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Creamy breasts

One of Britain's prettiest and sexiest full-figured foxes, Georgina Gee is not dressed for a walk around Hull, her hometown. She's wearing a little number meant for indoor activities of the excited kind. While playing with her great, big, ripe hooters and shaved cunt, Georgina turns out to be a cupcake masher in the messy tradition of British sploshing and splodging. She does have some very tasty cakes. XL Girls: Do you have any special talents apart from those huge boobs of yours Georgina: I can make my boobs do the helicopter. XL Girls: Do you have any sexual fantasies you can tell us about Georgina: I like to do stuff in public. I like to be watched. I think that's what gets me off about doing this and the webcams. XL Girls: Are you sexually assertive Georgina: No. I'm passive. I'll usually let a guy have his way with me. XL Girls: Favorite position Georgina: Doggy, definitely. tits hanging down, guy penetrating me deep from behind. So good! XL Girls: You said you like to be fingered. Georgina: I like it a lot. You can get me off just by fingering my cunt for a while. See More of Georgina Gee at XLGIRLS.COM!


Creamy cummer When I get horny, and especially when I ejaculate, my cunt gets so creamy! Whether I'm masturbating or having sex, I always leave a wet spot on the bed. I like to lick my juices off my fingers after I've played with myself, but my favorite thing to do is to lick my cream off a cock after its been inside me. Then I can taste my ejaculate and the guy's ejaculate when he blows his load in my mouth.See More of Madison Hart at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Icing on the cake Icing on the Cake Get ready for another exciting preggo. This time it's April McKenzie with a bun in the oven and a penish in her mouth. Her boobs have swelled to cruel proportions and she's feeling sexier than ever. To celebrate her upcoming delivery, she's treating herself to a huge piece of creamy, vanilla cake. I'm pregnant as Hell and I just want to be pampered. That means I want a guy feeding me whenever I want-and that's more often than not-and then have sex me till I'm as creamy as that cake and covering my body in his hot jizz. ejaculate all over her milk-filled mams Now that's the real icing on the cake.See More of April McKenzie at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Flesh & fantasy Flesh & Fantasy Gia Johnson waits in bed. Blessed with an abundance of creamy breast flesh, Gia likes to play the teasing game. But to tease in a way that will give guys a happy ending. Gia has very sensitive nipples but they can handle being pulled. Gia lifts her breasts by the nipples and jiggles them. She licks them, her tongue making them pout from the stimulation. Her breathing is very heavy. She sighs and moans from breast and nipple pleasure. Gia slaps her breasts together loudly. There is nothing like the distinctive sound of slapping breasts. She gets so overheated, she needs her B.O.B. (her battery operated boyfriend) to cool down. What Gia wants, Gia gets. And what she wants now is to come quickly. We need more girls like Gia Johnson.See More of Gia Johnson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Warm night cream for the creamy skin of siri Warm night cream for the creamy skin of Siri Siri is a SCORE wife in the style of Shelby Gibson and Kelly Christiansen.I am married, Siri told us. My husband and I are swingers. I have been in open and very experimental relationships for years.While Shelby and Kelly tried adult action for a relatively short time and disappeared, Siri did much more before calling it a day. Her Nordic looks, white, creamy skin, flawless body and natural tits made her a huge favorite at SCORE. I was really sorry to see her move on. While she no longer has sex on-camera, Siri still has an active presence on the web selling products, Tweeting and blogging. Siri is one of the few models who actively campaigns against Internet piracy and calls out people who watch stolen porn. That's rattled a lot of guys who download or stream stolen videos and then feel guilty when they get called out, knowing they have contributed to financially hurting models like Siri. Siri has an alter-ego in the cosplay world as the super heroine Power Girl. She looks considerable in her body-hugging costume, exactly like a comic book painting come to life.See More of Siri at SCORELAND2.COM!. A cruel sell A violent Sell Ivy is selling cookies to make money for her trip. She's down to her last box, but this dude isn't convinced he wants her cookies. Ivy knows that the only way to deal with a cruel sell is with a cruel fuck. He may not want her chocolate cookies, but he's more than willing to sample the pink, creamy cookie between her legs. She primes his cock with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and gobbling it like it's like the last piece of meat on earth. This lucky fucker slides his cock in Ivy's cunt, teasing her hole by only giving her the tip, making her wait for the whole shaft. We see just how creamy her cookie gets as her girl-goo coats his cock. Once he's in balls deep, Ivy is in heaven. He pounds, she pants. Her ejaculate is smeared all over her cunt mound. After their heated fuckfest, Ivy has worked up an appetite. beautiful thing he has a large load for her to swallow.See More of Ivy Aura at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Milky mamazon Milky Mamazon Like milk Not lactose intolerantOur Milky Mamazon Shyla Shy (from the DVD movie Mamazon) had the creamy tit-juice stored up after freshly giving birth. She had a little belly pooch from baby phat and her humongous dairy cans were still way considerable from carrying all that mom's milk so Shyla offered to visit again and squirt out that nutritious goodnes. lustful suckin' and fuckin' goes on. Shyla opens her mouth wide, sticks out her tongue, says ahhh and gets her own creamy load straight from Carlos' spurting cock-milk fountain. What a libidinous momma she makes.You know, the right pregnant models are very violent to find. They've got to be really good-looking, nicely groomed with big, really pretty-looking boobs, right It's never been easy. Luckily, Shyla became a close bosom buddy.See More of Shyla Shy at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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