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Tan lined miami beach babe

Being a resident of Miami Beach, Florida during the early 1990s, Taylor Marie was usually in a bikini and suntanning at the beach during the day, stripping and lap dancing in a local club at night. And after dancing was done for the night, she was out partying. All of that sunny beach time resulted in a tawny body with white tits and a white triangle below the belt. The contrast was beautiful. There are so many models, singers and actors running around here, a nude model like me doesn't get a whole lot of attention, Taylor said to a TSG editor on a phone call. Most of the time, when I'm hanging out at South Beach, drinking at Penrods or partying at Bar None, nobody recognizes me. Most of the time they just gravitate to these babies her tits but that's cool. I love it when guys go for my breasts. See More of Taylor Marie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


Beach babe Beach Babe One of the 20 greatest naturals in SCORE Magazine history, Jessica is shown cavorting and romping on the beach on the island of St. Croix, British Virgin Islands. It's May 01, 2000 and the Boob Cruise is on. A big, tall, strapping Brit babe, she's a pure hard-on producer as she boasts unblemished, flawless, firm, heaving, bouncing, packed cans. breasts incredible.See More of Jessica Turner at JESSICATURNER.COM!. Miami nice Miami pleasant Several of the pictures in this pictorial of Holly Wood on-location could be ads for a south Florida tourist board promoting a Come to Miami campaign.California girl Holly talked about her afternoon by the water.SCORELAND: Tell us your thoughts about this shoot. Was this what you envisioned in sunny FloridaHolly: The champagne shoot had to be my favorite of all the scenes that I've done! It really was Me and so real! Pool, champagne, beautiful scenery, and having fun! Can it get any better SCORELAND: When you had some free time, what did you do in South BeachHolly: I went to Ocean Drive, of course! My hangout spot is The Palace. It was so much fun to watch the live show, say hi to friends I made on my first trip and then walk across the street at sunset to play in the ocean and take in the amazing views!SCORELAND: You went to the nude beach Haulover. You must have gotten really checked out.Holly: Jax Slayher took me to Haulover beach right before I had to head to Miami International Airport to go home. I actually had no idea a nude beach was so close! If I had known, I would have gone every night! I love being naked and I love the ocean. It was a perfect combo! People probably thought I was crazy because I basically stripped down as I ran and jumped into the water. Hilarious! See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Devin does south beach part 2 Devin Does South Beach Part 2 In part 2 of the XL Girls Classic DVD Devin Does South Beach, the award-winning XL model Devin Taylor, is horny to be waking up in the city by the ocean, Miami Beach. After bathing and having an orgasm, Devin prepares to tour some of the area. She dresses but feels that her top is not excited enough. After all, Miami Beach, like Las Vegas, is a sex and breast-drenched town. Devin decides to change to a lower-scooped blouse. This way, the tourists could enjoy seeing her famous girls bounce as she walked. A smart young lady Devin is. This is getting to be the pin-up doll, getting to dress up and wear good clothes and make-up and high heels, Devin said. I love lingerie, and I always wear matching bra and panties, even under sweat pants. I do that for me! I deserve it. Devin strolls by the world-famous beach near her swanky hotel, her melons trembling and bouncing with each step. She returns to her luxury suite to try on some clothing purchases in scenes that will induce wrist spasms. Devin takes advantage of the Miami heat by adding her own heat. She heads to the terrace to oil her stacked body in the sun because nothing is better than oily jugs. Then she caps off her plush afternoon by luxuriating in her personal hot-tub. See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!. Stefania's tan-lined boobs Stefania's Tan-Lined tits It's Stefania Kinskih's first time as a model. She enjoys taking photos, the usual selfies and vacation photos, but had never modeled like this before, with her considerable tits out. Stefania found us and let us know she wanted to join the considerable show. She has nicely-shaped, considerable, tan-lined, natural tits that really catch the eye.When I'm with a guy, I love to tease him by wearing libidinous lingerie but I will reward him by cooking something for him wearing simply nothing, Stefania said. Ukrainian women, including models, love to cook. Merilyn Sakova and Sha Rizel are Ukrainians who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Merilyn once cooked a full meal on video.Stefania likes comedies and has a considerable heart for dogs and cats. She enjoys a day at the beach and going out on dates, basic stuff like dinner and dancing. Is sex on the first date an option It hasn't happened with me yet. But it depends on how a man is treating me. I would not say it will never happen. See More of Stefania Kinskih at SCORELAND.COM!. Booty cleavage and tan-lined tits Butt Cleavage and Tan-Lined boobs This is the kind of bikini I usually wear to the beach or pool, Valory said, recalling the spectacular--but, in her view, unwearable-in-public places--monokini she has worn in the past. I think my mother and brother would let me out of the house wearing this. Nonetheless, Valory's FF-cup naturals seem to overwhelm her bikini top, and in a few photos, we're treated to some analy cleavage. When she takes her top off, her areolae look paler than usual, but that could be the result of her tan lines which are quite dramatic in these photos. She pours tanning oil on her boobs, then rubs it in. I think I could use some help rubbing it in, Valory says, knowing that thousands of men would gladly step forward to offer their hands-on assistance. I think this would be something for my new boyfriend to do!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Newbie in south beach Newbie In South Beach Newbie Amber may look like a pro porno model in this set, but she's anything but. Sure, she's lounging in front of a pristine pool table and there's a Lamborghini in the background, but that's just because we're based out of Miami, and it seems like every third house down here has an exotic car in the driveway.I'm libidinous to be starting this new chapter in my life, Amber told us. I've alway been free with my sexuality, but I had never considered doing nude modeling before a week or two ago. Then, I met this girl, and she told me how she got paid to fly from L.A. to Miami, New York to Paris, and she got dicked really massive at each place. It sounded like a nice deal to me!We interviewed Amber, and she's actually very shy. When you check out this video, you'll see that this sweetheart has a lot more to offer than just her body, though. She's a sweet, naive, young beauty who just wants to make men happy. Enjoy!See More of Amber at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!.