous bod and goes really wild when she gets her hands and mouth on her favorite man-part. Nobody, repeat, nobody enjoys have sex and cock sucking more than Daylene. Enjoy the holiday in Rio!See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Breastfest in bed Breastfest In Bed The best part of waking up is Daylene Rio and her considerable cups. Now that you're awake, Daylene comes into the bedroom with a tray of goodies for you. Once you've had your fill, Daylene wants some fun and your tool will provide her with that fun. She will do everything to your tool: lick it, suc it, breast-hump it and make love it and she won't forget to swirl her wet tongue around your cajones too. Daylene is the role-model for the expression we use at SCORE, busty tool worshipper.As Daylene has said, My perfect day is waking up to great sex. I definitely like to be in control most of the time. I never wait for a guy to make the first move and I need to have sex whenever I'm libidinous. I'm libidinous a lot. See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Warehouse whorehouse Daylene and June couldn't be any more physically dissimilar and that's what gives this coupling extra heat on top of the heat they're bringing to the large show. As you pore through this threesome, you might get the sense that Daylene and June are competing against each other to see who is the hottest bitch and who's going to get the most cock-inches in her mouth and pussy. There are some incredible photos here: June licking Daylene's clit as Daylene sits on the cock; Daylene drooling saliva on the cock plunging into June's hot-pocket; Daylene licking June as Daylene's getting fuck from behind; An amazing shot of Daylene sucks cock and June sucks balls simultaneously. They needed no direction to turn the rooom into a sauna of sex. Just turn these two loose and they'll satisfy your every need. See More of June Summers at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Latina heat One of the large sex stars of SCORE, sultry Daylene Rio's round anus and heavy tits leave a trail of gawkers and exciting tit-men. The brunette Latina has enough boom-booms and bum-bum for three women. She's whacked more guys than the mafia.Daylene meets voluminous Pike and easily mounts Pike's peak in this steamy scene. A woman like Daylene deserves a thick pipe fuck her cunt and mouth. Pike has have sexual intercourse a score of SCORE hotties before but has never laid the wood to Daylene. He gives Daylene a royal screwing fit for a queen.Shooting my first scenes at SCORE did change me in a nice way, said Daylene. I am much more open to sex and I think I'm more aggressive now.One thing that's puzzling is what Daylene said about her dates. I've watched my SCORE videos and DVDs by myself, but for some reason when I'm on a date, the guy is always showing me clips of my scenes. Maybe because Daylene brings out the beast. See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Jerkin' & strokin' Jerkin' & Strokin' How much sex appeal can a girl have When it comes to Daylene Rio, there are no limits. No wonder Southern California is always on fire. Daylene is just busting out in the heat division. Today, Daylene slides a cock between her considerable hooters and jerks it off with her soft hands for a happy ending. But first, she shows you the goods, posing in a horny dress then pulling it down over her nipples so you can play with her funbags. busty Latinas know what men enjoy. Check out Daylene's boobs & Tugs video!See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!.